EdSurge Staff Writers

  • Betsy Corcoran

    Betsy Corcoran

    Betsy Corcoran is co-founder of EdSurge. Email: betsy@edsurge.com

  • Emily Tate

    Emily Tate

    Emily is a K-12 reporter at EdSurge. Email: emily@edsurge.com.

  • Jeffrey R. Young

    Jeffrey R. Young

    Jeffrey R. Young is Senior Editor at EdSurge. Email: jeff@edsurge.com

  • Kris Hattori

    Kris Hattori

    Kris is director of the EdSurge Solutions Studio

  • Liana Gamber-Thompson

    Liana Gamber-Thompson

    Liana Gamber-Thompson is Digital Project and Operations Manager at EdSurge

  • Marisa Kaplan

    Marisa Kaplan

    Marisa Kaplan is a Research Project Manager at EdSurge. Email: marisa@edsurge.com

  • Meg Hamel

    Meg Hamel

    Meg Hamel is Director of Research at EdSurge. Email: meg@edsurge.com

  • Rachel Burstein

    Rachel Burstein

    Rachel Burstein is a Research Associate at EdSurge.

  • Rebecca Koenig

    Rebecca Koenig

    Senior Reporter

  • Sam Peterson

    Sam Peterson

    Sam Peterson is the Digital Content Project Manager for EdSurge's Solutions Studio.

  • Stephen Noonoo

    Stephen Noonoo

    Stephen Noonoo is K-12 Editor at EdSurge. Email: stephen@edsurge.com

  • Tony Wan

    Tony Wan

    Tony Wan is the managing editor at EdSurge. Email: tony@edsurge.com

EdSurge Alumni

  • Agustin Vilaseca

    Agustin Vilaseca

    Agustin Vilaseca was part of the founding team at EdSurge and served as its Chief Technology Officer.

  • Alex Sigillo

    Alex Sigillo

    ​Alex Sigillo served as a Research Project Manager at EdSurge.

  • Alice Myerhoff

    Alice Myerhoff

    Alice Myerhoff served as Vice President of Sales at EdSurge.

  • Andrew Rikard

    Andrew Rikard

    Andrew Rikard was an EdSurge Editorial Fellow in the summer of 2016.

  • Antoinette Siu

    Antoinette Siu

    Antoinette formerly served as a reporter for EdSurge.

  • Benjamin Lei

    Benjamin Lei

    Ben was an intern at EdSurge.

  • Blake Montgomery

    Blake Montgomery

    Blake is a technology reporter at The Daily Beast

  • Brady Fukumoto

    Brady Fukumoto

    Brady was an engineer at EdSurge.

  • Charley Locke

    Charley Locke

    Charley Locke was a reporter for EdSurge.

  • Christina Quattrocchi

    Christina Quattrocchi

    Christina served as EdSurge's first Director of Research.

  • Elsie Simpliciano

    Elsie Simpliciano

    Elsie is an education consultant serving school districts and organizations across the Bay Area

  • Gordon Dean

    Gordon Dean

    Gordon was a product manager for the EdSurge edtech Index.

  • Helen Resor

    Helen Resor

    Helen Resor served as Director of Jobs at EdSurge.

  • Jen Curtis

    Jen Curtis

    Jen was formerly a K-12 Assistant Editor at EdSurge

  • Jennie Dougherty

    Jennie Dougherty

    Jennie is Associate Director of Innovation at KIPP Bay Area Schools

  • Jenny Abamu

    Jenny Abamu

    Jenny Abamu is a diplomat with the US State Dept. She previously served as reporter at EdSurge.

  • Joan Young

    Joan Young

    Joan was a long-time elementary teacher and academic coach.

  • Katrina Stevens

    Katrina Stevens

    Katrina Stevens is Sr. Director of Learning Science at the Chan Zuckerberg Initiative.

  • Leonard Medlock

    Leonard Medlock

    Leonard was formerly Director of EdSurge's Concierge program.

  • Marguerite McNeal

    Marguerite McNeal

    Marguerite McNeal was Senior Editor at EdSurge

  • Mary Hossfeld

    Mary Hossfeld

    Mary Hossfeld served as Managing Editor of EdSurge Solutions Studio.

  • Matt Bowman

    Matt Bowman

    Matt was part of the founding team of EdSurge.

  • Michael Winters

    Michael Winters

    ​Michael was the Product Manager of EdSurge's Edtech Index.

  • Michelle Spencer

    Michelle Spencer

    Michelle led EdSurge's Tech for Schools Summit efforts.

  • Molly Levitt

    Molly Levitt

    Molly Levitt served as Director of Marketing at EdSurge.

  • Nick Punt

    Nick Punt

    Nick created the original look and feel for EdSurge.

  • Patrícia Gomes

    Patrícia Gomes

    Patrícia is a product manager at JOTA

  • Ray Batra

    Ray Batra

    Ray was a fellow at EdSurge Higher Ed

  • Rebecca Butler

    Rebecca Butler

    Rebecca worked on the growth team at Edsurge.

  • Shuaib Ahmed

    Shuaib Ahmed

    Shuaib was a product management intern at EdSurge

  • Shu Uesugi

    Shu Uesugi

    Hacker at Edsurge.

  • Sydney Johnson

    Sydney Johnson

    Sydney Johnson is a reporter at EdSource.

  • Tina Nazerian

    Tina Nazerian

    Tina Nazerian was previously Higher Education Reporter at EdSurge.

  • Tyler McNally

    Tyler McNally

    Tyler served as President of EdSurge.

  • Wade Tyler Millward

    Wade Tyler Millward

    Wade Tyler Millward covered edtech business at EdSurge.

EdSurge Columnists

  • Alex Hernandez

    Alex Hernandez

    Alex Hernandez is a Partner at the Charter School Growth Fund, a nonprofit that supports the growth of the nation’s best public charter schools.

  • Allison Dulin Salisbury

    Allison Dulin Salisbury

    Allison is President of Entangled Studios

  • Amy Ahearn

    Amy Ahearn

    Amy Ahearn leads career success strategy at Pathstream.

  • Bonni Stachowiak

    Bonni Stachowiak

    Bonni Stachowiak is the host of the long-running podcast, Teaching in Higher Ed. She is also dean of teaching and learning at Vanguard University of Southern California.

  • Carla Jefferson

    Carla Jefferson

    Carla Jefferson, M.Ed., is an instructional technology coordinator at Darlington County School District.

  • Chrissy Romano-Arrabito

    Chrissy Romano-Arrabito

    Chrissy is a veteran teacher with over 24 years experience with students in elementary and middle school.

  • Dhawal Shah

    Dhawal Shah

    Dhawal is the founder of Class Central, a MOOC discovery platform

  • Dilara Sayeed

    Dilara Sayeed

    Dilara Sayeed is ‎Chief Education Officer of the Golden Apple Foundation in Chicago, Illinois.

  • Elisabeth Stock

    Elisabeth Stock

    Elisabeth Stock is the Chief Executive Officer and Co-Founder of the nonprofit, PowerMyLearning, based in New York City

  • Farhat Ahmad

    Farhat Ahmad

    Farhat Ahmad is an alternative education teacher in Marietta City School District in Marietta, Georgia.

  • Frank Catalano

    Frank Catalano

    Frank Catalano is an independent industry strategist, author and veteran analyst of digital education/consumer technologies.

  • George Anders

    George Anders

    George Anders is a New York Times-bestselling author and a journalist with three decades of experience writing for national publications.

  • George Siemens

    George Siemens

    George Siemens is an educator and researcher on learning, networks, analytics and visualization, openness, and organizational effectiveness in digital environments.

  • Jaime Donally

    Jaime Donally

    Author, speaker, and independent consultant

  • Jasmine Roberts

    Jasmine Roberts

    Jasmine Roberts is a strategic communication lecturer in the School of Communication at The Ohio State University.

  • Jin-Soo Huh

    Jin-Soo Huh

    Jin-Soo Huh is an EdSurge correspondent and a Partner at The Learning Accelerator

  • Kayla Delzer

    Kayla Delzer

    Kayla Delzer is a 2nd grade teacher and "Project Lead the Way" Lead Teacher in West Fargo, North Dakota.

  • Kerry Gallagher

    Kerry Gallagher

    Kerry Gallagher is a Digital Learning Specialist at St. John's Prep in Danvers, Mass.

  • Kimberly Rues

    Kimberly Rues

    Lead elementary library media specialist

  • Mary Jo Madda

    Mary Jo Madda

    Mary Jo is currently the Creative Strategy Manager for several diversity + education initiatives at Google, including Code Next and Tech Exchange. Previously, she was a Director at EdSurge.

  • Maya Georgieva

    Maya Georgieva

    Maya Georgieva is director of digital learning at The New School and co-founder of Digital Bodies.

  • Megan Sumeracki

    Megan Sumeracki

    Megan Sumeracki is an assistant professor at Rhode Island College and co-founder of The Learning Scientists.

  • Michael B. Horn

    Michael B. Horn

    Michael is Chief Strategy Officer for Entangled Ventures and a principal consultant for Entangled Solutions

  • Michelle Pacansky-Brock

    Michelle Pacansky-Brock

    Michelle Pacansky-Brock is Faculty Mentor, Digital Innovation for the California Community Colleges Online Education Initiative and @ONE (Online Network of Educators).

  • Michelle R. Weise

    Michelle R. Weise

    Michelle R. Weise is senior vice president for workforce strategies and chief innovation officer at Strada Education Network.

  • Patricia Brown

    Patricia Brown

    ​Patricia Brown is a technology integration coach, a professional development specialist, an adjunct graduate professor, and an edtech consultant. She is also an official EdSurge columnist.

  • Reshan Richards

    Reshan Richards

    Reshan Richards is Director of Studies at New Canaan Country School in Connecticut

  • Robert Ubell

    Robert Ubell

    Robert Ubell is vice dean emeritus of online learning at NYU’s Tandon School of Engineering, and author of the collection, Going Online: Perspectives on Digital Learning.

  • Sean Gallagher

    Sean Gallagher

    Sean Gallagher is founder and executive director of Northeastern University’s Center for the Future of Higher Education and Talent Strategy.

  • Sheena Vaidyanathan

    Sheena Vaidyanathan

    Sheena Vaidyanthan is a computer science integration specialist at Los Altos School District in California.

  • Stephen J. Valentine

    Stephen J. Valentine

    Stephen J. Valentine is an educator, school leader, writer, and serial collaborator

  • Sujata Bhatt

    Sujata Bhatt

    Sujata Bhatt is Senior Fellow at Transcend

EdSurge Contributing Writers

  • Aaron Brengard

    Aaron Brengard

    Aaron is principal of Katherine Smith Elementary School in San Jose, CA

  • Aaron Feuer

    Aaron Feuer

    Aaron is founder and CEO of Panorama Education

  • Aaron Kaswell

    Aaron Kaswell

    Aaron is a Master Teacher Fellow at Math for America and A Model Teacher in the New York City Department of Education

  • Aaron Skonnard

    Aaron Skonnard

    Aaron Skonnard is a co-founder of Pluralsight, where he serves as the Chief Executive Officer.

  • Aaron Vanderwerff

    Aaron Vanderwerff

    Aaron is a K-12 Maker Space and Science Coordinator at Lighthouse Community Charter School in Oakland, CA.

  • Aaron Walker

    Aaron Walker

    Aaron Walker is the founder of Camelback Ventures, which supports underrepresented entrepreneurs across the country

  • Abbas Manjee

    Abbas Manjee

    Abbas Manjee is Chief Academic Officer at Kiddom. Before Kiddom, Abbas taught high school math serving at-risk youth in New York City. And before teaching, he was an investment banker at Merrill Lynch.

  • Ace Parsi

    Ace Parsi

    Ace Parsi is Director of Innovation at the National Center for Learning Disabilities.

  • Adam Bellow

    Adam Bellow

    Adam is a former teacher, tech specialist, and current founder of eduClipper and eduTecher.

  • Adam Carter

    Adam Carter

    ​Adam Carter is Chief Academic Officer at Summit Public Schools

  • Adam D. Fried

    Adam D. Fried

    Dr. Fried is currently the Superintendent of the Harrington Park District in New Jersey.

  • Adam Finkelstein

    Adam Finkelstein

    Educational developer at Teaching and Learning Services at McGill University

  • Adam Geller

    Adam Geller

    Adam Geller is the founder of Edthena. He’s a certified teacher and principal who has also spent time on the national strategy team of Teach For America and as a Kauffman Foundation Education Ventures fellow.

  • Adam Pisoni

    Adam Pisoni

    Adam Pisoni is the founder of Abl Schools

  • Adam Rosenzweig

    Adam Rosenzweig

    Adam Rosenzweig is Director of Business Development and Partnerships at Beyond 12

  • Adam Shaw

    Adam Shaw

    ​Adam Shaw is a high school principal in Madison, South Dakota.

  • Adrian Abrams

    Adrian Abrams

    Adrian Abrams is a junior at Georgetown University.

  • Adrian Sannier

    Adrian Sannier

    Adrian Sannier is Chief Academic Technology Officer for EdPlus and Professor of Practice in the School of Computing, Informatics, and Decision Engineering at Arizona State University.

  • Aimée Eubanks Davis

    Aimée Eubanks Davis

    Aimée is the founder and CEO of Braven, which works to ensure underrepresented college students develop the skills, mindsets, experiences and networks they need to get strong first jobs after graduation.

  • Aimee Rigsby

    Aimee Rigsby

    Second grade teacher

  • AJ Bianco

    AJ Bianco

    AJ Bianco is a middle school social studies teacher at Harrington Park School District in Harrington Park, New Jersey.

  • AJ Juliani

    AJ Juliani

    A.J. Julian is a dad of four kids, the author of “Inquiry & Innovation in the Classroom” and an innovation specialist in a public school district just outside of Philadelphia, PA.

  • AJ Juliani

    AJ Juliani

    A.J. Julian is a dad of four kids, the author of “Inquiry & Innovation in the Classroom” and an innovation specialist in a public school district just outside of Philadelphia, PA.

  • Alan Gershenfeld

    Alan Gershenfeld

    Alan is Co-Founder and President of E-Line Media, a publisher of digital entertainment that engages, educates and empowers and formerly a senior executive at Activision and Chairman, Games for Change.

  • Albert Lin

    Albert Lin

    Dr. Albert Yu-Min Lin is a National Geographic Explorer, and the co-founder and Chief Science Officer of Planet3.

  • Alejandra Cervantes

    Alejandra Cervantes

    A Computer Science student at Yuba Community College.

  • Alejo Rivera

    Alejo Rivera

    Alejo Rivera is a co-founder of Learnhub.

  • Alex Aljets

    Alex Aljets

    Alex Aljets serves as the University Innovation Alliance Fellow at Oregon State University.

  • Alexander Russo

    Alexander Russo

    Alexander Russo is a writer, blogger and author who has been published and/or quoted in Slate, Washington Post, Huffington Post, New York Times, and USA Today. His website, “This Week in Education,” is one of the nation's longest-running education blogs.

  • Alexandra Diracles

    Alexandra Diracles

    Alexandra Diracles is co-founder and CEO of Vidcode.

  • Alexandra Roosenberg

    Alexandra Roosenberg

    ​Alexandra Roosenburg is founder & executive director of Capitol Learning Academy, a micro-school planned to launch in Washington D.C. in September 2018.

  • Alexis Avedisian

    Alexis Avedisian

    Alexis is Communications Manager at NYC Media Lab

  • Alex Rappaport

    Alex Rappaport

    Alex Rappaport is the co-founder and CEO of Flocabulary

  • Alex Sarlin

    Alex Sarlin

    Alex Sarlin is an instructional designer and founder of TripleJump, an edtech and gamification consultancy.

  • Alex Selkirk

    Alex Selkirk

    Alex is the founder of Ponder, a social micro-reading response tool.

  • Alfie Kohn

    Alfie Kohn

    Alfie Kohn writes and speaks widely on human behavior, education, and parenting.

  • Alfred Essa

    Alfred Essa

    Alfred Essa is Vice President of R&D and Analytics at McGraw-Hill Education

  • Alicia Garcia

    Alicia Garcia

    Alicia N. Garcia is a principal policy analyst at the American Institutes for Research

  • Alina Din

    Alina Din

    Alina Din is a writer based in the Bay Area.

  • Alison Griffin

    Alison Griffin

    Alison Griffin is a Senior Vice President for Whiteboard Advisors, a Washington, DC-based research and advisory firm.

  • Aliza Aufrichtig

    Aliza Aufrichtig

    Aliza is the Product Director at Flocabulary. She is a former teacher and travel writer.

  • Allison Wyatt

    Allison Wyatt

    Allison Wyatt is a founding partner at Edgility Consulting

  • Alliv Samson

    Alliv Samson

    Alliv Samson is the co-founder and Chief Operations Officer at Kami. She was a finalist at the 2018 New Zealand Women of Influence Awards for Business and Enterprise.

  • Alvin Crawford

    Alvin Crawford

    Alvin Crawford is the CEO of Knowledge Delivery Systems.

  • Alyson Mike

    Alyson Mike

    Alyson is the Senior Director, Education Technology at the New Teacher Center

  • Alyssa Gallagher

    Alyssa Gallagher

    Alyssa is currently the Director of Strategic Initiatives & Community Partnerships in LASD.

  • Amanda Centorbi

    Amanda Centorbi

    Amanda Centorbi is an Implementation Specialist at Istation.

  • Amanda Granger

    Amanda Granger

    Amanda is a former actor, teacher, and instructional coach. She currently works in public television. Email: amanda.granger@gmail.com.

  • Amanda Lotz

    Amanda Lotz

    Science teacher in Manchester, NH

  • Amanda Newlin

    Amanda Newlin

    Amanda Newlin is the Director of the Learning Design Studio at Smart Sparrow.

  • Amanda Novak

    Amanda Novak

    Amanda Novak is an assistant principal at Westgate Community School in Thornton, Colo.

  • Amanda Nyren

    Amanda Nyren

    Amanda Nyren is a Chicago-based content marketer who’s worked at Curiosity.com and Groupon.

  • Amanda Rosenburg

    Amanda Rosenburg

    Amanda Rosenburg is the Director of Learning of Tiggly, a child driven startup whose mission is to help kids learn in the most effective way possible.

  • Amanda Thibodeau

    Amanda Thibodeau

    Director of knowledge, MBZ Labs

  • Amanda Zeligs Hand

    Amanda Zeligs Hand

    Amanda Zeligs Hand is a marketing communications manager at Turnitin.

  • Aman Yadav

    Aman Yadav

    Professor of Educational Psychology and Educational Technology at Michigan State University

  • Amber LaPiana

    Amber LaPiana

    Amber LaPiana is a freelance writer and editor

  • Amber Oliver

    Amber Oliver

    Amber is Director of the Learning + Technology Fund at Robin Hood Foundation

  • A. Michael Berman

    A. Michael Berman

    A. Michael Berman is the Chief Innovation Officer and Deputy CIO for the California State University Office of the Chancellor.

  • Ami Turner

    Ami Turner

    Ms. Turner is a teacher, the editorial content lead for Share My Lesson, and a doctoral student in the field of Curriculum and Instruction at The George Washington University, where she also teaches pre-service teachers in an M.Ed. certification program.

  • Amy Allen

    Amy Allen

    New Hampshire 50 State Writer

  • Amy Anderson

    Amy Anderson

    Amy Anderson has been leading ReSchool Colorado as its Director since the launch of the initiative in 2013.

  • Amy Barger

    Amy Barger

    Amy Barger is Assistant Superintendent Learning and Teaching at Fulton County Schools

  • Amy Burns

    Amy Burns

    Amy Burns is a music teacher at Far Hills Country Day School in New Jersey.

  • Amy Jenkins

    Amy Jenkins

    Amy Jenkins is COO of Education Elements.

  • Amy Mason

    Amy Mason

    Amy Mason is principal at Madison County Elementary School in Gurley, Ala.

  • Amy McCooe

    Amy McCooe

    ​Amy McCooe is CEO & Co-Founder of Level Up Village.

  • Amy Nowell

    Amy Nowell

    Director of Research at LEAP Innovations

  • Amy Rodde

    Amy Rodde

    Amy Coe Rodde is a Partner at Bridgespan

  • Ana Borray

    Ana Borray

    Ana is the Director of IPASS Implementation Services at EDUCAUSE.

  • Ana Homayoun

    Ana Homayoun

    Noted teen and millennial expert

  • Anant Agarwal

    Anant Agarwal

    Anant Agarwal is the CEO of edX

  • Andra Cernavskis

    Andra Cernavskis

    Andra is the California Reporter for The Hechinger Report

  • Andrea Bustard

    Andrea Bustard

    Andrea has previously taught in Indonesia and Southern California. More recently, she has worked for education companies like The IQ Collective and Kuato Studios.

  • Andrea Lo

    Andrea Lo

    Andrea Lo is the CEO and founder of Piggybackr, a platform that teaches young people how to fundraise for projects, causes, and organizations.

  • Andrea Negri Noonoo

    Andrea Negri Noonoo

    Curriculum and professional development coordinator

  • Andrew Ackerman

    Andrew Ackerman

    Andrew Ackerman is Managing Director of Dreamit Ventures

  • Andrew Barbour

    Andrew Barbour

    Andrew Barbour is a freelance writer and editor specializing in very different fields: educational technology and travel.

  • Andrew Boan

    Andrew Boan

    Technology Integration Coach at Waggoner Road Middle School in Reynoldsburg, Ohio

  • Andrew Brennen

    Andrew Brennen

    Andrew Brennen is the National Field Director for Student Voice

  • Andrew Burnett

    Andrew Burnett

    Seventh grade math teacher at FA Day Middle School

  • Andrew Calkins

    Andrew Calkins

    Andy Calkins is Deputy Director for Next Generation Learning Challenges (NGLC).

  • Andrew D. Spear

    Andrew D. Spear

    Andrew D. Spear is an associate professor of philosophy at Grand Valley State University

  • Andrew Goodin

    Andrew Goodin

    Andrew Goodin is the Makerspace Teacher at Grand Center Arts Academy in St. Louis, Missouri.

  • Andrew Ko

    Andrew Ko

    Andrew Ko is Managing Director for Global Education at Amazon Web Services (AWS).

  • Andrew Larson

    Andrew Larson

    Andrew Larson is a science and language arts facilitator at Columbus Signature Academy New Tech High School in Columbus, Indiana.

  • Andrew Ng

    Andrew Ng

    Andrew Ng is Founder and CEO of Landing AI

  • Andrew Plemmons Pratt

    Andrew Plemmons Pratt

    Andrew Plemmons Pratt is a Teach For America alum working in Washington DC.

  • Andrew R. Coulson

    Andrew R. Coulson

    Chief Strategist at MIND Research Institute

  • Andy Ng

    Andy Ng

    Andy Ng is a second-year educator teaching Social Studies and Character Education to gifted and talented elementary school students at St. Hilda’s Primary School in Singapore.

  • Aneesa Davenport

    Aneesa Davenport

    Aneesa Davenport is a member of the EdSurge marketing team.

  • Anelise Hanson Shrout

    Anelise Hanson Shrout

    Anelise Hanson Shrout is the Mellon Postdoctoral Fellow in Digital Studies at Davidson College.

  • Angela Baldasare

    Angela Baldasare

    Angela Baldasare is a principal strategic consultant at Civitas Learning. She was previously the assistant provost for institutional research at the University of Arizona.

  • Angela Cooper

    Angela Cooper

    ​Angela Cooper teaches math at Research Triangle High School, a STEM charter school in Durham, North Carolina.

  • Angela Estrella

    Angela Estrella

    Angela Estrella is a professional development facilitator and Library Media Teacher at Lynbrook High School in San Jose, California.

  • Angi Chau

    Angi Chau

    Director of the Bourn Idea Lab at Castilleja School

  • Angie Busch Alston

    Angie Busch Alston

    Teacher in northern Alaska

  • Angie Kalthoff

    Angie Kalthoff

    Technology integrationist for ISD 742

  • Angy Noemy Lara

    Angy Noemy Lara

    Angy Noemy Lara will be attending New York University this fall to pursue a computer engineering degree. Angy is currently a member of Mouse Design League in Manhattan, where she explores her passion for engineering.

  • Anil Hemrajani

    Anil Hemrajani

    Anil is a serial entrepreneur, software developer, published author, and global speaker.

  • Anirban Bhattacharyya

    Anirban Bhattacharyya

    Partner at Transcend

  • Anna-Lisa Mackey

    Anna-Lisa Mackey

    Anna-Lisa is a former educator who has been working with educators to implement social and emotional learning for 20 years.

  • Anne Wager

    Anne Wager

    Anne Wager is CEO & Founder of Corsava.

  • Annie Murphy Paul

    Annie Murphy Paul

    ​Annie Murphy Paul writes about the science of learning on the "Brilliant Blog."

  • Annie Ning

    Annie Ning

    Annie Ning, Ed.M., is Director of Asia Affairs at ISTE

  • Annie Preziosi

    Annie Preziosi

    Annie Preziosi is a 5th grade teacher in New Orleans, Louisiana.

  • Annie Sadler

    Annie Sadler

    Annie Sadler is the Digital Learning Fellow at Davidson College.

  • Annie Tremonte

    Annie Tremonte

    Digital learning coach

  • Anthony Brandt

    Anthony Brandt

    Anthony Brandt is a Professor of Composition and Theory at Rice University’s Shepherd School of Music.

  • Anthony Kim

    Anthony Kim

    Anthony is the founder and CEO of Education Elements.

  • Anthony Pineda

    Anthony Pineda

    Hip-hop music and production teacher

  • Anthony Shop

    Anthony Shop

    Co-Founder and Chief Strategy Officer of Social Driver

  • Ari Bader-Natal

    Ari Bader-Natal

    Learning architect at Minerva Project. Formerly chief learning architect at Grockit.

  • Ariel Diaz

    Ariel Diaz

    Ariel Diaz is the CEO of Boundless.

  • Ariel Goldberg

    Ariel Goldberg

    Education consultant

  • Arielle Rittvo Kinder

    Arielle Rittvo Kinder

    Arielle Rittvo Kinder is a Partner with NewSchools Venture Fund on the Innovative Schools Team.

  • Arjun Singh

    Arjun Singh

    Arjun Singh is the CEO and co-founder of Gradescope.

  • Arne Duncan

    Arne Duncan

    Ninth U.S. secretary of education

  • Arrun Kapoor

    Arrun Kapoor

    Arrun Kapoor is the Managing Director for SJF Ventures’ New York City office.

  • Arthur VanderVeen

    Arthur VanderVeen

    Arthur is Vice President of Business Strategy and Development at Compass Learning. He is also founder of the NYC Innovation Zone (iZone)

  • Artnelson Concordia

    Artnelson Concordia

    Artnelson Concordia co-coordinates the Ethnic Studies program for San Francisco Unified School District.

  • Aryah Fradkin

    Aryah Fradkin

    Aryah Fradkin is the Manager of Teacher Outreach and Engagement for Legends of Learning.

  • Ashley Lamb-Sinclair

    Ashley Lamb-Sinclair

    ​Ashley Lamb-Sinclair is the 2016 Kentucky Teacher of the Year.

  • Ashley Neglia

    Ashley Neglia

    Ashley Neglia has a degree in Journalism from the University of Maryland.

  • Audrey Mullen

    Audrey Mullen

    Audrey is a student at Boston College and former intern at EdSurge

  • Austin Dannhaus

    Austin Dannhaus

    Austin is Director of New Ventures at Free Range Studios

  • Austin Ramsdell

    Austin Ramsdell

    Austin Ramsdell is the Initiative Lead for CoVitality at Mosaic Network, Inc. He led the design of the CoVitality App, as well as its implementation in schools and districts.

  • Autumn Hillis

    Autumn Hillis

    Autumn Hillis is an open educational resource curriculum specialist with middle schools in the middle Tennessee region.

  • Ayah Bdeir

    Ayah Bdeir

    Ayah Bdeir is the founder and CEO of littleBits, an award-winning platform of easy-to-use electronic building blocks that is empowering everyone to create inventions, large and small.

  • Ayindé Rudolph

    Ayindé Rudolph

    Superintendent of Mountain View Whisman School District

  • Aylon Samouha

    Aylon Samouha

    Aylon Samouha is an independent designer who provides strategy and design services to education organizations, schools, and foundations.

  • Azadeh Jamalian

    Azadeh Jamalian

    Azadeh (Azi) Jamalian, PhD, is a co-founder and Chief Learning Officer at Tiggly.

  • Aziza Pavageau

    Aziza Pavageau

    Aziza Pavageau is a second grade teacher and blended learning coach in Los Angeles, California.

  • Barbara Cvenić

    Barbara Cvenić

    Barbara Cvenić is a data scientist at DonorsChoose.org.

  • Barbara Kurshan

    Barbara Kurshan

    Dr. Barbara “Bobbi” Kurshan is Executive Director of Academic Innovation and Senior Fellow in Education at University of Pennsylvania’s Graduate School of Education,

  • Barbara Means

    Barbara Means

    Barbara Means is director of the Center for Technology in Learning at SRI International

  • Barbara Pape

    Barbara Pape

    Barbara Pape is the communications director for the Learner Positioning Systems (LPS) at Digital Promise Global (DPG).

  • Barbara Ray

    Barbara Ray

    Barbara Ray is founding partner of Hiredpen, which helps researchers reach broader audiences.

  • Barbara Treacy

    Barbara Treacy

    Barbara Treacy is an adjunct lecturer in the Technology, Innovation and Education program at the Harvard Graduate School of Education.

  • Barb Gilman

    Barb Gilman

    Barb Gilman is a 3rd grade teacher at St. Margaret Mary School in Omaha, NE. She is the winner of the 2014 NCEA Distinguished Teacher Award for the Plains States.

  • Barbra Thoeming

    Barbra Thoeming

    Barbra Thoeming is an educational consultant and contributing author on educational technology.

  • Barnett Berry

    Barnett Berry

    Barnett Berry is CEO and partner at the Center for Teaching Quality (CTQ).

  • Bart Epstein

    Bart Epstein

    Bart Epstein is Founding CEO of the Jefferson Education Accelerator and a Research Associate Professor at the University of Virginia’s Curry School of Education

  • Bea Leiderman

    Bea Leiderman

    ​Bea Leiderman is an instructional technology coach at Goochland County Public Schools, in Goochland, Virginia.

  • Becky Fisher

    Becky Fisher

    Becky is an education consultant, writer, and musician living in San Francisco.

  • Becky Fritchie

    Becky Fritchie

    Becky Fritchie is a 5th grade math and science teacher at Spanish Lake Primary School in Geismar, Louisiana.

  • Becky Splitt

    Becky Splitt

    Becky Splitt is Head of Strategic Initiatives and Executive Chairman of the Board at StudyBlue.

  • Benjamin Pimentel

    Benjamin Pimentel

    Benjamin Pimentel is Head of Content and Communications at BlueVine.

  • Benjamin Riley

    Benjamin Riley

    ​Benjamin Riley is the founder and executive director of Deans for Impact.

  • Ben Kutylo

    Ben Kutylo

    ​Ben Kutylo is the Director of Program Investments and Innovation for The Chicago Public Education Fund.

  • Ben Stern

    Ben Stern

    Ben Stern is an Account Executive for Dropbox for Education.

  • Ben Wallerstein

    Ben Wallerstein

    Ben Wallerstein is the cofounder of Whiteboard Advisors.

  • Ben Watsky

    Ben Watsky

    Ben is Chief of Staff at Whiteboard Advisors

  • Ben Wilkoff

    Ben Wilkoff

    Ben is the Director of Personalized Professional Learning in Denver Public Schools.

  • Bernard Bull

    Bernard Bull

    Dr. Bernard Bull is President of Goddard College.

  • Beth Holland

    Beth Holland

    ​Beth is a doctoral student, writer, speaker, and professional development instructor

  • Beth Rabbitt

    Beth Rabbitt

    CEO of The Learning Accelerator

  • Betsy Barefoot

    Betsy Barefoot

    Betsy Barefoot is one of the three co-founders of the Policy Center on the First Year of College

  • Betsy Mann

    Betsy Mann

    Betsy Mann is the PR & Marketing Fellow for the UNC Emerging Technologies Lab.

  • Betsy Ohrn

    Betsy Ohrn

    Betsy is a founding board member of Venture Academy and a former teacher.

  • Beverly E. Perdue

    Beverly E. Perdue

    Bev is the founder of DigiLEARN and was former Governor of North Carolina

  • Bharani Rajakumar

    Bharani Rajakumar

    Bharani Rajakumar is founder and CEO of LearnBop, a classroom-based digital solution to help students succeed in K-12 mathematics.

  • Bill Church

    Bill Church

    Bill is a former public school physics teacher and the executive director of White Mountain Science, Inc (WMSI).

  • Bill Gates

    Bill Gates

    Bill Gates is co-chair and trustee of the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation.

  • Bill Hinkley

    Bill Hinkley

    Bill Hinkley is a national board certified math teacher at Medomak Valley High School in Waldoboro, Maine.

  • Bill Latham

    Bill Latham

    CEO and senior program designer at MeTEOR Education

  • Bill Rich

    Bill Rich

    Bill Rich is founder of Red House Learning, an educational consulting organization that specializes in brain-based learning.

  • Bill Triant

    Bill Triant

    Bill Triant is an investor in the education industry and founder of Stripes Learning.

  • Bing Wang

    Bing Wang

    Language teacher

  • Blair Mishleau

    Blair Mishleau

    Blair Mishleau is the director of personalized learning at Western School of Science and Technology in Phoenix, AZ.

  • Bob Crumley

    Bob Crumley

    Bob is the Superintendent at Chugach School District.

  • Bob Regan

    Bob Regan

    Bob Regan is Director of Education at bgC3.

  • Bob Wise

    Bob Wise

    President of the Alliance for Excellent Education and former governor of West Virginia

  • Brad Currie

    Brad Currie

    Brad Currie is the Middle School Vice Principal and Supervisor of Instruction for the Chester School District in Chester, NJ

  • Brad Spirrison

    Brad Spirrison

    Brad Spirrison is Senior Director at Participate

  • Brandi Leggett

    Brandi Leggett

    Third grade teacher at Prairie Ridge Elementary School in Shawnee, KS

  • Brandon Phenix

    Brandon Phenix

    Brandon is the Director of Blended Learning at ReNEW Schools in New Orleans, Louisiana.

  • Brenda Leong

    Brenda Leong

    Brenda is a Legal and Policy Fellow at the Future of Privacy Forum

  • Brendan Laughlin

    Brendan Laughlin

    Managing Director of WelliVentures at The Wellington School

  • Brennan McMahon Parton

    Brennan McMahon Parton

    Brennan McMahon Parton is the Data Quality Campaign’s associate director of state policy and advocacy.

  • Brent Betit

    Brent Betit

    Brent Betit directs the academic and training division at the King Salman Center for Disability Research in Saudi Arabia

  • Brett Frazier

    Brett Frazier

    Brett Frazier is the leader of business development for Pearson Embanet, and he supports managed services for community colleges.

  • Brett Kopf

    Brett Kopf

    CEO and co-founder of Remind

  • Brett McFarlane

    Brett McFarlane

    Brett is the executive director of academic advising at UC Davis.

  • Brian Buffington

    Brian Buffington

    Director of instructional technology at Pioneer RESA

  • Brian Dixon

    Brian Dixon

    Brian Dixon is Partner at Kapor Capital

  • Brian Fleming

    Brian Fleming

    ​Brian is executive director of theSandbox ColLABorative at Southern New Hampshire University

  • Brian Greenberg

    Brian Greenberg

    Brian Greenberg is the CEO of the nonprofit Silicon Schools Fund, an investment fund seeking to accelerate the next generation of blended learning schools in the SF Bay Area. He also writes on www.BlendMyLearning.com

  • Brian Grey

    Brian Grey

    Brian Grey is president and chief executive of Remind.com.

  • Brian Jacobs

    Brian Jacobs

    Brian Jacobs is the founder and CEO of panOpen

  • Brian Liou

    Brian Liou

    Brian is CEO of Leada

  • Brian Warren

    Brian Warren

    Brian Warren is a consultant at Entangled Solutions.

  • Bridget Burns

    Bridget Burns

    Executive Director, University Innovation Alliance

  • Bridget McCrea

    Bridget McCrea

    Contributing Writer

  • Brittany Aponte

    Brittany Aponte

    Brittany Aponte is a fourth grade teacher at Stirling Elementary School in Hollywood, Florida.

  • Bror Saxberg

    Bror Saxberg

    Bror Saxberg is Chief Learning Officer of Kaplan Inc.

  • Bruce Anderson

    Bruce Anderson

    The former editor of Stanford magazine, Bruce Anderson has also written for Smithsonian, GQ, Sports Illustrated, and TheAtlantic.com.

  • Bryan Alexander

    Bryan Alexander

    Bryan Alexander is an internationally known futurist, researcher, writer, speaker, consultant, and teacher, working in the field of how technology transforms education.

  • Bryan Christopher

    Bryan Christopher

    Bryan Christopher teaches English and journalism at Riverside High School in Durham, North Carolina.

  • Bryan Dewsbury

    Bryan Dewsbury

    Bryan Dewsbury is an assistant professor in Biology at the University of Rhode Island.

  • Bryan Flaig

    Bryan Flaig

    Science and math instructional coach

  • Bryan Shelly

    Bryan Shelly

    Bryan Shelly, Ph.D. has been an education researcher for 17 years. Currently, he is the President of Advanced Education Measurement, which specializes in data science and effectiveness studies.

  • Caitlin Krause

    Caitlin Krause

    Founder of the MindWise consultancy

  • Caitrin Wright

    Caitrin Wright

    Caitrin Wright is a partner at the Silicon Schools Fund with experience leading strategic work in the philanthropic, management consulting, and education sectors.

  • Cali Morrison

    Cali Morrison

    Cali M.K. Morrison is associate dean of alternative learning at American Public University System.

  • Camelia Perez

    Camelia Perez

    Camelia Perez is an ESL (English as a Second Language) Teacher at Greenwich High School.

  • Cameron Main

    Cameron Main

    Cameron Main is a seventh grade student at The Harker School in San Jose, California.

  • Cameron Pipkin

    Cameron Pipkin

    Cameron Pipkin is a Senior Marketing Strategist at School Improvement Network and former teacher. He's driven by a passion to help educators master their craft and improve the lives of their students.

  • Cammille Powell

    Cammille Powell

    Cammille Powell is the Assistant Director of Integrated Student Support Strategies for Achieving the Dream, Inc.

  • Carla Casilli

    Carla Casilli

    Carla Casilli is co-facilitator for the Connecting Credentials working group, focused on the question of a common language for credentialing.

  • Carley Clagg

    Carley Clagg

    Carley Clagg is a San Antonio based, budding freelance writer with a niche in education and work from home jobs, and experience writing for financial publications such as the MoneyPantry.

  • Carmen Patiño

    Carmen Patiño

    Carmen Patiño is pursuing a degree in Communication Studies and a concentration in Creative Writing at San José State University.

  • Carol Pepper-Kittredge

    Carol Pepper-Kittredge

    Carol Pepper-Kittredge is the statewide program director of the CCC Maker initiative.

  • Carol Quillen

    Carol Quillen

    Carol Quillen is the president of Davidson College.

  • Carolyn Chuong

    Carolyn Chuong

    ​Carolyn is currently pursuing an MBA from the Haas School of Business at UC Berkeley.

  • Carolyn Fruin

    Carolyn Fruin

    Carolyn is a College Board Consultant for Advanced Placement Chemistry, and a lead curriculum writer and course developer in the School of Education at Capella University, an online competency-based institution.

  • Carolyn Torres

    Carolyn Torres

    Carolyn is in her 24th year of teaching and currently teaches in Los Alamos Public Schools in New Mexico. She was the 2014 New Mexico State Teacher of the Year.

  • Carrie Sorensen

    Carrie Sorensen

    Carrie Champlin Sorensen is a first grade teacher at Highlander Charter School in Rhode Island, where she has been teaching for five years.

  • Carrie Wilson Herndon

    Carrie Wilson Herndon

    Science teacher & robotics coach

  • Cary Kelly

    Cary Kelly

    Cary Kelly is district development associate of Education Elements.

  • Casey Green

    Casey Green

    Casey Green is the founding director of The Campus Computing Project

  • Casey Korder

    Casey Korder

    ​Casey Korder has been an educator in Las Vegas, Nevada for 10 years. He will be engaging and empowering 5th graders next year at Claude and Stella Parson Elementary School.

  • Casey Sapp

    Casey Sapp

    ​Casey Sapp is the founder of VRTÜL, a new San Diego, CA-based startup based that develops and hosts 360° and VR content.

  • Casey Shea

    Casey Shea

    math teacher at Analy High School in Sebastopol, CA

  • Catherine Lange

    Catherine Lange

    Catherine Lange is the Lead Designer at 2Revolutions, an education design lab (otherwise known as 2Rev).

  • Catheryne Nicholson

    Catheryne Nicholson

    Catheryne Nicholson is the mother of two young kids and co-founder of MommaZoo. She has previously worked for C3, Siebel Systems, and Northrop-Grumman. She is a former U.S. Naval Officer.

  • Cathy N. Davidson

    Cathy N. Davidson

    Cathy N. Davidson is the John Hope Franklin Humanities Institute Professor of Interdisciplinary Studies and Ruth F. DeVarney Professor of English Co-Director, PhD Lab in Digital Knowledge at Duke University.

  • Cathy Sanford

    Cathy Sanford

    ​Cathy Sanford is the Director of Research and Development at the Highlander Institute in Providence, RI.

  • Celina Morgan-Standard

    Celina Morgan-Standard

    Celina is Founder and CEO of Technology for Education Consortium

  • Chad Ratliff

    Chad Ratliff

    Chad is a district administrator for Albemarle County Public Schools in Charlottesville, VA

  • Chalon Bridges

    Chalon Bridges

    Director of Learning and Partnerships at DIY.org

  • Charity Eyre

    Charity Eyre

    Charity Eyre is a learning coach and blended learning specialist at Alpha: Blanca Alvarado Middle School.

  • Charles LaCalle

    Charles LaCalle

    Charles LaCalle leads startup sourcing and and manages community at Dreamit Ventures, an education and health technology accelerator and venture fund.

  • Charles Logan

    Charles Logan

    Educational technologist at Ohio State University

  • Charlie Chung

    Charlie Chung

    Instructional Programs at NovoEd

  • Chelsea Miller

    Chelsea Miller

    Chelsea Miller is a former teacher on the District Partnerships team at Goalbook. She is also a professor at the University of San Francisco.

  • Chelsea Waite

    Chelsea Waite

    Chelsea Waite manages partnerships and develops global initiatives at Digital Promise.

  • Cheryl Hibbeln

    Cheryl Hibbeln

    Cheryl Hibbeln is Founder and President of IlluminatED Collective

  • Cheryl Miller

    Cheryl Miller

    Cheryl Miller is the Chief Marketing Officer at Promethean.

  • Chian Gong

    Chian Gong

    Chian Gong is a senior associate at Reach Capital

  • Chip Donohue

    Chip Donohue

    Founding Director of the Technology in Early Childhood Center at Erikson Institute

  • Chris Aviles

    Chris Aviles

    Chris Aviles is the Edtech Coach for Fair Haven, N.J. school district, where he runs the Innovation Lab and related Innovation Initiatives.

  • Chris Bartlo

    Chris Bartlo

    Chris Bartlo is math teacher at Wilson High School in Portland, Oregon.

  • Chris Borunda

    Chris Borunda

    Chris is a Partner at The Learning Accelerator

  • Chris Caren

    Chris Caren

    Chris Caren is the CEO of Turnitin.

  • Chris Elsworthy

    Chris Elsworthy

    owner and CEO of CEL

  • Chris Flood

    Chris Flood

    ​Chris Flood is the Director of Public Information and Community Engagement for the Kettle Moraine School District located in Wales, Wisconsin--a small community in Waukesha County.

  • Chris Lehmann

    Chris Lehmann

    Chris is the founding principal of the Science Leadership Academy, a progressive science and technology high school in Philadelphia, PA.

  • Chris Liang-Vergara

    Chris Liang-Vergara

    Chris is Chief of Learning Innovation at LEAP Innovation in Chicago, IL.

  • Chris Link

    Chris Link

    Chris Link oversees the development and implementation of educational products and services for the Global STEM Alliance at the New York Academy of Sciences.

  • Chris McCormick

    Chris McCormick

    Chris McCormick is a Principal Curriculum Designer at eSpark Learning

  • Chris Mohr

    Chris Mohr

    Chris Mohr is an associate at University Ventures.

  • Chris Pedregal

    Chris Pedregal

    Chris Pedregal is the co-founder and CEO of Socratic, was among the Forbes 30 under 30 for education, and previously worked at Google on Google Maps, GMail, and Google Now.

  • Chris Sturgis

    Chris Sturgis

    Chris Sturgis is a writer and consultant with expertise in philanthropy, education and youth issues, and community engagement.

  • Chris Teplovs

    Chris Teplovs

    Chris Teplovs is Lead Developer at the Digital Innovation Greenhouse at the University of Michigan.

  • Christina Cipriano

    Christina Cipriano

    Christina Cipriano is a research scientist at the Child Study Center at the Yale School of Medicine and the director of research at the Yale Center for Emotional Intelligence.

  • Christina Lewis

    Christina Lewis

    Christina Lewis is the founder and Chief Executive Officer of All Star Code.

  • Christina Pirzada

    Christina Pirzada

    Christina Pirzada, M.Ed. is the SEL Program Manager at Newsela.

  • Christina Ponzio

    Christina Ponzio

    Christina Ponzio is a doctoral student in Curriculum, Instruction, and Teacher Education at Michigan State University and a teacher consultant with the National Writing Project.

  • Christine Sciascia

    Christine Sciascia

    Christine Sciascia is an 8th grade social studies teacher at Mark Twain Intermediate School in Brooklyn and an adjunct lecturer at Brooklyn College teaching gifted education.

  • Christine Umayam

    Christine Umayam

    Christine has 20 years of video content experience working in television news as a TV journalist and as a video producer for corporate companies.

  • Christine Willig

    Christine Willig

    Christine Willig is president of McGraw-Hill Education’s K-12 group.

  • Christine Witcher

    Christine Witcher

    Christine Witcher is a technology and innovation specialist for grades 5-12, teaches middle school science and manages a makerspace at Forest Ridge School of the Sacred Heart, an all-girls school in Bellevue, Wash.

  • Christine Zanchi

    Christine Zanchi

    Christine Zanchi is an Executive Producer and the Director of Digital Education Strategy at WGBH Educational Foundation in the Children’s Media group.

  • Christopher Danielson

    Christopher Danielson

    Christopher is a professor at Normandale Community College and former middle school math teacher.

  • Christopher Pedregal

    Christopher Pedregal

    Christopher Pedregal is the founder of Socratic

  • Christopher Yee

    Christopher Yee

    Reporter for the San Gabriel Valley Tribune and Pasadena Star News covering West Covina, Azusa, Alhambra and other SGV cities. Video game enthusiast. UC Berkeley and OC Register alum.

  • Christy Fennewald

    Christy Fennewald

    Technology integration coordinator in Austin, TX

  • Christy Matte

    Christy Matte

    Christy Matte is a Boston-area freelancer with a focus on Internet safety, consumer technology, and media for kids.

  • Chuck Cohn

    Chuck Cohn

    Chuck Cohn is the founder and CEO of Varsity Tutors

  • Cindi Dunford

    Cindi Dunford

    Cindi Dunford is an educator, writer, and educational researcher.

  • Cindy Cogswell

    Cindy Cogswell

    Cindy is an assessment and evaluation postdoc at Dartmouth College.

  • Cindy Duncan

    Cindy Duncan

    Cindy Duncan is a 2nd grade teacher in Alaska at the Sitka School District.

  • Cindy Minn

    Cindy Minn

    Cindy is an extern at Imaginable Futures

  • Claire Christensen

    Claire Christensen

    Claire Christensen is an education researcher at SRI International

  • Claire Cummings

    Claire Cummings

    Claire Cummings is an elementary coding teacher at D.L. Dusty Dickens Elementary School in Las Vegas, Nev.

  • Clark McKown

    Clark McKown

    Clark McKown is Founder and President of xSEL Labs, an award-winning social scientist and a leading expert on SEL assessments.

  • Clifford Maxwell

    Clifford Maxwell

    Clifford Maxwell an education product manager at the Clayton Christensen Institute

  • Colette Coleman

    Colette Coleman

    Colette is Director of Business Development at Zinc Learning Labs

  • Colin Angevine

    Colin Angevine

    Colin Angevine is Project Director for Challenge Collaboratives at Digital Promise.

  • Colin Gilbert

    Colin Gilbert

    Colin is Head of Partnerships and Pedagogy at Sown To Grow

  • Colleen Collins

    Colleen Collins

    Colleen Collins is the Director at CICS West Belden in Chicago

  • Collin Sullivan

    Collin Sullivan

    Collin Sullivan is a tech-savvy student, who is involved with almost anything related to technology.

  • Connie Johnson

    Connie Johnson

    Connie Johnson is the Chief Academic Officer and Provost at Colorado Technical University

  • Connie White

    Connie White

    Connie White is the Director of Technology and Learning at Lakeview Academy in Gainesville, Georgia.

  • Conrad Wolfram

    Conrad Wolfram

    Conrad is Strategic Director and European Co-Founder/CEO of the Wolfram group of companies.

  • Corinne O Takara

    Corinne O Takara

    She is a Bay Area artist and arts education specialist.

  • Courtney L. Cochran

    Courtney L. Cochran

    2017 Arkansas Teacher of the Year

  • Courtney Niemeyer

    Courtney Niemeyer

    Courtney teaches first grade at Eagle Cliffs School in Billings, Montana. She has taught Kindergarten, 1st grade, 2nd grade, Reading Recovery, and has been a Math Instructional Coach for teachers.

  • Courtney Pepe

    Courtney Pepe

    ​Mrs. Pepe is the Supervisor of Curriculum and Instruction at the A. Harry Moore School of New Jersey City University in Jersey City, NJ.

  • Craig Perrier

    Craig Perrier

    Craig Perrier is the High School Social Studies Curriculum and Instruction Specialist for Fairfax County Public Schools.

  • Craig Roberts

    Craig Roberts

    Craig Dane Roberts is a Duke faculty member in Neuroscience and Education, and Director of Learning Innovations & Global Programs at the Duke Institute for Brain Sciences

  • Craig Weidemann

    Craig Weidemann

    Craig Weidemann is Vice Provost for Online Education at Penn State University.

  • Crista Anderson

    Crista Anderson

    Crista is the principal and superintendent of a rural PK-8 school in Montana

  • Cristi Ford

    Cristi Ford

    Cristi Ford is associate vice provost at the University of Maryland University College.

  • Crystal Hutter

    Crystal Hutter

    Crystal is the current CEO of Edmodo.

  • Crystal Marshall-Krauss

    Crystal Marshall-Krauss

    ​Crystal Marshall-Krauss is a digital learning innovation and design resource teacher for Howard County Public Schools in Howard County, Maryland.

  • Cynthia Day

    Cynthia Day

    Cynthia is an educator at Barre Town Middle and Elementary School in Vermont.

  • Cyrus Grout

    Cyrus Grout

    Cyrus Grout is a consulting researcher at the Center for Education Data & Research at the University of Washington, Bothell.

  • Daisy Dyer Duerr

    Daisy Dyer Duerr

    Daisy Dyer Duerr is a former NASSP Digital Principal of the year, Education Speaker & Consultant and the founder of Redesigning Rural Education.

  • Dale Stephens

    Dale Stephens

    Dale is Chief Educational Deviant at Uncollege

  • Dana Weeks

    Dana Weeks

    Head of Germantown Friends School

  • Dana Z. Godek

    Dana Z. Godek

    Dr. Dana Z. Godek is the Director of Federal and State Programs at the School District of Palm Beach County

  • Dan Belenky

    Dan Belenky

    ​Dan Belenky is Senior Research Scientist for Learning Sciences at Pearson

  • Dan Carroll

    Dan Carroll

    Dan Carroll is co-founder and chief product officer of Clever

  • Dan Goldhaber

    Dan Goldhaber

    Dr. Dan Goldhaber is the Director of the National Center for Analysis of Longitudinal Data in Education Research (CALDER) at the University of Washington Bothell.

  • Daniel Guerrero

    Daniel Guerrero

    Daniel Guerrero believes in the personalization of student learning, and the strengthening of the teaching profession to build students who challenge the 21st century’s problems. He joins BetterLesson after teaching 4th and 5th grades in Miami, FL.

  • Danielle Arnold-Schwartz

    Danielle Arnold-Schwartz

    Teacher of elementary gifted students

  • Danielle Dreilinger

    Danielle Dreilinger

    Independent journalist

  • Danielle Landrein

    Danielle Landrein

    Danielle Landrein is the Product Lead for Entangled Studios.

  • Daniel Owens

    Daniel Owens

    ​Daniel Owens is a Partner at The Learning Accelerator.

  • Daniel Pianko

    Daniel Pianko

    founding Managing Director of University Ventures

  • Daniel T. Willingham

    Daniel T. Willingham

    Daniel is Professor of Psychology at the University of Virginia

  • Daniel Whitt

    Daniel Whitt

    Daniel Whitt is the instructional technology coordinator for Madison City Schools in Madison, Alabama

  • Danish Kurani

    Danish Kurani

    Danish Kurani is Chief Designer at Kurani.

  • Dan Mantz

    Dan Mantz

    Dan Mantz is Chief Executive Officer and Chairman of the Board for the Robotics Education and Competition (REC) Foundation.

  • Dan Meyer

    Dan Meyer

    Chief Academic Officer, Desmos

  • Dan Moore

    Dan Moore

    Dan Moore is Manager of Partner Success at Edthena

  • Dan Murphy

    Dan Murphy

    Murphy is an entrepreneur and rising senior at Davidson College, where he studies economics and computer science.

  • Dan Ryder

    Dan Ryder

    ME 50 State Writer

  • Dan Sommer

    Dan Sommer

    Dan is the founder and CEO of Trilogy Education.

  • Daphne Koller

    Daphne Koller

    Daphne is a co-founder of Coursera and the Rajeev Motwani Professor in the Computer Science Department at Stanford University.

  • Daren Dickson

    Daren Dickson

    Daren Dickson is Chief Culture Officer at Valor Collegiate Academies, and a licensed Marriage and Family Therapist.

  • Darlene Holland

    Darlene Holland

    Darlene Holland is a high school science teacher at the Whiddon Rogers Education Center, an alternative high school in Fort Lauderdale, Florida.

  • Darren Catalano

    Darren Catalano

    Darren Catalano is the CEO of HelioCampus and former Vice President of Analytics at the University of Maryland University College.

  • Dave Frey

    Dave Frey

    ​Dave Frey is the CEO of Skooli.

  • Dave Gladney

    Dave Gladney

    Dave Gladney is Director of Digital of Digital Initiatives for the AAP PreK-12 Learning Group.

  • Dave Stevenson

    Dave Stevenson

    Dave Stevenson is Entrepreneur-in-Residence at Whiteboard Advisors.

  • David Andrade

    David Andrade

    David is the Chief Information Officer for an urban public school district in Connecticut.

  • David Bank

    David Bank

    David is editor and CEO of ImpactAlpha: Investment News for a Sustainable Edge.

  • David Brenner

    David Brenner

    CTO of thimble.io

  • David Ciulla

    David Ciulla

    David is Executive Director of ReadWorks

  • David Cowan

    David Cowan

    Tennessee 50 State Writer

  • David DeSchryver

    David DeSchryver

    David is Senior Vice President and Co-Director of Research at Whiteboard Advisors

  • David Dockterman

    David Dockterman

    Dr. David Dockterman is chief architect, learning sciences at Scholastic Education and an adjunct lecturer at the Harvard Graduate School of Education

  • David Dodge

    David Dodge

    David Dodge is CEO of CodaKid

  • David Dodgson

    David Dodgson

    David Dodgson is the Head of Language and Learning at an international school in Kazakhstan.

  • David Griffith

    David Griffith

    Senior director of advocacy and government relations at ASCD

  • David Havens

    David Havens

    David is a Senior Analyst at NewSchools Venture Fund, where he focuses on market research and supporting education technology ventures.

  • David Kil

    David Kil

    David Kil is Chief Data Scientist at Civitas Learning.

  • David Kim

    David Kim

    David Kim is currently Founder and CEO of Ace Learning, a content management and analytics platform used by dozens of colleges and universities.

  • David Kofoed Wind

    David Kofoed Wind

    PhD student in machine learning and peer assessment. Co-founder and CEO of Peergrade.

  • David Lewis

    David Lewis

    Dave Lewis is a proud husband and father, and avid maker hobbyist. He holds a Master's degree in Instructional Design and teaches part-time at Discovery HS. You can reach him at MakerDad@Rocketmail.com.

  • David Miller

    David Miller

    David Miller is director of the new School of Innovation at Kelvinside Academy in Scotland.

  • David Osborne

    David Osborne

    David Osborne is the founder of Team Theory.

  • David Robb

    David Robb

    Supervisor in Baltimore County Department of Innovative Learning

  • David Wiley

    David Wiley

    Dr. David Wiley is Co-Founder and Chief Academic Officer of Lumen Learning

  • David Wisnieski

    David Wisnieski

    David Wisnieski works in education outreach at WNET, public television in New York City.

  • David Yang

    David Yang

    David Yang is co-founder and lead instructor at Fullstack Academy.

  • Dawn Casey-Rowe

    Dawn Casey-Rowe

    Dawn Casey-Rowe teaches social studies at the William M. Davies Career & Technical High School in Lincoln, Rhode Island.

  • Dawn Dupriest

    Dawn Dupriest

    Dawn Dupriest is a computer science and math teacher in the Poudre School District.

  • Debbie Veney

    Debbie Veney

    Debbie Veney is NewSchools’ Director of Communications.

  • Deborah Chang

    Deborah Chang

    Deborah Chang works as a consultant to edtech companies and was a Teach for America teacher at KIPP Academy in Houston.

  • Deborah Fike

    Deborah Fike

    Deborah Fike is the Director of Educational Outreach for Spotkin LLC

  • Deborah L. Winston

    Deborah L. Winston

    Deborah currently serves in the capacity of Deputy Executive Director of the Office of Literacy for the Detroit Public Schools Community District

  • Deborah McGriff

    Deborah McGriff

    Deborah McGriff is a Managing Partner at NewSchools Venture Fund.

  • Debra Campbell

    Debra Campbell

    Texas 50 State Writer

  • Demi Lager

    Demi Lager

    Middle school science teacher

  • Denise Brodey

    Denise Brodey

    Denise Brodey is a proud Barnard College graduate and a passionate mental health and learning disabilities advocate. She writes often about health, education and business.

  • Denise Espania

    Denise Espania

    Denise is the founding school leader of Mālama Honua Public Charter School

  • Denise Henry

    Denise Henry

    Denise Henry is Mangahigh's Director of Educational Technology for the United States and Canada.

  • Dennis Duquette

    Dennis Duquette

    Dennis Duquette is the President of the MassMutual Foundation.

  • Dennis Pierce

    Dennis Pierce

    A founding editor of eSchool Media, Dennis Pierce has spent the last 16 years as an education journalist covering issues such as national policy, school reform, and educational technology.

  • Dennis Price

    Dennis Price

    Dennis is Writer and Project Director at ImpactAlpha

  • Devin Murphy

    Devin Murphy

    Devin Murphy is an Associate Partner at Entangled Solutions

  • Devin Young

    Devin Young

    Devin Young is the co-founder and president of Classcraft.

  • Devon Almeida

    Devon Almeida

    EdSurge 50 State Project Writer

  • Devorah Heitner

    Devorah Heitner

    Devorah Heitner, PhD is the author of several books about children and digital citizenship, and the founder of Raising Digital Natives

  • Diana Anthony

    Diana Anthony

    Co-founder at Figure Eight Investments

  • Diana Donovan

    Diana Donovan

    Diana Donovan is a freelance writer and marketing consultant with a BA with Honors from Brown University. She drinks three cups of black tea a day with milk and honey.

  • Diana Donovan

    Diana Donovan

    Diana Donovan is a freelance writer and marketing consultant with a BA with Honors from Brown University. She drinks three cups of black tea a day with milk and honey.

  • Diana Frezza

    Diana Frezza

    Diana Frezza is the Senior Vice President, Education at Rethink Ed. In her current role, Diana oversees the Education group delivering best in class services and solutions to educators nationally and globally.

  • Diana Lee

    Diana Lee

    Diana Lee is an educational content strategist, writer, and qualitative researcher passionate about storytelling for social change.

  • Diane Conti

    Diane Conti

    Diane Conti is Vice Principal of Herbert Hoover High School in San Diego Unified School District

  • Diane Main

    Diane Main

    ​Diane Main serves as Director of Learning, Innovation and Design (9-12) at The Harker School in San Jose, California.

  • Diane Ravitch

    Diane Ravitch

    Research Professor of Education at New York University

  • Diane Tavenner

    Diane Tavenner

    ​Diane is the Founder and CEO of Summit Public Schools.

  • Din Heiman

    Din Heiman

    Din Heiman is a long-time edtech executive. He is currently Senior VP of Strategy at Renaissance Learning.

  • Donald J. Fraynd

    Donald J. Fraynd

    Donald is the co-founder of TeacherMatch, a former principle and central office administrator

  • Don Kassner

    Don Kassner

    Don Kassner is the CEO and President of ProctorU and the former president of Andrew Jackson University

  • Donna Desrochers

    Donna Desrochers

    Donna Desrochers is a higher-education analyst

  • Donna M. Neary

    Donna M. Neary

    Social studies teacher

  • Donna Williamson

    Donna Williamson

    Donna Williamson is the CTO for the Mountain Brook School in Alabama, a district of 4300 students. She was also one of the founding members for the Alabama Education Technology Association (AETA).

  • Donnie Piercey

    Donnie Piercey

    Kentucky 50 State Writer

  • Don Smithmier

    Don Smithmier

    Don Smithmier is founder and CEO of The Big Know

  • Douglas Tarr

    Douglas Tarr

    Doug Tarr is Director of Hackery at Mill Valley Code Club, a space made especially kids who love computers and coding.

  • Doug Levin

    Doug Levin

    Douglas A. Levin is founder and president of EdTech Strategies, LLC.

  • Dr. Angel Cintron Opio

    Dr. Angel Cintron Opio

    ​Dr. Ángel Cintrón Opio, PhD is the Director of Academia del Perpetuo Socorro in San Juan, Puerto Rico.

  • Dr. Cederick Ellis

    Dr. Cederick Ellis

    Dr. Cederick L. Ellis, Sr. is superintendent of the McComb School District in McComb, Mississippi.

  • Dr. James Rickbaugh

    Dr. James Rickbaugh

    ​Dr. James Rickabaugh currently serves as the Director of the Institute@CESA #1, an education innovation lab dedicated to the transformation of public education by personalizing and deepening learning.

  • Dr. Jim Lewis

    Dr. Jim Lewis

    Dr. Jim Lewis is the founder and CEO of Silverback Learning Solutions

  • Dr. Kathy Curran

    Dr. Kathy Curran

    ​Dr. Kathy Curran is the coordinator of academic technology and instructional services at North Allegheny School District in Pennsylvania.

  • Dr. Kevin Cuppett

    Dr. Kevin Cuppett

    Dr. Kevin Cuppett is the Executive Director of Curriculum, Instruction and Innovation for Frederick County Public Schools in Maryland.

  • Dror Ben-Naim

    Dror Ben-Naim

    founder and CEO of Smart Sparrow

  • Dr. Sally Lindgren

    Dr. Sally Lindgren

    Dr. Sally Lindgren is the Director of Technology and Innovation at Great Prairie Area Education Agency, in Ottumwa, IA.

  • Dr. Sherawn Reberry

    Dr. Sherawn Reberry

    Sherawn is the Director of Education Programs at the Idaho Digital Learning Academy (IDLA).

  • Dr. Tammy Campbell

    Dr. Tammy Campbell

    Superintendent of Federal Way Public Schools and Washington 50 State Writer

  • Dr. Todd Keruskin

    Dr. Todd Keruskin

    Dr. Todd Keruskin is the Assistant Superintendent of Elizabeth Forward School District in Pennsylvania.

  • Dr. Vera Triplett

    Dr. Vera Triplett

    ​Dr. Vera Triplett is the founder and CEO of the Noble Minds Institute for Whole Child Learning in Louisiana.

  • Dr. William Hunter

    Dr. William Hunter

    Dr. Hunter is the Superintendent of Polk School District in Georgia.

  • Dwight Carter

    Dwight Carter

    Dwight is the New Albany High School Principal at New Albany Plain Local Schools in Ohio.

  • EdSurde Eddie

    EdSurde Eddie

    EdSurde Eddie is a freelance alchemist who concocts fairy tales, eats rutabaga and only works on April 1st.

  • EdSurge Jobs

    EdSurge Jobs

    Content from the EdSurge Jobs team

  • Edward Maloney

    Edward Maloney

    Edward Maloney is the Executive Director of the Center for New Designs in Learning and Scholarship (CNDLS) and a Professor of Narrative Theory, Literature, and Practice in the Department of English at Georgetown University.

  • Elena Sanina

    Elena Sanina

    Elena Sanina is Aspire’s Senior Manager of Blended Learning.

  • Elena Silla

    Elena Silla

    Elena Silla is a fourth-grade teacher at St. Cornelius Catholic School in Richmond, Calif.

  • Elfrieda H. Hiebert

    Elfrieda H. Hiebert

    Freddy is the President and CEO of TextProject.

  • Eli Bildner

    Eli Bildner

    Eli is co-founder and co-executive director of Concourse Education

  • Elijah Mayfield

    Elijah Mayfield

    Elijah Mayfield is the founder and CEO of LightSide

  • Eli Jameson

    Eli Jameson

    Eli Jameson currently runs the Educational Partnerships division at Chalkup, an app designed for class-wide collaboration.

  • Eli Sheldon

    Eli Sheldon

    Computational thinking specialist at Green Dot Public Schools

  • Elizabeth Anthony

    Elizabeth Anthony

    Elizabeth serves as the blended learning coordinator for the Alliance for Catholic Education.

  • Elizabeth Matlick

    Elizabeth Matlick

    Elizabeth Matlick teaches English and writing to middle and high school students outside of Seattle, WA.

  • Elizabeth S. LeBlanc

    Elizabeth S. LeBlanc

    Elizabeth S. LeBlanc is curriculum & data coordinator and instructional specialist for Taos Academy Charter School in New Mexico.

  • Elizabeth Woyke

    Elizabeth Woyke

    Elizabeth Woyke is a technology and business reporter. She has a strong interest in edtech and the New York tech community. In addition to EdSurge, she writes for Fast Company, Inc. and Money.

  • Ellen Dorr

    Ellen Dorr

    ​Currently, Ellen Dorr serves as the Director of Instructional Technology for Renton School District.

  • Ellen Duke Spears

    Ellen Duke Spears

    Ellen Duke Spears is the Director of Curriculum and Instruction in the Fair Haven School District in Fair Haven, NJ.

  • Ellen Wexler

    Ellen Wexler

    Ellen is a contributing writer for EdSurge. She has previously written for The Chronicle of Higher Education and Inside Higher Ed.

  • Ellie Miller

    Ellie Miller

    Ellie has been a Marketing Associate at the LearnLaunch Accelerator where she provided Accelerator cohort companies with marketing support. Skookii was a member of cohort 4 at the LearnLaunch Accelerator.

  • Elliott Hauser

    Elliott Hauser

    Elliott is CEO of trinket

  • Ellyn Winters-Robinson

    Ellyn Winters-Robinson

    Ellyn Winters-Robinson is a storyteller, marketer, lover of all forms of tech and the chief marketing officer of Ignition Communications.

  • Ellyson Glance

    Ellyson Glance

    ​Ellyson Glance is the Brand Journalist at 3 Day Startup

  •  Elyse Gainor

    Elyse Gainor

    Program Manager, Learning Experience Design for Digital Promise

  • Emilie Cushman

    Emilie Cushman

    Emilie Cushman is a co-founder of Kira Talent.

  • Emily Bouck

    Emily Bouck

    Emily is the policy and advocacy director at Higher Learning Advocates

  • Emily Culp

    Emily Culp

    Sixth grade English teacher

  • Emily Kirkpatrick

    Emily Kirkpatrick

    Emily is Executive Director of the National Council of Teachers of English

  • Emily Lammers Cole

    Emily Lammers Cole

    Deputy Director, Research Impact at the Strada Institute for the Future of Work

  • Emily Moberg Robinson

    Emily Moberg Robinson

    Emily Moberg Robinson is a former teacher, a writer, and founder of Woodshed Editors.

  • Emily Rapport

    Emily Rapport

    Emily Rapport is an undergraduate at Davidson College

  • Emily Schickli

    Emily Schickli

    Emily is Marketing Communications Manager at TES Global

  • Emma Humphries

    Emma Humphries

    Emma Humphries is the Chief Education Officer at iCivics.

  • Emmanuel Andre

    Emmanuel Andre

    Emmanuel “Manny” Andre is a STAT teacher for Baltimore County Public Schools.

  • Emma Scripps

    Emma Scripps

    Senior Design Lead for The Teachers Guild

  • Emma Zone

    Emma Zone

    Emma Zone is Vice Provost, Colorado Technical University

  • Eran Ben-Ari

    Eran Ben-Ari

    Eran Ben-Ari is the Chief Product Officer at Top Hat.

  • Eric Allatta

    Eric Allatta

    Eric Allatta is a founding computer science teacher at the Academy for Software Engineering

  • Erica Magnusson

    Erica Magnusson

    Erica is a Content Analyst at TES Global

  • Erica Matsumoto

    Erica Matsumoto

    Erica is NYC Media Lab’s Head of Partnerships and leads the corporate innovation portfolio.

  • Eric Horowitz

    Eric Horowitz

    Eric Horowitz is a social science writer and education researcher. He has a Master's Degree in Learning Sciences from Northwestern University.

  • Eric Hudson

    Eric Hudson

    Director of Learning and Design, Global Online Academy

  • Eric Jensen

    Eric Jensen

    Brain-based learning author and expert

  • Eric Waldo

    Eric Waldo

    Eric Waldo is the Executive Director of Reach Higher.

  • Erika Valdez-Betsch

    Erika Valdez-Betsch

    ​Erika Valdez-Betsch is a fourth grade teacher at Murray Elementary School in Hobbs, New Mexico.

  • Erik Finman

    Erik Finman

    Founder of Botangle

  • Erin Haley

    Erin Haley

    Erin Haley is a special education teacher at The Bayshore School in Daly City, Calif.

  • Erin Harding

    Erin Harding

    Erin Harding is the head of content at Hapara.

  • Erin Klein

    Erin Klein

    ​Erin Klein is an award winning educator, national keynote speaker, author, and mother who serves on the Scholastic, Inc. Top Teaching Team based in New York.

  • Erin Sponaugle

    Erin Sponaugle

    Erin Sponaugle is a 5th grade teacher in Hedgesville, West Virginia.

  • Ernest Ezeugo

    Ernest Ezeugo

    ​Ernest Ezeugo is a program assistant with the Education Policy program at New America.

  • Esteban Sosnik

    Esteban Sosnik

    Esteban is a partner in Reach Capital, an early stage venture fund for K12 edtech startups.

  • Esther Shein

    Esther Shein

    Esther Shein is a freelance writer and editor specializing in technology and business. She is a member of the Internet Press Guild and holds a B.S. in journalism from Boston University.

  • Esther Tricoche

    Esther Tricoche

    Esther Tricoche is an Associate Partner at NewSchools Venture Fund.

  • Esther Wojcicki

    Esther Wojcicki

    Esther is a journalism and English teacher at Palo Alto High School. She is also Vice Chair of the Creative Commons Board of Directors and CEO of ClassBadges.

  • Eva Harvell

    Eva Harvell

    Director of technology, Pascagoula-Gautier School District

  • Evan Beachy

    Evan Beachy

    Director of the Keala`ula Innovations Institute for Kamehameha Schools

  • Evan Stoudt

    Evan Stoudt

    ​Evan Stoudt is the Freshman Dean and an Algebra I teacher at Sci Academy, part of the Collegiate Academies network of open enrollment high schools in Louisiana.

  • Faith Plunkett

    Faith Plunkett

    Faith Plunkett is a technology coach at Decatur City Schools in Decatur, Ala.

  • Felice Hybert

    Felice Hybert

    Felice Hybert is Assistant Superintendent for Curriculum and Instruction at Kankakee School District.

  • Fernanda Kalena

    Fernanda Kalena

    Fernanda is a reporter at Porvir, a Brazilian news agency specializes in innovations and new trend in education.

  • Filippo Yacob

    Filippo Yacob

    Filippo Yacob is co-founder and CEO of Primo Toys.

  • Fiona Hollands

    Fiona Hollands

    Fiona Hollands is the Associate Director and Senior Researcher at the Center for Benefit-Cost Studies of Education (CBCSE) at Teachers College, Columbia University and the author of MOOCs in Higher Education: Institutional Goals and Paths Forward.

  • Frances Cairns

    Frances Cairns

    Ms. Cairns has extensive education and technology background working both as an administrator at four universities as well as leading the higher education divisions at Macromedia and Apple, and worldwide learning education services at Dell.

  • Francesca Segrè

    Francesca Segrè

    Francesca is a multimedia journalist and novelist.

  • Francisco Castillo-Fierro

    Francisco Castillo-Fierro

    Francisco Castillo-Fierro is the Director of Blended Learning at Cristo Rey San Jose Jesuit High School.

  • Francisco Nieto

    Francisco Nieto

    Francisco is the EdTech Program Manager at the Alameda County Office of Education

  • Frank Barnes

    Frank Barnes

    Frank Barnes is the director of educational technology at the Southwest Vermont Supervisory Union in Bennington, VT.

  • Frank Bonsal

    Frank Bonsal

    Education and entrepreneurship expert

  • Frank Britt

    Frank Britt

    Frank Britt is CEO of Penn Foster Education

  • Frank Connolly

    Frank Connolly

    Frank Connolly is the senior editor at MindEdge Learning.

  • Frank Florence & Marianne L. Hamilton

    Frank Florence & Marianne L. Hamilton

    Frank is the current ‎Director of Market Development at Discovery Education. Marianne is a veteran journalist and content creator.

  • Frank Freeman

    Frank Freeman

    Frank is currently co-founder and CEO of Propagate, an education technology startup that builds tools for personalized literacy instruction for K-12.

  • Freddy Esparza

    Freddy Esparza

    Freddy spent the last five years inspiring and motivating second and third grade students at Aspire Titan Academy in Huntington Park, CA.

  • Frederick Singer

    Frederick Singer

    Frederick Singer, a former AOL executive, is CEO and founder of Echo360, which provides active learning and lecture capture services to more than 650 colleges and universities in 30 countries.

  • Fredy Padovan, Ed.D

    Fredy Padovan, Ed.D

    Federico “Fredy” Padovan is VP of Education at Mosyle.

  • Gabrielle Rappolt-Schlichtmann

    Gabrielle Rappolt-Schlichtmann

    Executive Director and Chief Scientist at EdTogether

  • Gabrielle Santa-Donato

    Gabrielle Santa-Donato

    ​Gabrielle is a lecturer and fellow in the Life Design Lab at Stanford.

  • Gabriel Lucas

    Gabriel Lucas

    Gabriel Lucas is principal of Ed Tech Recruiting

  • Gaelen Hadlett

    Gaelen Hadlett

    Gaelen Hadlett is the founder of Sunset Spark, where he helps kids learn about science and technology in new and interesting ways.

  • Gaia Ines Fasso

    Gaia Ines Fasso

    Growth and innovation consultant

  • Gareth Branwyn

    Gareth Branwyn

    freelancer writer and the former Editorial Director of Maker Media

  • Garrett Zimmer

    Garrett Zimmer

    Garrett Zimmer is the CEO and President of MineGage.

  • Gary A. Bolles

    Gary A. Bolles

    Gary A. Bolles is the Chair for the Future of Work with Singularity University. He is also the chief catalyst for Fulcrum, a global initiative for actionable strategies for a positive future of work and learning.

  • Gary Stager

    Gary Stager

    Gary Stager is an award-winning teacher educator, edtech pioneer, speaker, & co-author of Invent To Learn: Making, Tinkering, and Engineering in the Classroom.

  • Gary Waddell

    Gary Waddell

    Gary Waddell is Deputy Superintendent of Instructional Services at the San Mateo County Office of Education

  • Gates Bryant

    Gates Bryant

    Gates Bryant is a partner with Tyton Partners

  • Gayle Allen

    Gayle Allen

    Gayle is the Chief Learning Officer at BrightBytes

  • Gee Kin Chou

    Gee Kin Chou

    Gee Kin Chou is a consultant who helps technology companies design and market products and services for education. He was formerly the CTO of Oakland Unified School District, and interim CTO of Pasadena Unified School District.

  • Gene Kerns

    Gene Kerns

    Chief academic officer at Renaissance

  • Geoff Livingston

    Geoff Livingston

    Geoff currently serves Legends of Learning as CMO and Executive Vice President.

  • Geoff Ralston

    Geoff Ralston

    Geoff is Founder and Partner at Imagine K12

  • George Couros

    George Couros

    ​George Couros is a leading educator in the area of innovative leadership, teaching, and learning. He has worked with all levels of school--from K-12 as a teacher and technology facilitator, and as a school and district administrator.

  • George Henne

    George Henne

    President of NS BASIC Corporation

  • George Lorenzo

    George Lorenzo

    George Lorenzo writes about higher education and curates a bi-weekly newsletter on community college issues.

  • George Perreault

    George Perreault

    George Perreault is Chief Academic Officer at ClassLink

  • Georgia Koch

    Georgia Koch

    Channel Manager at SoulPancake

  • Gerard Dawson

    Gerard Dawson

    Gerard Dawson teaches English full-time at a public high school in New Jersey.

  • Giancarlo Brotto

    Giancarlo Brotto

    Giancarlo has more than 20 years experience working in education technology in K-12 and university environments.

  • Gina Sipley

    Gina Sipley

    Gina Sipley teaches at Nassau Community College and is the Director of the Coding in the Schools Program at Stony Brook University.

  • Gina Sipley & Mercer Hall

    Gina Sipley & Mercer Hall

    Gina (L) is a nationally recognized Teacher of the Future. Mercer (R) is the co-founder of the American Society for Innovation Design In Education

  • Glenda I. Lozada Negrón

    Glenda I. Lozada Negrón

    Glenda I. Lozada Negrón is a first grade teacher ​at Josefina Marrero Febus Elementary School in Puerto Rico.

  • Glenn Whitman

    Glenn Whitman

    Glenn Whitman is director of The Center for Transformative Teaching and Learning at St. Andrew’s Episcopal School in Potomac, Md., where he also teaches history.

  • Glenn Wiebe

    Glenn Wiebe

    Glenn is a former social studies teacher with 15 years of experience. He is currently president of the Kansas Council for the Social Studies and an educational consultant.​

  • Gordon Freedman

    Gordon Freedman

    Gordon Freedman is president of the National Laboratory for Education Transformation, a non-profit committed to transforming 20th century education into 21st century learning.

  • Grace Gardner

    Grace Gardner

    Grace Gardner is an Engagement Manager with Entangled Solutions

  • Grant Rivera

    Grant Rivera

    ​Dr. Grant Rivera currently serves as the superintendent of Marietta City Schools in Marietta, Georgia.​

  • Grant Smith

    Grant Smith

    Grant Smith is a K-8 computer science teacher trainer and consultant.

  • Greg Callaham

    Greg Callaham

    Greg is assistant principal at Alpha: Blanca Alvarado Middle School

  • Greg Ferenbach

    Greg Ferenbach

    Greg is Special Counsel at Cooley

  • Gregg Behr

    Gregg Behr

    Gregg is executive director of The Grable Foundation and co-chair of Remake Learning

  • Greg Jackson

    Greg Jackson

    Greg Jackson is an IT leader, advocate and speaker, and a partner at Fortium Partners LP.

  • Greg Klein

    Greg Klein

    Greg is currently the Director of Blended Learning at the Rogers Family Foundation.

  • Greg McDonough

    Greg McDonough

    Greg McDonough is the innovation space coordinator at Lake Forest Country Day School in Lake Forest, IL.

  • Greg Thompson

    Greg Thompson

    Freelance writer

  • Gretchen M. Bataille

    Gretchen M. Bataille

    Gretchen M. Bataille is the Senior Academic Advisor for Navitas

  • Gretchen M. Shipley

    Gretchen M. Shipley

    Gretchen is a partner at Fagen Friedman & Fulfrost, which specializes in education law.

  • Guido Kovalskys

    Guido Kovalskys

    Guido Kovalskys is the co-founder and CEO at Nearpod and a former education fellow at Stanford’s Hasso Plattner Institute of Design

  • Gunnar Counselman

    Gunnar Counselman

    Gunnar is CEO and co-founder of Fidelis Education and a former Marine HUMINT Officer

  • Hadi Partovi

    Hadi Partovi

    Hadi is an entrepreneur, investor, and co-founder of Code.org, an education non-profit dedicated to growing computer science education

  • Hadley Ferguson

    Hadley Ferguson

    ​Hadley Ferguson is the Executive Director of the Edcamp Foundation.

  • Haiy Le

    Haiy Le

    Haiy Le is a freelance writer

  • Hamilton Parks

    Hamilton Parks

    Assistant Principal at Mauldin Elementary in South Carolina.

  • Hannah Fenlon and Henry Asa

    Hannah Fenlon and Henry Asa

    High school students in Chappaqua, NY

  • Harman Singh

    Harman Singh

    Harman Singh is the CEO of WizIQ.

  • Harold Levy

    Harold Levy

    Harold Levy is executive director of the Jack Kent Cooke Foundation.

  • Harris Pastides

    Harris Pastides

    President of the University of South Carolina

  • Heather Campbell

    Heather Campbell

    Heather Campbell is in her 10th year of teaching and currently teaches 4th grade in Southern Utah.

  • Heather French

    Heather French

    Heather French is an Instructional Technology Specialist at Cambridge Public School District.

  • Heather Gilchrist

    Heather Gilchrist

    Heather Gilchrist founded Socratic Labs.

  • Heather Hiles

    Heather Hiles

    Heather Hiles is the founder of Pathbrite

  • Heather Stinnett

    Heather Stinnett

    Lead advisor at Khan Lab School

  • Heath Morrison

    Heath Morrison

    Heath Morrison is president of McGraw-Hill Education’s K-12 group.

  • Hernan Ortiz

    Hernan Ortiz

    Hernan Ortiz is a Storytelling Coordinator at Mobility Labs

  • Hima Rajana

    Hima Rajana

    Hima is a senior at Lynbrook High School

  • Hisham Anwar

    Hisham Anwar

    Hisham Anwar is Co-Founder and Chief Strategy Officer of BrightBytes

  • Holly Hatton-Bowers

    Holly Hatton-Bowers

    ​Holly Hatton-Bowers is an assistant professor in child, youth, and family studies and an early childhood extension specialist at the University of Nebraska-Lincoln.

  • Holly Myhre

    Holly Myhre

    Holly is the Director of Digital Learning at the Kettle Moraine School District in Wisconsin.

  • Hoori Santikian Kalamkarian

    Hoori Santikian Kalamkarian

    Hoori Santikian Kalamkarian is a Postdoctoral Research Associate at the Community College Research Center at Teachers College, Columbia University.

  • Hunter Gehlbach

    Hunter Gehlbach

    Director of Research at Panorama Education, Associate Professor of Education at the Harvard Graduate School of Education

  • Ian Kelleher

    Ian Kelleher

    Center for Transformative Teaching and Learning at St. Andrew's Episcopal School

  • Idit Harel

    Idit Harel

    Idit Harel, PhD, is the founder and CEO of Globaloria, providers of STEM and computing courses for schools

  • Ilana Nankin, Ph.D.

    Ilana Nankin, Ph.D.

    Dr. Ilana Nankin is Founder & CEO of Breathe For Change, a movement to transform education through enhancing individual and collective well-being.

  • Ileana Betancourt

    Ileana Betancourt

    Ileana Betancourt is the Marketing Manager at Edulastic.

  • India Heckstall

    India Heckstall

    India Heckstall is a program associate for policy and communications at Higher Learning Advocates

  • Ira Socol

    Ira Socol

    Author and former CTO

  • Irene Bal

    Irene Bal

    Irene Bal is a lecturer in the Educational Technology Graduate Program in the School of Education at Loyola University Maryland.

  • Iris Palmer

    Iris Palmer

    ​Iris Palmer is a senior policy analyst with the Education Policy program at New America.

  • Irma De La Guardia

    Irma De La Guardia

    Irma De La Guardia is an assistant principal at Dallas Independent School District

  • Irvin Weathersby, Jr.

    Irvin Weathersby, Jr.

    ​Irvin Weathersby Jr. has been an educator since 2003. He currently lectures at Queensborough Community College and Hunter College in New York City.

  • Isaac Mamaysky

    Isaac Mamaysky

    Isaac Mamaysky is a partner at Potomac Law Group practicing in the areas of employment law, business litigation, and education law.

  • Isabelle Hau

    Isabelle Hau

    Isabelle Hau is a partner at Imaginable Futures, a venture of The Omidyar Group.

  • Ivan Kaltman

    Ivan Kaltman

    School-based occupational therapist

  • Jabez LeBret

    Jabez LeBret

    Jabez LeBret is co-founder and chief of schools at Sisu Academy, an all-girls tuition-free boarding high school.

  • Jack Lynch

    Jack Lynch

    Jack Lynch is CEO of Houghton Mifflin Harcourt

  • Jack McDermott

    Jack McDermott

    Jack is a product marketing manager at Panorama Education

  • Jack West

    Jack West

    Lead Educator for Hapara

  • Jacquelyn Whiting

    Jacquelyn Whiting

    Library media specialist

  • Jaime Casap

    Jaime Casap

    Jaime Casap is the Global Education Evangelist at Google, Inc.

  • Jaime Hannans

    Jaime Hannans

    ​Jaime Hannans is an assistant professor in the Nursing Program at CSU Channel Islands.

  • Jaime Pales

    Jaime Pales

    ​Jaime Palés is the Co-Founder of Rocket Group, Redbird’s parent company, and President of its Puerto Rico and Latin American operations.

  • Jaime Perez

    Jaime Perez

    Undergraduate student and Code Next intern

  • Jake Firman

    Jake Firman

    Jake Firman is the Senior Manager of Education Technology at DSST Public Schools in Denver.

  • James Byers, Adam Frey

    James Byers, Adam Frey

    James Byers (L) & Adam Frey (R) are cofounders of Wikispaces.

  • James Campbell

    James Campbell

    James Campbell currently serves as the STEAM Interdisciplinary Specialist at the Atlanta Girls’ School.

  • James DeVaney

    James DeVaney

    James DeVaney is associate vice provost for academic innovation at the University of Michigan.

  • James Kapptie

    James Kapptie

    Director of Technology for Cody Schools in Cody, Wyoming

  • James Paul Gee

    James Paul Gee

    James Paul Gee is the Mary Lou Fulton Presidential Professor of Literacy Studies at Arizona State University.

  • Jamie Calhoun

    Jamie Calhoun

    Jamie Calhoun is a Content Specialist for Turnitin

  • Jamie Munsey

    Jamie Munsey

    Jamie Munsey is the Dean of Students and a Gifted/Enrichment Teacher at South Valley Preparatory School in Albuquerque, NM

  • Jamie Schnepp

    Jamie Schnepp

    Jamie ‎is a 5th Grade Teacher at Luke Elementary School, in the Dysart Unified School District in Arizona.

  • Jane Jacobson

    Jane Jacobson

    Jane Jacobson works as curator on Language Arts and Science curriculum at OpenEd.

  • Jane Swift

    Jane Swift

    Jane Swift is the CEO of Middlebury Interactive Languages.

  • Janet Rae-Dupree

    Janet Rae-Dupree

    Janet Rae-Dupree is an author and freelance writer.

  • Jan Sikorsky

    Jan Sikorsky

    Vice president of product planning & development at Envision Experience

  • Jared Silver

    Jared Silver

    Jared is a software developer at DataCamp and former cohort leader for EdSurge Independent.

  • Jasmine Tsai

    Jasmine Tsai

    Jasmine is a freshly minted software engineer from Hackbright Academy, where she spent her time as an apprentice doing projects and TA-ing the students.

  •  Jasmin Schiener

    Jasmin Schiener

    Jasmin is the Senior Delivery Manager at Entangled Solutions.

  • Jason Anklowitz

    Jason Anklowitz

    Jason is a turnaround specialist with twenty years of experience in education.

  • Jason Appel

    Jason Appel

    Jason is a Barrington High School math teacher and Technology Integration fellow in Rhode Island.

  • Jason Bedford

    Jason Bedford

    Jason Bedford is Chief Customer Officer at eSpark Learning

  • Jason Green

    Jason Green

    Jason is Executive Director of Blended Learning and Professional Development with Redbird Advanced Learning.

  • Jason Orbaugh

    Jason Orbaugh

    Jason is the CEO and co-founder of Taught It and a former science teacher.

  • Jason Palmer

    Jason Palmer

    Jason Palmer is General Partner at New Markets Venture Partner

  • Jason Schmitt

    Jason Schmitt

    Jason Schmitt is a writer, professor and regular contributor to the Huffington Post in the education technology space.

  • Jawwad Siddiqui

    Jawwad Siddiqui

    Jawwad is an entrepreneur, writer and coder who founded SharpScholar in 2014

  • Jay Bakhru

    Jay Bakhru

    Jay Bakhru is the Director of Strategy at Kitamba and the Chair of the Wharton Education Network.

  • Jay Lynch

    Jay Lynch

    ​Jay is Senior Academic Research Consultant for Course Design, Development, and Academic Research (CDDAR) at Pearson.

  • Jay McTighe

    Jay McTighe

    ​Jay McTighe is an author and consultant to school systems on curriculum and assessment

  • Jay Silver

    Jay Silver

    Jay Silver is an electrical engineer, toy inventor, and founder and CEO of JoyLabz, makers of Makey Makey, the invention kit for everyone.

  • J. Collins

    J. Collins

    Computer science and game design teacher

  • J. Derek Larson

    J. Derek Larson

    Derek is a 4th grade teacher in Southern Utah and moderator for #UTedChat.

  • Jean Fan

    Jean Fan

    Jean is a recent high school graduate who's spending her gap year working at UnCollege before going to Stanford.

  • Jeanne Alter

    Jeanne Alter

    Jeanne Alter is the executive director of the Kennedy Children's Center

  • Jeff Crews

    Jeff Crews

    Google Certified Teacher working to integrate technologies into K-12 education, with an emphasis on Project-Based Learning. Co-Founder of Beyond the Chalk.

  • Jeff Heyck-Williams

    Jeff Heyck-Williams

    Jeff Heyck-Williams is the director of curriculum and instruction for Two Rivers Public Charter School.

  • Jeff Kiderman

    Jeff Kiderman

    ​Jeff Kiderman is co-founder of 2 Sigma Education. Jeff also co-founded AJE, a non-profit that established two innovative elementary schools in New York City.

  • Jeff Larson

    Jeff Larson

    Jeff Larson is an art, animation, and graphic design educator at Balboa High School in San Francisco, California. He coordinates the school’s career/technical focused CAST Academy, and is an Adobe Education Leader and an Adobe Youth Voices Lead Educator.

  • Jeffrey Dunn

    Jeffrey Dunn

    Jeffrey Dunn is the President and CEO of Sesame Workshop.

  • Jeffrey Parker

    Jeffrey Parker

    Jeffrey Parker works in Education Initiatives in the Levine Institute for Holocaust Education at the United States Holocaust Memorial Museum as a Program Coordinator.

  • Jeffrey Pomerantz

    Jeffrey Pomerantz

    Jeffrey Pomerantz is an Information Scientist and formerly a tenured Associate Professor at the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill, with over 15 years of experience in studying and evaluating information services.

  • Jeff Sandefer

    Jeff Sandefer

    Jeff is a Middle School Guide at Acton Academy and a Master Socratic Teacher at the Acton School of Business in Austin, Texas.

  • Jeff Selingo

    Jeff Selingo

    Jeff Selingo is a bestselling author and award-winning columnist.

  • Jeff Simmons

    Jeff Simmons

    Jeff is the Associate Director of Education Programs at the Idaho Digital Learning Academy (IDLA).

  • Jeff Wetzler

    Jeff Wetzler

    Jeff Wetzler is a co-founder of Transcend, a nonprofit organization that fuels innovation in school design in close partnership with visionary school operators around the country.

  • Jen Helms

    Jen Helms

    Jen is the Co-Founder of Playmation Studios, which is making an adaptive, game-based language learning program.

  • Jenna Shaw

    Jenna Shaw

    Middle school language arts teacher in Baltimore City, Maryland.

  • Jennie Magiera

    Jennie Magiera

    Jennie Magiera (@MsMagiera) is Chief Program Officer for EdTechTeam.

  • Jennie Tookoian

    Jennie Tookoian

    Jennie Tookoian is a Customer Success Manager at Edulastic.

  • Jennifer Agustin

    Jennifer Agustin

    Jennifer Agustin is the Vice President of Marketing at DreamBox Learning.

  • Jennifer Bartell

    Jennifer Bartell

    Jennifer Bartell teaches in the English Department at Spring Valley High School in Columbia, SC.

  • Jennifer Carolan

    Jennifer Carolan

    Jennifer is a General Partner and CoFounder of Reach Capital

  • Jennifer Coogan

    Jennifer Coogan

    Jennifer Coogan has been Chief Content Officer of Newsela since 2013.

  • Jennifer Guido

    Jennifer Guido

    Jennifer Guido is a third grade teacher at Shields Elementary School in the Cape Henlopen School District in Lewes, Delaware.

  • Jennifer Hollstein

    Jennifer Hollstein

    Jennifer Hollstein is a Secondary English Teacher and Teacher Evaluator at Charter School of Wilmington in Red Clay Consolidated School District, Wilmington, DE.

  • Jennifer Howard

    Jennifer Howard

    Contributing Writer

  • Jennifer Iriti

    Jennifer Iriti

    Research scientist, University of Pittsburgh

  • Jennifer L. Steele

    Jennifer L. Steele

    Jennifer Steele is an associate professor in the School of Education at American University.

  • Jennifer Medbery

    Jennifer Medbery

    Jennifer Medbery is the founder and CEO of Kickboard.

  • Jennifer Pierrat

    Jennifer Pierrat

    Jennifer R. Pieratt, PhD, is an educator and founder of CraftED Curriculum.

  • Jennifer Poon

    Jennifer Poon

    Education consultant with the Center for Innovation in Education

  • Jennifer Sparrow

    Jennifer Sparrow

    Jennifer Sparrow is the Senior Director for Teaching and Learning with Technology at Penn State.

  • Jenny Rankin

    Jenny Rankin

    Dr. Jenny Grant Rankin, Ph.D., is a former award-winning teacher, school site administrator, district administrator, and Chief Education & Research Officer at a data systems and edtech company.

  • Jenny Rickard

    Jenny Rickard

    Jenny Rickard is the President and CEO of the Common Application.

  • Jen Schneider

    Jen Schneider

    Nebraska 50 State Writer

  • Jeremy Keeshin

    Jeremy Keeshin

    Jeremy Keeshin is the co-founder of CodeHS, a site to teach computer science to beginners.

  • Jeremy Kun

    Jeremy Kun

    Jeremy Kun is a PhD candidate in Mathematics at the University of Illinois at Chicago and the author of the blog Math ∩ Programming. His research is in graph theory and the analysis of large networks.

  • Jeremy Murphy

    Jeremy Murphy

    Jeremy Murphy is a journalism and English teacher at West Fargo High School in West Fargo, North Dakota.

  • Jeremy Schifeling

    Jeremy Schifeling

    Jeremy Schifeling is the CEO of Break into Tech, a site for anyone who wants to launch a tech career, regardless of background.

  • Jessica Anderson

    Jessica Anderson

    Jessica is the 2016 Montana Teacher of the Year. She teaches earth science, chemistry, and physics at Powell County High School in Deer Lodge.

  • Jessica Ball

    Jessica Ball

    Jessica Ball is an Associate Partner on the Innovative Schools team at NewSchools Venture Fund.

  • Jessica Berlinski

    Jessica Berlinski

    Director K-12 of Ripple Effects, an innovative social change enterprise focused on leveraging personalized SEL to improve students’ behavior and academics, address trauma, and achieve educational equity

  • Jessica Haselton

    Jessica Haselton

    Jessica leads Education Innovation Ventures, the program-related investments program of ECMC Foundation.

  • Jessica Hickey

    Jessica Hickey

    Director of innovative learning at Arizona Science Center

  • Jessica Hoffman

    Jessica Hoffman

    Director of High School Initiatives at the Yale Center for Emotional Intelligence

  • Jessica Johnson

    Jessica Johnson

    Jessica Johnson is the Elementary School Principal and District Assessment Coordinator of Dodgeland School District in Juneau, WI. She co-moderates the #educoach chat and co-hosts the #principalcast podcast.

  • Jessica Leigh Brown

    Jessica Leigh Brown

    EdSurge Contributing Writer

  • Jessica Parker

    Jessica Parker

    Jessica Parker is the Education Community Manager at Maker Ed and cofounder of the Maker Certificate Program at Sonoma State University.

  • Jessica Rosenworcel

    Jessica Rosenworcel

    Jessica Rosenworcel (@JRosenworcel) is a Commissioner at the Federal Communications Commission

  • Jessica Rowland Williams

    Jessica Rowland Williams

    Dr. Jessica Williams is the Director of Every Learner Everywhere, a network that helps institutions of higher education implement innovative teaching and learning practices with a focus on increasing the success for underserved students.

  • Jessica Sullivan

    Jessica Sullivan

    High school biology teacher and Science Department Head at The American International School of Caracas in Venezuela.

  • Jessica Zhao

    Jessica Zhao

    Jess is R&D Lead at EdSurge.

  • Jessie Arora

    Jessie Arora

    Jessie is founder of Embark Labs, which creates student-centered learning communities that teach kids computational and design thinking

  • Jessie Woolley-Wilson

    Jessie Woolley-Wilson

    Jessie Woolley-Wilson is President and CEO of DreamBox Learning

  • Jessy Irwin

    Jessy Irwin

    Jessy Irwin is a marketing and communications professional who has integrated technology and social media into a class of 3,000 students.

  • Jill Barshay

    Jill Barshay

    Jill is contributing editor at The Hechinger Report

  • Jill Edwards

    Jill Edwards

    Assistant principal at Florence High School in Alabama

  • Jill Hobson

    Jill Hobson

    Jill Hobson is the Institutional Program Manager at IMS Global Learning Consortium

  • Jillian Kaster

    Jillian Kaster

    Implementation coach for Reading Horizons

  • Jillian Kuhlmann

    Jillian Kuhlmann

    Jillian Kuhlmann shares stories from KnowledgeWorks and their partners, including best practices, knowledge and opportunities among the schools and communities that we support to ensure every student experiences meaningful, personalized learning.

  • Jill Leafstedt

    Jill Leafstedt

    Jill Leafstedt is Executive Director of Teaching and Learning Innovations and Senior Academic Technology Officer at California State University, Channel Islands.

  • Jim Balfanz

    Jim Balfanz

    President of Americorps City Year

  • Jim Geringer

    Jim Geringer

    Jim Geringer is the former Governor of Wyoming and serves on the board of digiLEARN

  • Jim Goodell

    Jim Goodell

    Jim Goodell is Senior Analyst at Quality Information Partners

  • Jim Lobdell

    Jim Lobdell

    Jim Lobdell is a venture partner at Reach Capital.

  • Jimmy Casas

    Jimmy Casas

    ​Jimmy Casas is in his 21st year of administrative leadership, including the last 13 years as Principal at Bettendorf High School in Iowa.

  • JMDedu


    JMDedu is a media company covering the edtech industry in China

  • Joanna Lyn Grama

    Joanna Lyn Grama

    Joanna Lyn Grama is Director of Cybersecurity and IT GRC Programs at EDUCAUSE.

  • Jo Boaler

    Jo Boaler

    Professor of Mathematics Education at Stanford University

  • Joel Rose

    Joel Rose

    ​Joel Rose is the Co-Founder and Chief Executive Officer of New Classrooms Innovation Partners. Previously, he was the Chief Executive Officer of School of One, an initiative within the New York City Department of Education.

  • Joe Martin

    Joe Martin

    Kindergarten teacher

  • Joe Romano

    Joe Romano

    Architecture and design teacher

  • John Baker

    John Baker

    John Baker is the CEO of Desire2Learn. He founded the company in 1999 at the age of 22, while still a Systems Design Engineering student at the University of Waterloo.

  • John Danner

    John Danner

    John Danner is the co-Founder and CEO of Zeal and is also co-founder and former CEO of Rocketship Education.

  • John DeGioia

    John DeGioia

    John is President of Georgetown University

  • John Gardner

    John Gardner

    Gardner is the founder of the University of South Carolina's National Resource Center on The First-Year Experience and Students in Transition, and the John N. Gardner Institute for Excellence in Undergraduate Education.

  • John Gomperts

    John Gomperts

    President & CEO of America's Promise Alliance

  • John Harrington

    John Harrington

    CEO, Funds for Learning

  • John Katzman

    John Katzman

    John Katzman is an education entrepreneur and the founder of Noodle, 2U and The Princeton Review

  • John Medina

    John Medina

    Developmental molecular biologist and author

  • John Miller

    John Miller

    John Miller is a Google Innovator, an internationally recognized leader in the Minecraft in Education community and has published three books on the subject.

  • Johnna Noll

    Johnna Noll

    Wisconsin 50 State Writer

  • John Rice

    John Rice

    John is Manager of Blended Learning for the DC Public School System.

  • John Rogers

    John Rogers

    John is the education sector lead at The Rise Fund

  • John T. Guthrie

    John T. Guthrie

    John T. Guthrie is a researcher and scholar in the area of student motivation as it relates to literacy.

  • John Waters

    John Waters

    Journalist and author John K. Waters has been writing about world-wide technology trends and the companies and culture of Silicon Valley for both a tech-savvy audience and non-technical readers for more than two decades.

  • John Watson

    John Watson

    John Watson is the founder of the Evergreen Education Group.

  • Jonathan A. Knee

    Jonathan A. Knee

    Jonathan A. Knee is a professor of professional practice and codirector of the media and technology program at Columbia Business School.

  • Jonathan Haber

    Jonathan Haber

    Jonathan Haber is an educational consultant, researcher and writer working in the field of professional assessment, curriculum and standards development, and educational technology.

  • Jonathan Hasak

    Jonathan Hasak

    Jonathan Hasak is is Senior Director of Scalable Strategies at Year Up

  • Jonathan Levine

    Jonathan Levine

    Jonathan Levine is the CTO of Intermedia.

  • Jonathan Lewis

    Jonathan Lewis

    Jonathan Lewis is the Coordinator for Educational Technology and Library Programs at DC Public Schools. He is also a storyteller for Verizon Innovative Learning Schools, an initiative directed by Digital Promise.

  • Jonathan Tiongco

    Jonathan Tiongco

    Jonathan Tiongco is the Director of BLAST Implementation for Alliance College-Ready Public Schools, a charter management organization in Los Angeles, California.

  • Jonathan Yang

    Jonathan Yang

    ​Jonathan Yang is a sophomore at 916 Mahtomedi Academy in White Bear Lake, MN.

  • Jonathan Zaff

    Jonathan Zaff

    Executive Director, Center for Promise

  • Jon Chapman

    Jon Chapman

    Jon Chapman is the Co-Founder and President of Global Partnerships for EVERFI, Inc.

  • Jon Deane

    Jon Deane

    Jon is the Chief Information Officer at Summit Public Schools

  • Jon Deane, Mira Browne & Dan Carroll

    Jon Deane, Mira Browne & Dan Carroll

    Jon is the Chief Information Officer at Summit Public Schools, Mira is the Director of Development & External Relations at Summit Public Schools, and Dan is a Co-Founder of Clever.

  • Jon Garfinkel

    Jon Garfinkel

    Professor of Finance and Henry B. Tippie Research Fellow at the University of Iowa

  • Jon Hanover

    Jon Hanover

    ​Jon Hanover is the founder and executive director of Roots Elementary School.

  • Jon Hazell

    Jon Hazell

    Oklahoma's 2017 Teacher of the Year

  • Jon Kolko

    Jon Kolko

    Jon is a partner at Modernist Studio and the founder of Austin Center for Design

  • Jon Pennington

    Jon Pennington

    Jon Pennington is currently pursuing a Ph.D. in Learning Design and Technology at The University of Hawaii while working as the Instructional Technology Specialist at Assets School.

  • Jordan Friedman

    Jordan Friedman

    Jordan Friedman is a Content Marketing Manager at Houghton Mifflin Harcourt.

  • Jordan Meranus

    Jordan Meranus

    Jordan is co-founder and CEO of Ellevation Education

  • Jordan Silvestri

    Jordan Silvestri

    Jordan Silvestri is the Director of SINAI Schools Shalem High School for Boys at Heichal HaTorah

  • Jose Ferreira

    Jose Ferreira

    Jose Ferreira is the founder and CEO of Knewton

  • Joseph Randall

    Joseph Randall

    ​Joseph Randall is a 21-year-old aspiring businessman, entrepreneur, and investor.

  • Joseph Sanfilippo

    Joseph Sanfilippo

    Joseph Sanfilippo is the Director of eLearning at Teq.

  • Joseph South

    Joseph South

    ​Joseph South is the Chief Learning Officer at the International Society for Technology in Education

  • Joseph Williams

    Joseph Williams

    Joseph Williams is a political journalist, blogger, education writer and essayist in Washington, D.C.

  • Joseph Wilson

    Joseph Wilson

    Joseph Wilson is a Senior Strategist in the Education Technology Cluster at the MaRS Discovery District.

  • Jose Vilson

    Jose Vilson

    Jose Vilson is a math educator, writer, and activist in a New York City public school.

  • Josh Mandell

    Josh Mandell

    Josh Mandell is a freelance journalist.

  • Josh Parker

    Josh Parker

    Josh Parker is an instructional coach at District of Columbia Public Schools. He was named Maryland State Teacher of the Year in 2012.

  • Joshua Kim

    Joshua Kim

    Joshua Kim is Director of Digital Learning Initiatives at DCAL, the Dartmouth Center for the Advancement of Learning Initiatives

  • JT Peterson

    JT Peterson

    Community health educator

  • JT Ripton

    JT Ripton

    JT Ripton is a freelance healthcare, technology and business writer out of Tampa. He loves to write to inform, educate and provoke minds.

  • Juan Garcia

    Juan Garcia

    Juan Garcia oversees Strategic Partnerships for the Center for Equity in Learning at ACT, working with existing and new partnerships fulfilling ACT’s mission of helping people achieve education and workplace success.

  • Jules Polonetsky

    Jules Polonetsky

    Jules is the Executive Director and Co-chair of the Future of Privacy Forum

  • Julia Donohue

    Julia Donohue

    ​Julia is a student at Reading Memorial High School in Massachusetts.

  • Julia Freeland Fisher

    Julia Freeland Fisher

    Julia Freeland Fisher is the director of education research at the Clayton Christensen Institute

  • Julie Brickman

    Julie Brickman

    Julie Brickman is a Summer Ventures Fellow in the New York office of SJF Ventures.

  • Julie Brown Hunt

    Julie Brown Hunt

    Julie is a Product Manager at Renaissance Learning.

  • Julie Cremin

    Julie Cremin

    Julie is a Digital Learning Specialist at St. John's Prep, a 1:1 iPad school serving 1500 students in grade 6-12 in Massachusetts.

  • Julie Hasfjord

    Julie Hasfjord

    Stem Instructional Leader at Bailey STEM Magnet Middle Prep

  • Julie Hiltz

    Julie Hiltz

    Julie is a National Board Certified Media specialist and also teacherpreneur at the Center for Teaching Quality.

  • Julie Lythcott-Haims

    Julie Lythcott-Haims

    Julie Lythcott-Haims is the author of the New York Times bestselling, How to Raise An Adult: Break Free of the Overparenting Trap and Prepare Your Kids for Success.

  • Julie Petersen

    Julie Petersen

    Julie Petersen is a freelance writer who was previously director of communications at NewSchools Venture Fund.

  • Juliet Garcia

    Juliet Garcia

    Juliet is a current Commercial Services Engineer at Encana Oil & Gas (USA) Inc., and a former STEM teacher with Teach for America.

  • Juliette 'Cricket' Heinze

    Juliette 'Cricket' Heinze

    New York 50 State Rep 2017

  • Julie Willcott

    Julie Willcott

    Julie Wilcott is a former science teacher at Foxcroft Academy in Maine. She currently works with inquiry-based hands-on integrated science learning as an educator at Kennebec Valley Community College and as an independent contractor.

  • Junaid Mubeen

    Junaid Mubeen

    Junaid Mubeen, PhD, is head of product at Whizz Education

  • Justin Aglio

    Justin Aglio

    Justin Aglio served as a teacher, principal, and is now the Director of Innovation at Montour School District in Pennsylvania.

  • Justin Baeder

    Justin Baeder

    Justin Baeder is Director of The Principal Center and the High-Performance Instructional Leadership Network.

  • Justin Eames

    Justin Eames

    Justin is currently the technology teacher at the SEED School of Maryland--an independent, public boarding school located in West Baltimore.

  • Justin Hendrix

    Justin Hendrix

    Justin Hendrix is the Executive Director of the NYC Media Lab.

  • Justin Mann

    Justin Mann

    Justin is a teacher from Australia and co-founder of Geddit

  • Justin Reich

    Justin Reich

    Justin Reich is an assistant professor at MIT and the director of the Teaching Systems Lab there.

  • Justin Taylor

    Justin Taylor

    Justin Taylor is a social studies teacher in the Humanities Studies Program at Bulkeley High School in Hartford, Connecticut.

  • Justin T. Dellinger

    Justin T. Dellinger

    Justin T. Dellinger, Ph.D., is an educator and researcher on digital teaching and learning.

  • Kaela Quinto

    Kaela Quinto

    Kaela Quinto is a freshman at Cristo Rey San Jose Jesuit High School in San Jose, CA.

  • Kai-leé Berke

    Kai-leé Berke

    Kai-leé is CEO of Teaching Strategies

  • Kami Butterfield

    Kami Butterfield

    ​Kami Butterfield is a third grade teacher in Baxter Springs, KS

  • Kara Brooks-Odom

    Kara Brooks-Odom

    ​Kara Brooks-Odom is a 16-year veteran teacher currently working in Howard County, Maryland.

  • Karen Cator

    Karen Cator

    Karen is CEO and President of Digital Promise. Previously, she served as Director of the Office of Educational Technology at the U.S. Department of Education.

  • Karen Johnson

    Karen Johnson

    Karen Johnson is a Senior Program Officer at the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation.

  • Karen McDonald

    Karen McDonald

    Middle school ELA teacher in Pa.

  • Karen Nemeth

    Karen Nemeth

    Author and consulting editor for NAEYC. Developed content for Head Start’s Early Childhood Learning and Knowledge Center website.

  • Karen Vignare

    Karen Vignare

    Karen Vignare is a researcher and administrator leveraging emerging technology within higher education.

  • Karl Wendt

    Karl Wendt

    Founder and Executive Director of Discover Create Advance

  • Kasey Bell

    Kasey Bell

    Kasey Bell is a Google Certified Innovator and a digital learning consultant with a passion for technology and learning.

  • Katarina Pasinsky

    Katarina Pasinsky

    Katarina Pasinsky is an Innovation Partner at Vidcode, and a former science and literature middle school teacher.

  • Kate Lee-McCarthy

    Kate Lee-McCarthy

    Director of Grants at the Online Learning Consortium and manager of the OLC partnership with Every Learner Everywhere.

  • Kathleen Carroll

    Kathleen Carroll

    Freelance journalist

  • Kathleen deLaski

    Kathleen deLaski

    Kathleen deLaski is the founder and president of Education Design Lab, and a former AOL product designer.

  • Kathy Benemann

    Kathy Benemann

    Kathy is CEO & Founder of Kiyo, Inc and Co-Leader of the NYEdTech Meetups.

  • Kathy Qu

    Kathy Qu

    Kathy Qu is a Consulting Team Leader at Entangled Solutions.

  • Katie Boody Adorno

    Katie Boody Adorno

    Founder & CEO of LEANLAB Education

  • Katie Finley

    Katie Finley

    Katie Finley was formerly the Marketing Manager for Neu Academic

  • Katie King

    Katie King

    Katie King is director of strategic foresight engagement at KnowledgeWorks.

  • Katie Martin

    Katie Martin

    Head of Partnerships-West at AltSchool

  • Katie McClarty

    Katie McClarty

    Vice president of research and design at Renaissance

  • Katrina Keene

    Katrina Keene

    Katrina has been a Director of Innovation, IT Director, and classroom teacher. Katrina currently works for Dell as an Educational Strategist.

  • Kat Soto-Gomez

    Kat Soto-Gomez

    Kat Soto-Gomez is an associate faculty member in the Sociology department at MiraCosta College.

  • Kay de Veer

    Kay de Veer

    ​Kay de Veer teaches elementary school at AltSchool, with extensive teaching experience in both public and private schools.

  • Kaylyn Dorland

    Kaylyn Dorland

    Kaylyn Dorland teaches Grade 2 at Queen of Heaven Catholic Elementary School in Southern Ontario, Canada.

  • K. Brooke Stafford-Brizard, Ph.D.

    K. Brooke Stafford-Brizard, Ph.D.

    Director at Chan Zuckerberg Initiative

  • Keaton Wadzinski

    Keaton Wadzinski

    Student at the University of Virginia

  • Keith Brennan

    Keith Brennan

    Keith is a freelance instructional designer who has worked in coporate training and bricks-and-mortar teaching

  • Keith Devlin

    Keith Devlin

    Keith Devlin is Co-founder & Chief Scientist at BrainQuake and a mathematician in the Stanford University Graduate School of Education.

  • Keith Janelli

    Keith Janelli

    Keith is an Instructional Technology teacher in Howard County, Maryland.

  • Keith Oelrich

    Keith Oelrich

    Keith Oelrich is the CEO of Learning.com.

  • Kelli Anderson

    Kelli Anderson

    Kelli Anderson, a former senior writer for Sports Illustrated, is a freelance writer living in the Bay Area.

  • Kellie Specter

    Kellie Specter

    Kellie is the Senior Director of Communications & Marketing at WNET, New York Public Media.

  • Kelly Blair

    Kelly Blair

    Researcher and curriculum developer.

  • Kelly Hogan

    Kelly Hogan

    Kelly Hogan, PhD, is a STEM Teaching Professor in the Department of Biology, Assistant Dean of the Office of Instructional Innovation and Director of the University's Quality Enhancement Plan associated with SACSCOC accreditation.

  • Kelly Stuart

    Kelly Stuart

    Kelly Stuart is the Chief Operating Officer at Collaborative Classroom.

  • Kelly Urlacher

    Kelly Urlacher

    A former sixth grade teacher, Kelly currently works as a Curriculum Designer for DreamBox Learning and tutors high school students in mathematics.

  • Kelly Young

    Kelly Young

    ​Kelly Young is the director of Education Reimagined, an initiative of Convergence.

  • Kelsey Bowlby

    Kelsey Bowlby

    Kelsey Bowlby is a Seattle-based writer, translator, and content strategist with a background in tutoring and teaching French as a foreign language. She comes from a family of public educators and has a passion for lifelong learning.

  • Kelvin Bentley

    Kelvin Bentley

    Vice President of learning strategy for Six Red Marbles

  • Ken Halla

    Ken Halla

    Ken Halla is the eLearning Coordinator for Fairfax County Public Schools in Virginia

  • Ken Michaels

    Ken Michaels

    Ken Michaels is CEO of Macmillan Learning.

  • Ken Montgomery

    Ken Montgomery

    Executive Director at Design Tech High School

  • Kenneth Klau

    Kenneth Klau

    Kenneth Klau is the Director of Digital Learning at Massachusetts Department of Elementary and Secondary Education.

  • Ken Shelton

    Ken Shelton

    Education specialist and keynote speaker

  • Ken Spero

    Ken Spero

    Ken Spero is CEO of Ed Leadership Sims (ELS), which uses computer based simulations to help Education Leaders build resilience, leadership skills, and decision-making capacity.

  • Kentaro Toyama

    Kentaro Toyama

    Kentaro Toyama is the W.K. Kellogg Associate Professor of Community Information at the University of Michigan School of Information.

  • Kenya Ransey

    Kenya Ransey

    Kenya Ransey is an Edtech Integration Specialist in Atlanta, Georgia.

  • Kerri Lemoie

    Kerri Lemoie

    Kerri Lemoie is the CEO/CTO of OpenWorks Group, LLC in Providence, RI.

  • Kerry Rice

    Kerry Rice

    Kerry Rice is a Fulbright Scholar and professor in the department of educational technology at Boise State University.

  • Kevin Bauman

    Kevin Bauman

    Kevin Bauman is Senior Director of eLearning at the Perkins School for the Blind, which educated Helen Keller. He also serves on Massachusetts' Digital Learning Advisory Council.

  • Kevin Behan

    Kevin Behan

    Kevin Behan is a product manager at GoGuardian and a former educator.

  • Kevin Murphy

    Kevin Murphy

    Middle school teacher in Kuna, Idaho

  • Kevin R. McClure

    Kevin R. McClure

    Associate professor of higher education at the University of North Carolina at Wilmington.

  • Kiara Butler

    Kiara Butler

    Kiara Butler is CEO and Founder of Diversity Talks

  • Kimberly Masiello

    Kimberly Masiello

    Kimberly Masiello is the Literacy Coach at America's Finest Charter School in San Diego, CA. She is a top seller on both TES and Teachers Pay Teachers.

  • Kimberly Underwood

    Kimberly Underwood

    University research chair for the Center for Workplace Diversity and Inclusion Research at University of Phoenix

  • Kim Hoffman Kanof

    Kim Hoffman Kanof

    Kim is a Social Studies Teacher at Madison High School in Portland, Oregon.

  • Kira Keane

    Kira Keane

    Kira Keane is a Partner at The Learning Accelerator.

  • Kirsten Clodfelter

    Kirsten Clodfelter

    Kirsten Clodfelter is a freelance writer living in the Midwest, contributing editor for As It Ought to Be and on the editorial staff of New American Press. Her work has been published in The Iowa Review, Narrative Magazine, and Salon.com, among others.

  • Kolby Kerr

    Kolby Kerr

    Kolby Kerr teaches senior English courses at New Tech High @ Coppell, a project-based learning school in the Dallas area.

  • Krista Marks

    Krista Marks

    Krista Marks is co-founder and CEO of Woot Math, a Boulder edtech startup that helping teachers bring mathematics to life through research-backed tools for adaptive learning and formative assessment.

  • Kristen Eshleman

    Kristen Eshleman

    Kristen Eshleman is Director of Digital Learning Research & Design (DLRD) at Davidson College.

  • Kristen Swanson

    Kristen Swanson

    Kristen is a former teacher, a founder of the EdCamp movement and a senior research leader for BrightBytes.

  • Kristen Watkins

    Kristen Watkins

    Director of personalized learning at Dallas ISD

  • Kristen Wolf

    Kristen Wolf

    Spanish teacher and presenter

  • Kristina Humphry

    Kristina Humphry

    Project Coordinator at TypingClub

  • Kristina Ishmael

    Kristina Ishmael

    Senior project manager of the Teaching, Learning, and Tech team for the Education Policy program at New America

  • Kristin Cornwell

    Kristin Cornwell

    Kristin teaches 6th grade Humanities at YES Prep Northbrook Middle School.

  • Kristin Daniels

    Kristin Daniels

    Kristin is an Education Technology Consultant for TIES in St. Paul, MN.

  • Kristin Kipp

    Kristin Kipp

    Kristin Kipp is the chair of education at Rocky Mountain College of Art + Design (RMCAD).

  • Kristin Leong

    Kristin Leong

    Kristin Leong is a former middle school humanities teacher and Washington State Teacher Leader.

  • Kristin Simmers

    Kristin Simmers

    Kristin Simmers is an English as an additional language (EAL) educator at NIST International School in Thailand

  • Krysten Crawford

    Krysten Crawford

    Krysten Crawford is a freelance writer based in the San Francisco Bay Area.

  • Kunal Chawla

    Kunal Chawla

    Kunal is a course developer and instructor at Udacity

  • Kyle Pace

    Kyle Pace

    ​Kyle Pace is currently an Instructional Technology Specialist at Lee's Summit Schools in Lee's Summit, Missouri.

  • Kyong-Ah Kwon

    Kyong-Ah Kwon

    Kyong-Ah Kwon, Ph.D., is an associate professor at the University of Oklahoma.

  • Lachelle Brant

    Lachelle Brant

    ​Lachelle has spent 13 years in education. She has been both an elementary teacher, and currently serves as an education consultant in the Wyoming Department of Education.

  • Lara Ivey

    Lara Ivey

    Lara Ivey is a librarian at Bettie Weaver Elementary School in Chesterfield, VA.

  • Larry Berger

    Larry Berger

    Larry Berger is CEO of Amplify

  • Larry Cuban

    Larry Cuban

    Larry Cuban is Professor Emeritus of Education at Stanford University

  • LaToya Fernandez

    LaToya Fernandez

    QueenHype CEO; Rocketship educator

  • Laura Busch

    Laura Busch

    Laura is a technology integrator at Blair Elementary in Waukesha, WI.

  • Laura Conley

    Laura Conley

    Laura Conley is a technology integration facilitator in Arkansas.

  • Laura Du

    Laura Du

    ​Laura Du is a senior at Princeton University passionate about education, technology, and entrepreneurship

  • Laura Fleming

    Laura Fleming

    Laura has been an educator in the state of New Jersey for 15 years. She has been both a classroom teacher and media specialist in grades K-8 and currently as a Library Media Specialist for grades 9-12.

  • Laura Jackson

    Laura Jackson

    ​Laura Jackson is an Educational Strategies Specialist at the Highlander Institute in Rhode Island.

  • Laura Johnson

    Laura Johnson

    Laura has held positions at various organizations throughout the education sector, including the Massachusetts Department of Education, the Boston Museum of Science, and WGBH.

  • Laura McClure

    Laura McClure

    Laura is the Editor of TED's youth and education initiative, TED-Ed.

  • Laura Quaglio

    Laura Quaglio

    Laura Quaglio has been writing since she could hold a crayon. Since then, she has written and edited for magazines, blogs, books and a few Hallmark gift books, though her recent work is done with computers, not Crayolas.

  • Laura Tavares

    Laura Tavares

    Laura Tavares is Program Director for Organizational Learning and Thought Leadership at Facing History and Ourselves.

  • Laura Thrash

    Laura Thrash

    Laura Thrash is in her second year as a Teach For America corps member, and is an eighth grade science teacher in the Charlotte Mecklenburg public school system.

  • Laura Zulliger

    Laura Zulliger

    ​Laura Zulliger heads up growth at Payable.

  • Lauren Acree

    Lauren Acree

    ​Lauren Acree is a Research Associate at the Friday Institute for Educational Innovation where she serves as the Policy and Personalized Learning Lead.

  • Lauren Dibble

    Lauren Dibble

    Lauren Dibble is an Engagement Manager at Entangled Solutions

  • Lauren Dibble

    Lauren Dibble

    Lauren Dibble is a Consulting Team Leader at Entangled Solutions.

  • Lauren Parikhal

    Lauren Parikhal

    Marketing at New York Hall of Science

  • Lauren Pizer

    Lauren Pizer

    Lauren Pizer is a Case Team Leader at Entangled Solutions.

  • Laurie Guyon

    Laurie Guyon

    Integration Specialist for Schuylerville Central Schools in New York

  • Lawrence Whisenant

    Lawrence Whisenant

    Lawrence (Drew) is an AP Physics teacher at Arab High School in Arab, Alabama and a FIRST Robotics Competition Team Sponsor.

  • L. Beatriz Arnillas

    L. Beatriz Arnillas

    L. Beatriz Arnillas is the director of IT – education technology for the Houston Independent School District.

  • Leah Belsky & Michal Tsur

    Leah Belsky & Michal Tsur

    Leah is Senior VP of Operations at Kaltura. Michal is President and co-founder of Kaltura

  • Leah Gilliam

    Leah Gilliam

    ​Leah Gilliam is the Director of Hive NYC.

  • Leah Shafer

    Leah Shafer

    Leah Shafer is a writer for Usable Knowledge, a publication based at the Harvard Graduate School of Education, for practicing educators everywhere.

  • Lee Banville

    Lee Banville

    Lee Banville is editor of Gamesandlearning.org and editorial director of the Games and Learning Publishing Council.

  • Lee Patti

    Lee Patti

    Instructional technology specialist for Cherokee County School District

  • Leif Nelson

    Leif Nelson

    Leif Nelson is the Director of Learning Technology Solutions at Boise State University.

  • Leland Anderson

    Leland Anderson

    Leland Anderson is the Head of School at RDF International School in Shenzhen, China.

  • Leon Li

    Leon Li

    Leon Li is the Product Manager of Pearson's Future Technologies team

  • Leslie Feingerts

    Leslie Feingerts

    Leslie Feingerts is a consultant at Bridgespan

  • Lillian E. Agosto-Maldonado

    Lillian E. Agosto-Maldonado

    Freelance journalist based in Puerto Rico

  • Lillian Rida

    Lillian Rida

    Lillian is a 16-year-old Syrian Muslim, born and raised in America.

  • Linda Briggs

    Linda Briggs

    Linda L. Briggs has been covering the intersection of business and technology for over 25 years, with a focus on government and education.

  • Linda Ryden

    Linda Ryden

    Peace teacher for D.C. Public Schools

  • Lindsay Dixon Garcia

    Lindsay Dixon Garcia

    Lindsay Dixon Garcia is the Head of Content at Hapara.

  • Lindsay Mottley

    Lindsay Mottley

    Lindsay Mottley is the principal at Bettie Weaver Elementary School in Chesterfield County.

  • Lindsay Portnoy

    Lindsay Portnoy

    Chief Learning Officer at Killer Snails

  • Lindsey Joyce

    Lindsey Joyce

    Lindsey Joyce is the Digital Marketing and Communications Lead at Istation.

  • Lindsey Own

    Lindsey Own

    Lindsey is a science teacher in Seattle.

  • Linnette Attai

    Linnette Attai

    Founder of PlayWell, LLC

  • Lisa Baird

    Lisa Baird

    Lisa Baird is a UX + business designer with a passion for new-venture design.

  • Lisa Dawley

    Lisa Dawley

    Dr. Lisa Dawley provides leadership in the research and award-winning design of innovative learning technologies, curriculum, companies, programs, and policies.

  • Lisa Guernsey

    Lisa Guernsey

    Lisa Guernsey is Director of the Learning Technologies Project at New America

  • Lisa Schmucki

    Lisa Schmucki

    Lisa Schmucki is the founder and CEO of edWeb.net.

  • Lisa Vardi

    Lisa Vardi

    Director of cross-divisional curriculum at Bullis School

  • Lisa Wilson

    Lisa Wilson

    EdSurge 50 State Writer

  • Liz Arney

    Liz Arney

    Liz Arney is a partner with the NewSchools Venture Fund and author of Go Blended!

  • Liz Kleinrock

    Liz Kleinrock

    Liz Kleinrock is Diversity Coordinator and lead teacher at Citizens of the World Charter School Silver Lake

  • Logan Cohen

    Logan Cohen

    Logan Cohen is a cofounder of Kudzoo.

  • Lorena A. Barba

    Lorena A. Barba

    associate professor of mechanical and aerospace engineering at George Washington University

  • Lori K. Lynch

    Lori K. Lynch

    Lori is a former teacher who has spent many years in the classroom developing an RTI framework. Today, Lori serves as part of the Istation leadership team as the VP of Training for Istation.

  • Lori Sparger

    Lori Sparger

    Lori Sparger is the chief operating officer and chief innovation officer at Purdue University’s College of Liberal Arts.

  • Louise Dube and Carrie Ray-Hill

    Louise Dube and Carrie Ray-Hill

    Louise (L) is Executive Director at iCivics; Carrie (R) is Director of Programming for iCivics

  • Louis Piconi

    Louis Piconi

    Louis Piconi is the founder of Imagine Math

  • Lucy Gray

    Lucy Gray

    Educator & technology consultant who started the 18,000+ Global Education Collaborative network for educators

  • Luke Shepard

    Luke Shepard

    Luke is Chief Technology Officer at eSpark Learning

  • Luyen Chou

    Luyen Chou

    Luyen Chou is Chief Product Officer at Trilogy Education.

  • Lynzi Ziegenhagen, Liz Arney

    Lynzi Ziegenhagen, Liz Arney

    Lynzi Ziegenhagen (R) is the Vice President of Technology & Liz Arney (L) is the Director of Innovative Learning at Aspire Public Schools.

  • Madhu Govind

    Madhu Govind

    Madhu Govind is a doctoral student in the Eliot-Pearson Department of Child Study and Human Development at Tufts University.

  • Maja Bulka

    Maja Bulka

    ​Maja Bulka is a senior at East Leyden High School in Franklin Park, IL.

  • Malvika Bhagwat

    Malvika Bhagwat

    Malvika Bhagwat heads the research and efficacy department at Newsela

  • Mandela Schumacher-Hodge

    Mandela Schumacher-Hodge

    Mandela is Kapor Capital's founding Portfolio Services Director.

  • Mandy Morgan

    Mandy Morgan

    New Mexico 50 State Rep 2017

  • Mansi Patadia

    Mansi Patadia

    Mansi is a recent graduate of William Cullen Bryant High School in Queens, New York.

  • Manuela Ekowo

    Manuela Ekowo

    ​Manuela Ekowo is a policy analyst with the Education Policy program at New America.

  • Mara Zepeda

    Mara Zepeda

    Mara Zepeda is the co-fouder and CEO of Switchboard

  • Marc Brackett

    Marc Brackett

    Marc Bracket is the Director of the Yale Center for Emotional Intelligence and a professor in the Child Study Center at Yale University.

  • Marcia Quackenbush

    Marcia Quackenbush

    Marcia Quackenbush, MS, MFT, MCHES, is a licensed marriage and family therapist who has specialized in adolescents and families. She is Senior Editor at ETR and manager of the ETR blog.

  • Marcos Navas

    Marcos Navas

    Marcos Navas is a technology facilitator for the Union City Board of Education in New Jersey.

  • Margaret Honey

    Margaret Honey

    CEO of New York Hall of Science

  • Margaret Lee

    Margaret Lee

    Margaret Lee currently serves as director of organizational development for Frederick County Public Schools.

  • Margaret Powers

    Margaret Powers

    Margaret is a Tech Coordinator at The Episcopal Academy

  • Margery Mayer

    Margery Mayer

    Margery is President of Scholastic Education

  • Margie Johnson

    Margie Johnson

    Coordinator of Business Intelligence at Metro Nashville Public Schools

  • Margina Parker

    Margina Parker

    Margina is a middle school English teacher at Burns Middle School in Detroit, MI.

  • Maria Gehl

    Maria Gehl

    Project Director of Mindfulness in Early Childhood at ZERO TO THREE

  • Maria Langworthy

    Maria Langworthy

    Maria is the Director of Worldwide Education Research for Microsoft. She works on programs, products and analytics to make learning experiences dramatically more compelling for all learners.

  • Maria Muuri

    Maria Muuri

    Education lead for 3DBear

  • Mariana Cavalcanti

    Mariana Cavalcanti

    Mariana Cavalcanti is the vice president of user experience for Ellucian.

  • Marie Bjerede

    Marie Bjerede

    Marie Bjerede is a former telecom executive, #makermom, and citizen advocate for education. She also runs a local makers club with her daughter.

  • Marie Cini

    Marie Cini

    Marie Cini is the president of the Council for Adult and Experiential Learning.

  • Mariel Reed

    Mariel Reed

    Mariel Reed is a partnership manager at Coursera

  • Marina Umaschi Bers

    Marina Umaschi Bers

    Chair of the Eliot-Pearson Department of Child Study and Human Development at Tufts University

  • Marita Diffenbaugh

    Marita Diffenbaugh

    Marita Diffenbaugh serves the Boise School District in Idaho as a K-12 Instructional Technology Manager.

  • Mark Adato

    Mark Adato

    Mark is an implementation manager with Illuminate Education. He formerly worked as a STEM Resource Teacher with the Hawaii Department of Education.

  • Markeisha Grant

    Markeisha Grant

    Markeisha Grant is a research associate with the Community College Research Center.

  • Mark Elgart

    Mark Elgart

    Mark A. Elgart, Ed.D., serves as president and chief executive officer for Cognia.

  • Mark Engstrom

    Mark Engstrom

    Mark Engstrom is the head of middle and upper school at Allen Academy in Bryan, Texas.

  • Mark Griffiths

    Mark Griffiths

    Mark Griffiths is Associate Director of Innovation And Research at The Queen Rania Foundation

  • Mark Milliron

    Mark Milliron

    Mark Milliron is Co-Founder and Chief Learning Officer of Civitas Learning.

  • Mark Montero

    Mark Montero

    Mark was a founding teacher at Aspire Titan Academy in Los Angeles and most recently a teacher at Aspire ERES Academy in Oakland, CA.

  • Mark Otter

    Mark Otter

    Mark Otter is Chief Executive Officer at Participate.

  • Mark Schneider

    Mark Schneider

    Director of the Institute of Education Sciences, Mark Schneider was formerly vice president and institute fellow at the American Institutes for Research, president of AIR's College Measures and commissioner of the National Center for Education Statistics.

  • Mark Sorensen

    Mark Sorensen

    ​Mark W. Sorensen has been a Principal, Superintendent, Advisor and Mentor of indigenous schools. He was the 2017 Arizona 50 States rep.

  • Martha Burns

    Martha Burns

    Neuroscientist and Director of Neuroscience Education at Scientific Learning

  • Martha Karmali

    Martha Karmali

    Social Media Specialist at EdSurge

  • Mary Conroy Almada

    Mary Conroy Almada

    Mary Conroy Almada is the communications manager for America Achieves Educator Network

  • Mary Cullinane

    Mary Cullinane

    Mary Cullinane is Houghton Mifflin Harcourt’s first Chief Content Officer and Executive Vice President of Corporate Affairs.

  • Mary Frenson

    Mary Frenson

    Mary Frenson is a Marketing Assistant at Check Director.

  • Mary Lynn Riggs

    Mary Lynn Riggs

    Mary Lynn is the Director of Curriculum and Instruction in Franklin West Supervisory Union in northern Vermont

  • Matt Candler

    Matt Candler

    Matt is founder and CEO of 4.0 Schools, a community that inspires and equips people to build the future of school

  • Matt Drewette-Card

    Matt Drewette-Card

    Matt Drewette-Card has been the Director of Curriculum-Instruction-Assessment for Maine's AOS #94 (www.aos94.org) since 2012.

  • Matt Greenfield

    Matt Greenfield

    Co-founder of Rethink Education, a venture capital fund focused on technology for learning. Former literary critic. Willing to learn.

  • Matt Greenfield

    Matt Greenfield

    Matt Greenfield is Managing Partner of ReThink Education

  • Matthew Gross

    Matthew Gross

    Matthew Gross is founder and CEO of Newsela

  • Matthew Johnson

    Matthew Johnson

    Matthew is Associate at Cooley

  • Matthew Pittinsky

    Matthew Pittinsky

    ​Matthew Pittinsky is the CEO of Parchment, and co-founder/former CEO of Blackboard.

  • Matthew Ramirez

    Matthew Ramirez

    Matthew Ramirez is co-founder and CEO of WriteLab

  • Matthew Rascoff

    Matthew Rascoff

    Matthew Rascoff is the vice president for Learning Technology and Innovation at University of North Carolina.

  • Matthew Stoltzfus

    Matthew Stoltzfus

    Matthew Stoltzfus works as a Chemistry Lecturer and Digital First Faculty Fellow at Ohio State University.

  • Matt Hiefield

    Matt Hiefield

    TOSA at Beaverton School District in Oregon

  • Matt Keowen

    Matt Keowen

    Matt Keowen is VP of Marketing at Guidebook.

  • Matt McDonnell

    Matt McDonnell

    COO at Famigo, Inc.

  • Matt Pittinsky

    Matt Pittinsky

    CEO of Parchment, co-founder of Blackboard

  • Matty Bengloff

    Matty Bengloff

    Matty Bengloff is the Project Director for the Race to the Top grant at Clarksdale Municipal School District in Mississippi.

  • Mauro Gatti

    Mauro Gatti

    Mauro Gatti is digital creative director at JibJab Bros. Studios for StoryBots and StoryBots Classroom.

  • Max Meyers

    Max Meyers

    Max Meyers is a consultant in Deloitte’s Federal Practice and a current GovLab Fellow

  • Maya Hope

    Maya Hope

    Maya is VP of Product and Data at eSpark Learning.

  • Maya Sussman

    Maya Sussman

    Maya is a graduate student in Stanford’s Learning, Design, and Technology program

  • Megan Catalano

    Megan Catalano

    Megan is a student at Reading Memorial High School in Massachusetts.

  • Megan Collins

    Megan Collins

    SEL consultant

  • Megan Guzman

    Megan Guzman

    Megan Guzman is a ninth grade English teacher at Collier High School in Marlboro, N.J.

  • Megan Kiefer

    Megan Kiefer

    Megan Kiefer is the founder of Take Two Film Academy

  • Megan McMahon

    Megan McMahon

    K12 Events Manager at EdSurge

  • Megan Nellis

    Megan Nellis

    Programs director at Imagine Scholar

  • Megan Silander

    Megan Silander

    Researcher for the Center for Children & Technology

  • Megan Vroman

    Megan Vroman

    Megan Vroman is the founding principal of Ida B. Wells Middle School, a social action enrichment school.

  • Meghan Amrofell

    Meghan Amrofell

    Meghan Amrofell is our Chief Operating Officer, leading our operations, HR and financial teams, and communications.

  • Meghan Tufa

    Meghan Tufa

    Meghan Tufa currently teaches AP Literature, AP Language and Composition and serves as English Department Chair at Intrinsic Schools in Chicago.

  • Meg Whittenberger

    Meg Whittenberger

    Meg Whittenberger is Director of Operations at Zaya Learning Labs, which provides blended learning hardware, software, and training to low-income and offline schools around the world.

  • Mei Hsieh

    Mei Hsieh

    Mei Hsieh is a user experience designer at Artefact

  • Melanie Stevens

    Melanie Stevens

    Melanie Stevens is a sixth-grade English Language Arts teacher at Noble Middle School in Berwick, Maine.

  • Melinda Mechur Karp

    Melinda Mechur Karp

    Melinda Mechur Karp is the assistant director of the Community College Research Center.

  • Melissa Gedney

    Melissa Gedney

    Melissa Gedney is the Program & Communications Manager for the Digital Promise League of Innovative Schools

  • Melissa Giroux

    Melissa Giroux

    Melissa Giroux is the School Success Lead at Kiddom.

  • Melissa Mann

    Melissa Mann

    Melissa Mann is a special education teacher and school counselor in the Madison County School District in Ala.

  • Melissa Ragan

    Melissa Ragan

    Melissa Ragan is the VP of Operations at ONEder. She has worked in education in a variety of roles, ranging from curriculum instruction and design to professional development, and is a former high school English teacher.

  • Melissa Romero

    Melissa Romero

    English Teacher and Missouri 50 State Writer

  • Melissa Turner

    Melissa Turner

    Technology Integration Department Chair and Upper School Technology Integration Specialist

  • Mercer Hall

    Mercer Hall

    Mercer Hall is a teacher and co-founder of the American Society for Innovation Design in Education

  • Meredith Jacob

    Meredith Jacob

    Public Lead for Creative Commons USA

  • Meredith Liu

    Meredith Liu

    Co-Founder and Chief Design Officer, The Primary School

  • Michaela Brown

    Michaela Brown

    Michaela works in communications and business development for a cultural exchange and training company, managing community development projects and partnerships in developing countries.

  • Michael Bycraft

    Michael Bycraft

    Teacher at Korea International School

  • Michael Caulfield

    Michael Caulfield

    Mike Caulfield is the director of blended and networked learning at Washington State University Vancouver.

  • Michael Cohen

    Michael Cohen

    Michael Cohen, The Tech Rabbi is a Los Angeles based designer and technologist turned educator.

  • Michael Feldstein

    Michael Feldstein

    Michael is Co-Publisher of the e-Literate blog, Co-Producer of e-Literate TV, and Partner at MindWires Consulting.

  • Michael Fenchel

    Michael Fenchel

    Michael Fenchel is Co-Founder & President of Breathe For Change, a movement to transform education through enhancing individual and collective well-being.

  • Michael Goldberg

    Michael Goldberg

    Assistant professor of Design & Innovation at Case Western Reserve University

  • Michael Hernandez

    Michael Hernandez

    ​Michael has taught high school cinematic arts, broadcast journalism and photography in Los Angeles for 16 years.

  • Michael Lai

    Michael Lai

    Student Outreach Coordinator for Minerva

  • Michael Levine

    Michael Levine

    Michael Levine is the Founding Director of the Joan Ganz Cooney Center, which conducts research and builds multi-sector partnerships to scale innovation and investment in promising educational media technologies for children.

  • Michael McDonough

    Michael McDonough

    Texas 50 State Writer

  • Michael Meotti

    Michael Meotti

    Michael Meotti is the founder of Ed Policy Group.

  • Michael "MJ" Linane

    Michael "MJ" Linane

    MJ is a high school teacher at Old Rochester Regional School in Mattapoisett, Massachusetts.

  • Michael Moody

    Michael Moody

    Co-founder of Insight ADVANCE and Insight Education Group

  • Michael Nagler, Ed.D

    Michael Nagler, Ed.D

    Superintendent, Mineola Union Free School

  • Michael Niehoff

    Michael Niehoff

    Michael Niehoff is a lifelong learner who has been an educator, leader and student advocate for three decades focused on project-based learning, technology integration, service learning and career literacy.

  • Michael P. Carter

    Michael P. Carter

    Michael P Carter, Ph.D., is co-founder, Director and Producer at TextGenome.org.

  • Michael Sano

    Michael Sano

    Michael Sano is the Higher Education Community Manager at EdSurge.

  • Michael West

    Michael West

    ​Michael West serves as both a Technology Facilitator and Instructional Resource Teacher at Wendell Middle School, part of the Wake County Public School System in North Carolina.

  • Michael Weyandt

    Michael Weyandt

    Michael Weyandt is a partner at Team Theory.

  • Michayla Bell

    Michayla Bell

    Michayla Bell teaches kindergarten in McComb School District in McComb, MS.

  • Michele Eaton

    Michele Eaton

    Director of Virtual & Blended Learning, MSD of Wayne Township

  • Michelle Dervan

    Michelle Dervan

    Michelle is Director of Strategic Partnerships at Pearson in New York and Co-Organizer of the NYEdTech Meetup

  • Michelle Diaz

    Michelle Diaz

    Director of marketing and partnership engagement activities at bulb Digital Portfolios

  • Michelle Hlubinka

    Michelle Hlubinka

    Michelle Hlubinka is the Education Liaison for Maker Faire.

  • Michelle Sioson Hyman

    Michelle Sioson Hyman

    Senior Officer at Silicon Valley Community Foundation’s Center for Early Learning

  • Mikaila Waters

    Mikaila Waters

    Mikaila Waters is the design director of Gradeable, an online portfolio and standards-based grading tool.

  • Mike Baker

    Mike Baker

    Mike Baker is founder and Principal at Mosaic451, a cybersecurity service provider and consultancy with specific expertise in building, operating and defending networks.

  • Mike Buttry

    Mike Buttry

    Mike Buttry is the Vice President for Public Affairs and Communications for Capella Education Company and previously served as Chief of Staff to U.S. Senator Chuck Hagel.

  • Mike Cohen

    Mike Cohen

    Mike Cohen is the CEO and founder of Cignition.

  • Mike Goudzwaard

    Mike Goudzwaard

    Lead Instructional Designer for Digital Learning Initiatives at Dartmouth College

  • Mike Hale, PhD

    Mike Hale, PhD

    Mike has more than 25 years in the field of education, the last 12 focused on the intersection between learning and technology with VitalSource.

  • Mike Kleba

    Mike Kleba

    A speaker, author, artist, and entrepreneur, Mike Kleba has been a public high school teacher for 20 years.

  • Mike Lang

    Mike Lang

    Nevada 50 State Writer

  • Mikel Brand Oliver

    Mikel Brand Oliver

    Mikel Oliver is the managing director of The Boys Institute at Stanton Elementary School in Southeast, Washington, D.C.

  • Mike Marotta

    Mike Marotta

    Assistive technology professional

  • Mike Marriner

    Mike Marriner

    Mike Marriner is the Director and Co-founder of Roadtrip Nation

  • Mike Muir

    Mike Muir

    Mike is the Multiple Pathways Director for the Auburn School Department in Auburn, Main

  • Mike Silagadze

    Mike Silagadze

    Mike Silagadze is the CEO and co-founder of Top Hat.

  • Mike Washburn

    Mike Washburn

    Computer science instructor in Toronto

  • Mike Wolking

    Mike Wolking

    Mike Wolking is a senior strategist at Education Elements

  • Mike Zamansky

    Mike Zamansky

    Hunter College’s School of Education

  • Mimi Ito

    Mimi Ito

    Mimi Ito is a cultural anthropologist and learning scientist who directs the Connected Learning Lab at UC Irvine, and is a co-founder of Connected Camps

  • Mimi Ko Cruz

    Mimi Ko Cruz

    Communications Manager University of California Humanities Research Institute Digital Media and Learning Research Hub

  • Mira Baliga

    Mira Baliga

    Mira Baliga is a high school senior from Cupertino, California.

  • Miriam Plotinsky

    Miriam Plotinsky

    English specialist

  • Mitchel Resnick

    Mitchel Resnick

    Mitchel Resnick, LEGO Papert Professor of Learning Research and head of the Lifelong Kindergarten group at the MIT Media Lab, explores how new technologies can engage people in creative learning experiences.

  • Mitch Mosbey

    Mitch Mosbey

    Mitch is a first grade teacher in Noblesville, Indiana at Promise Road Elementary.

  • Molly B. Zielezinski

    Molly B. Zielezinski

    Molly B. Zielezinski is Founder and CEO of MBZ Labs

  • Molly Pulda

    Molly Pulda

    Asst. professor at Tulane University

  • Monica Bilak

    Monica Bilak

    ​Monica Bilak is director of Sprocket, a nonprofit makerspace in Paducah Independent Schools in Paducah, Kentucky.

  • Monica Brady-Myerov

    Monica Brady-Myerov

    Monica Brady-Myerov is CEO of Listenwise.

  • Monica Burns

    Monica Burns

    Edtech blogger and consultant

  • Mordecai I. Brownlee

    Mordecai I. Brownlee

    Mordecai I. Brownlee is the Vice President of Student Success at St. Philip's College in San Antonio, Texas.

  • Morgan Matthews

    Morgan Matthews

    Morgan Matthews is the Presidential Fellow at Dartmouth Center for the Advancement of Learning.

  • Mr. Brian Gatens

    Mr. Brian Gatens

    Brian is the Superintendent of Emerson School District in New Jersey.

  • Ms. Drasby

    Ms. Drasby

    Teaching assistant for Greenville Central School District

  • Muhammed Chaudhry

    Muhammed Chaudhry

    President and CEO for the Silicon Valley Education Foundation (SVEF)

  • My Nguyen

    My Nguyen

    Senior Manager, Communications & Engagement

  • Nafez Dakkak

    Nafez Dakkak

    Nafez is Managing Director & CEO of the London office of the Queen Rania Foundation for Education and Development

  • Nancy Anderson

    Nancy Anderson

    Nancy is Associate at Cooley

  • Nancy Carlsson-Paige

    Nancy Carlsson-Paige

    Professor Emerita at Lesley University

  • Nancy MacIntyre

    Nancy MacIntyre

    Nancy MacIntyre is the founder and CEO of Fingerprint

  • Nancy Millichap

    Nancy Millichap

    Nancy Millichap is a program officer with EDUCAUSE.

  • Naomi Hupert

    Naomi Hupert

    Co-leader of the Center for Children & Technology at the Education Development Center

  • Nasir Qadree

    Nasir Qadree

    Nasir Qadree is Associate Director of Social Investments at AT&T

  • Natalie Davis

    Natalie Davis

    Natalie Davis taught elementary school students in Richmond for 12 years before becoming an Instructional Technology Resource Teacher (ITRT).

  • Natalie Pennington

    Natalie Pennington

    New York 50 State Rep 2017

  • Natalie Van Kleef Conley

    Natalie Van Kleef Conley

    Natalie Van Kleef Conley is the Product Lead for the Google IT Support Professional Certificate, and an Industry Fellow with Northeastern University’s Center for the Future of Higher Education and Talent Strategy.

  •   Nate Green

    Nate Green

    Technology Integration & Information Specialist at Flint Hill School in Virginia

  • Nathan Martin

    Nathan Martin

    Nathan Martin is a manager for efficacy and innovation at Pearson in the Office of the Chief Education Advisor.

  • Ned Kirsch

    Ned Kirsch

    ​Ned Kirsch is the Superintendent of Schools of Franklin West Supervisory Union in Vermont.

  • Neil Heffernan

    Neil Heffernan

    Neil is a professor of computer science at Worcester Polytechnic Institute.

  • Nelson Gonzalez

    Nelson Gonzalez

    Nelson Gonzalez is the co-founder and Chief Strategy Officer of Declara.

  • Nelson Heller

    Nelson Heller

    President of The HellerResults Group, a global strategic consultancy, and founder of The Heller Reports newsletters and the EdNET Conference.

  • Nettrice Gaskins

    Nettrice Gaskins

    Dr. Gaskins is director of the STEAM Lab at Boston Arts Academy.

  • Nia Ariel Davis Sigona

    Nia Ariel Davis Sigona

    Nia Ariel Davis Signoa is Government Relations Director at Higher Learning Advocates

  • Nichole Dobo

    Nichole Dobo

    Nichole Dobo writes about blended learning for The Hechinger Report.

  • Nichole Husa

    Nichole Husa

    ​Nichole Husa is a Personalized Learning Officer for Cornerstone Charter Schools.

  • Nick DiNardo

    Nick DiNardo

    Nick DiNardo is the founder and host of the Meet Education Project, a podcast series featuring teachers, entrepreneurs, and thought leaders on the future of learning.

  • Nick Gidwani

    Nick Gidwani

    Nick Gidwani is the founder of SkilledUp, a platform to discover online courses, with over 70,000 courses from over 300 providers. He’s hard at work building the tools that will change education.

  • Nick Hutchinson

    Nick Hutchinson

    Executive Director of US2020

  • Nick Sheltrown

    Nick Sheltrown

    Dr. Nick Sheltrown is Vice President of Analytics and Accountability at National Heritage Academies.

  • Nicola Soares

    Nicola Soares

    Managing director for Kelly Services

  • Nicole Messier

    Nicole Messier

    Nicole Messier is the CEO and co-founder of blink blink, a start up designing creative circuit kits to engineer DIY, arts & fashion projects with technology.

  • Nicole Neal

    Nicole Neal

    Nicole Neal is the CEO of Noodle Markets, K-12’s first purchasing platform and national marketplace. She co-founded the company with John Katzman in 2015.

  • Nihal ElRayess

    Nihal ElRayess

    Nihal ElRayess works on Teach For America's Technology Solutions team. Her career has ranged from teaching 1st grade to product management at a TechCrunch50 Finalist startup.

  • Nikki Schafer

    Nikki Schafer

    Nikki Schafer is a technology integration specialist in Omaha, NE.

  • Nina Granberry

    Nina Granberry

    Nina Granberry, M.Ed, works at the Urban Assembly School for Math and Science for Young Women in Downtown Brooklyn where she teaches geometry and college algebra.

  • Nira Dale

    Nira Dale

    ​Nira Dale is an Apple Distinguished Educator (ADE), English teacher, and a K-12 instructional specialist.

  • Nitzan Pelman

    Nitzan Pelman

    Nitzan Pelman is co-founder of ReUp Education

  • Noah Adelstein

    Noah Adelstein

    Noah Adelstein is a student at Washington University in St. Louis.

  • Noah Sudow

    Noah Sudow

    Noah Sudow is senior vice president at Whiteboard Advisors

  • Noelene Callaghan

    Noelene Callaghan

    Noelene Callaghan is a Teacher of Technology at Rooty Hill High School in and a Councillor of The Teachers’ Guild of New South Wales, Australia.

  • Noelle Ellerson Ng

    Noelle Ellerson Ng

    Noelle Ellerson Ng is the associate executive director for policy and advocacy at The School Superintendent’s Association

  • Norian Caporale-Berkowitz

    Norian Caporale-Berkowitz

    Norian Caporale-Berkowitz is Student Experience Manager at Minerva Project

  • Norton Gusky

    Norton Gusky

    For over 20 years, Norton worked as the coordinator of educational technology for the Fox Chapel Area School District in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. He currently works as an educational technology broker.

  • NyRee Clayton-Taylor

    NyRee Clayton-Taylor

    NyRee Clayton-Taylor is a resource teacher at Phillis Wheatley Elementary School in Louisville, Ky.

  • Olena Sokolovska

    Olena Sokolovska

    Olena Sokolovska is Product Manager at PlagiarismCheck.org, a smart plagiarism detection software that is used by both teachers and students. Olena is inspired by teachers and their passion to educate, motivate and help students become our better future.

  • Omar Nasr

    Omar Nasr

    Omar Nasr is a student at MOUSE/Baccalaureate School for Global Education (BSGE). He will be a freshman at Carnegie Mellon University in the fall.

  • Ossa Fisher

    Ossa Fisher

    Ossa Fisher is Chief Marketing Officer of Istation, a comprehensive e-learning program used by more than four million students and educators around the world.

  • Owen Willis

    Owen Willis

    Owen is a former special education teacher with expertise in data analysis, business development and product management.

  • Pamela Anderson

    Pamela Anderson

    Pamela M. Anderson, PhD, is an applied developmental psychologist specializing in adolescent development and a Senior Research Associate at ETR.

  • Pamela Horne

    Pamela Horne

    Pam serves as Vice Provost for Enrollment Management at Purdue University

  • Pamela Jakwerth Drake

    Pamela Jakwerth Drake

    Pamela Jakwerth Drake, PhD, is Senior Research Scientist at ETR.

  • Pamela Telen

    Pamela Telen

    Pamela Telen is a Senior Marketing Coordinator at 3P Learning.

  • Pam Moran

    Pam Moran

    Pam Moran is superintendent of Albemarle County Public Schools in Virginia.

  • Parker Thomas

    Parker Thomas

    Parker is a consultant helping schools and businesses integrate making and design thinking

  • Pat Phillips

    Pat Phillips

    Pat Phillips is a systemic innovator at Bismarck Public Schools.

  • Patrice Bain

    Patrice Bain

    Author, veteran K-12 teacher, consultant

  • Patrice Torcivia

    Patrice Torcivia

    Patrice specializes in production and support for MOOCs and digital initiatives at Cornell University.

  •  Patrice Torcivia Prusko

    Patrice Torcivia Prusko

    Patricia Torcivia Prusko is the associate director of learning design at Harvard Graduate School of Education's Teaching and Learning Lab

  • Patricia A. Jennings

    Patricia A. Jennings

    Associate professor of education at the the University of Virginia School of Education and Human Development

  • Patricia Dallas

    Patricia Dallas

    ​Patricia Dallas is a twenty-year veteran early childhood special education teacher at the Richardson Park Elementary School, Red Clay School District in Wilmington, Delaware.

  • Patricia Wright

    Patricia Wright

    Vice President of Professional Services for Rethink

  • Patrick Atwater

    Patrick Atwater

    Patrick is currently co-founder of Stag Hunt Enterprises, a publishing startup pioneering political economy insights.

  • Patrick Gusman

    Patrick Gusman

    Patrick is the president and managing director of the Equal Footing Foundation, and managing director of Social Sector Innovations’ Startup Middle School.

  • Patrick Snedden

    Patrick Snedden

    Patrick Snedden is the Executive Chair of the Manaiakalani Education Trust

  • Paula Moran

    Paula Moran

    Paula currently works as a Sr. Instructional Designer for Chevron Federal Credit Union, developing both technical and soft skills training.

  • Paul Emerich France

    Paul Emerich France

    Paul Emerich France is a National Board Certified Educator, reading specialist, and classroom teacher in Chicago, Illinois. He is the author of “Reclaiming Personalized Learning.”

  • Paul Franz

    Paul Franz

    Paul Franz (@Paul_Franz) is the Director of Research at MBZ Labs (@MBZLabs).

  • Paul Freedman

    Paul Freedman

    Paul Freedman is founding partner and CEO of Entangled Ventures

  • Paul Kim

    Paul Kim

    Paul is currently a social studies teacher at Colorado Academy in Denver, Colorado.

  • Paul Perilla

    Paul Perilla

    A young entrepreneur with great ambition. Intern for EdSurge during the summer of 2015.

  • Paul Tough

    Paul Tough

    Paul is a contributing writer to the New York Times Magazine and author of “Helping Children Succeed: What Works and Why”

  • Paul Young

    Paul Young

    ​Paul is a recent graduate from the University of Pennsylvania where he completed a master’s degree in learning sciences and technology.

  • Peps McCrea

    Peps McCrea

    Peps is a learning designer and teacher educator at a large university in the UK. He is a co-founder at Numeracy Ready and OpenPlan.

  • Pernille Ripp

    Pernille Ripp

    Pernille Ripp is a Wisconsin teacher who has taught 4th, 5th, and 7th grade.

  • Peter Bencivenga

    Peter Bencivenga

    Peter Bencivenga is the President and Chief Operating Officer of CaseNEX and its DataCation division.

  • Peter Burrows

    Peter Burrows

    Peter Burrows is a tech reporter.

  • Peter D. Lenn, Ph.D.

    Peter D. Lenn, Ph.D.

    Peter Lenn is a former rocket scientist with degrees from M.I.T. and Northwestern. He was an early pioneer in using a flipped classroom model to dramatically improve outcomes for high school, college, and on-the-job learners.

  • Peter Gault

    Peter Gault

    Peter is Co-Founder of Quill.org.

  • Peter Glenn

    Peter Glenn

    ​Peter Glenn is CEO & Co-Founder of CrowdSchool.

  • Peter Hutton

    Peter Hutton

    Peter is Head of Beaver Country Day School

  • Peter Jaszi

    Peter Jaszi

    Professor Emeritus at American University Law School

  • Peter Kurtz

    Peter Kurtz

    Peter Kurtz is the Vice President of Marketing at Teq.

  • Peter Martini

    Peter Martini

    Peter Martini is the President of iBoss Cybersecurity.

  • Peter Poer

    Peter Poer

    Peter is the content lead for Magoosh, an online test-prep company in Berkeley, CA

  • Peter Scott

    Peter Scott

    Peter Scott is a journalist and editor who has been covering healthcare, business and lifestyle trends for more than 20 years. You can contact him at PeterEditorial@gmail.com.

  • Peter Smith

    Peter Smith

    Peter Smith is the Orkand Endowed Chair and Professor of Innovative Practices in Higher Education at University of Maryland University College (UMUC).

  • Pete Wheelan

    Pete Wheelan

    Pete Wheelan is CEO of InsideTrack

  • Phil Hill

    Phil Hill

    Phil is Co-Publisher of the e-Literate blog, Co-Producer of e-Literate TV, and Partner at MindWires Consulting. 

  • Philip Hickman

    Philip Hickman

    Dr. Philip Hickman is the superintendent for Columbus Municipal School District in Mississippi.

  • Philomena V. Mantella

    Philomena V. Mantella

    Philomena V. Mantella is president of Grand Valley State University

  • Phyllis Lockett

    Phyllis Lockett

    Phyllis Lockett is CEO of LEAP Innovations

  • Piia Martikainen

    Piia Martikainen

    Piia Martikainen teaches geography and biology at Torkinmäki School in Kokkola, Finland.

  • Pooja K. Agarwal

    Pooja K. Agarwal

    Cognitive scientist

  • Priya Mathew

    Priya Mathew

    ​Priya is VP of Product & Design at eSpark Learning.

  • Priyam Madhukar

    Priyam Madhukar

    Brennan Center for Justice

  • Quinlan O'Grady

    Quinlan O'Grady

    Third grade teacher

  • Quinn Winters

    Quinn Winters

    Quinn Winters is a former Virtual Viking hailing from Lynbrook High School and current Case Western student who is in love with edtech. Currently interning at InstaEDU.

  • Rachel Hamburg

    Rachel Hamburg

    Rachel Hamburg is a writer, researcher, and podcast producer

  • Rachel Pierson

    Rachel Pierson

    Rachel Pierson is a learner, a teacher, and a technology lover currently serving as a STEM teacher in southern Minnesota.

  • Raffaela Rein

    Raffaela Rein

    Raffaela is founder and CEO of CareerFoundry, Europe’s leading vocational edtech platform for the digital economy.

  • Rafia Alamgir

    Rafia Alamgir

    Rafia Alamgir is an incoming eleventh grade student at Baccalaureate School for Global Education (BSGE) in Queens, NY.

  • Rafranz Davis

    Rafranz Davis

    Rafranz is an instructional technology specialist at Arlington ISD in Texas.

  • Rajit Malhotra

    Rajit Malhotra

    Rajit is Research Analyst for the EdSurge Intelligence platform

  • Ralph Lucci

    Ralph Lucci

    Ralph Lucci is the cofounder and user experience director at Behavior Design. He has worked with the University of Michigan and the Cooper Union to evolve their sites.

  • Randi Bender

    Randi Bender

    Randi Bender is Chief Content Officer for Reading Plus. She’s been a member of the Vermont-based company’s editorial team since 2006.

  • Randi Weingarten

    Randi Weingarten

    Randi Weingarten is president of the American Federation of Teachers.

  • Randy Best

    Randy Best

    Chairman and CEO of Academic Partnerships

  • Randy Weiner

    Randy Weiner

    Co-founder & CEO at BrainQuake

  • Randy Wilhelm

    Randy Wilhelm

    Randy Wilhelm is CEO and founder of Knovation.

  • Ranjani Sundaresan

    Ranjani Sundaresan

    Ranjani is a junior at Seattle University

  • Rebecca A. Glazier

    Rebecca A. Glazier

    Rebecca Glazier is a political science professor in the School of Public Affairs at the University of Arkansas at Little Rock.

  • Rebecca Givens Rolland

    Rebecca Givens Rolland

    writer, educator, photographer and scientific advisor for Kiko Labs

  • Rebecca Natow

    Rebecca Natow

    Rebecca Natow is an assistant professor at Hofstra University and a senior research associate with the Community College Research Center.

  • Rebecca Recco

    Rebecca Recco

    Rebecca is an elementary art teacher in California.

  • Rebecca Sadwick Shaddix

    Rebecca Sadwick Shaddix

    Rebecca is CEO of Strategica Partners

  • Rebecca Winthrop

    Rebecca Winthrop

    Senior fellow and director of the Center for Universal Education at Brookings

  • Reeve Hamilton

    Reeve Hamilton

    Reeve covers higher education and politics, and hosts the weekly podcast for The Texas Tribune. His writing also appears in Texas Monthly and The Texas Observer. Born in Houston and raised in Mass., he has a bachelor's degree in English from Vanderbilt.

  • Renee Hill

    Renee Hill

    Renee Hill is Assistant Superintendent in Riverside Unified School District.

  • Reshma Saujani

    Reshma Saujani

    Founder and CEO of Girls Who Code

  • Rex Salisbury

    Rex Salisbury

    ​Rex is a full-stack developer and bootcamp graduate.

  • Rhian Evans Allvin

    Rhian Evans Allvin

    Rhian Evans Allvin serves as the chief executive officer of the National Association for the Education of Young Children (NAEYC)

  • Rian Ervin

    Rian Ervin

    Rian Ervin is a freelance writer specializing in the topics of technology, education, HR and talent management, and personal finance.

  • Ricardo Elizalde

    Ricardo Elizalde

    Ricardo is an English language learner teacher in the San Francisco Unified School District.

  • Ricardo López

    Ricardo López

    Superintendent, Garland ISD

  • Richard Collins

    Richard Collins

    Richard Collins is Chairman and Chief Executive Officer of Istation.

  • Richard Culatta

    Richard Culatta

    Richard Culatta is the director of the US Office of Education Technology.

  • Richard Gerver

    Richard Gerver

    Author, speaker and former school leader

  • Richard L. Gay

    Richard L. Gay

    Richard L. Gay is the purchasing manager at Baltimore County Public Schools.

  • Richard Price

    Richard Price

    Richard is a research fellow at the Clayton Christensen Institute.

  • Richard Taylor

    Richard Taylor

    Richard Taylor has worked in various marketing and communications capacities for education companies in the UK and is currently a consultant, business mentor, public speaker, and angel investor.

  • Rich Nickel

    Rich Nickel

    Rich Nickel is the President and CEO of College Success Arizona.

  • Rick Hess

    Rick Hess

    A former high school social studies teacher, Rick Hess writes about educator and teaches or has taught at the University of Virginia, the University of Pennsylvania, and more.

  • Rick Staisloff

    Rick Staisloff

    Rick Staisloff is the founder of rpk GROUP

  • Rick Stout

    Rick Stout

    Rick Stout is the superintendent of Onslow County Schools in North Carolina.

  • Ricky Doyle

    Ricky Doyle

    Ricky Doyle is Director of Practice Labs, a live-lab service that allows school IT staff to test new software and security patches prior to implementation within a safe environment, which replicates the network configurations at their school.

  • Rob Dickson

    Rob Dickson

    Rob Dickson currently directs the instructional technology program and all of the technology infrastructure work for Omaha Public Schools as the Executive Director of Information Management Systems.

  • Robert Dillon

    Robert Dillon

    Dr. Robert Dillon serves the students and community of the Affton School District as Director of Technology and Innovation.

  • Robert Huizar

    Robert Huizar

    Robert Huizar is a former Teach For America corps member and Rocketship teacher who joined Zeal as the Founding Math Coach.

  • Robert J. Harris

    Robert J. Harris

    Robert is Assistant Superintendent for Human Resources at Lexington Public Schools in Massachusetts

  • Robert Litt

    Robert Litt

    6th Grade teacher in Oakland

  • Robert McGuire

    Robert McGuire

    Robert McGuire is editor of the SkilledUp blog.

  • Roberto Gonzalez

    Roberto Gonzalez

    RI 50 State Writer

  • Robert Strazzarino

    Robert Strazzarino

    Robert is Founder and Managing Director of College Scheduler

  • Robert Talbert

    Robert Talbert

    Robert Talbert is a professor in the mathematics department at Grand Valley State University and author of the book Flipped Learning: A Guide for Higher Education Faculty.

  • Robert W. Runcie

    Robert W. Runcie

    Robert W. Runcie is Superintendent of Broward County Public Schools in Florida

  • Rob Grimshaw

    Rob Grimshaw

    Rob Grimshaw is the CEO of TES Global.

  • Robin Porter

    Robin Porter

    Robin Porter is Vice President, Digital Content at Discovery Education.

  • Rob Kadel

    Rob Kadel

    Senior Research Fellow, Strada Education Network

  • Rob Schwartz

    Rob Schwartz

    Rob Schwartz is a partner at the Silicon Schools Fund and a former teacher, principal, Chief Academic Officer and Executive Director in the education sector.

  • Rob Urstein

    Rob Urstein

    Rob Urstein is a Lecturer in Management at the Stanford Graduate School of Business (GSB), and a Senior Strategist with Entangled Solutions

  • Robyn Darling-Greenley

    Robyn Darling-Greenley

    Robyn Darling-Greenley is a Humanities Teacher at South Valley Preparatory School in Albuquerque, NM

  • Robyn Howton

    Robyn Howton

    ​Robyn Howton is a National Board Certified English Teacher at Mount Pleasant High School in Brandywine School District, Wilmington, DE.

  • Rodney Turner

    Rodney Turner

    ​Rodney is a Technology Integration Specialist in Glendale, AZ. He is a teacher and educational consultant with more than 13 years.

  • Roger Cook

    Roger Cook

    Roger Cook is the Superintendent of the Taylor County School District in Campbellsville, Kentucky.

  • Rohan Mahimker

    Rohan Mahimker

    Rohan Mahimker is the Co-CEO of ProdigyGame.com, which makes a Pokémon-style math game aligned to the CCSS curriculum.

  • Romain Bertrand

    Romain Bertrand

    Romain Bertrand is the Multi-Classroom Leader for math at Ranson IB middle school

  • Ron Drabkin

    Ron Drabkin

    Ron Drabkin is vice president of marketing, at OpenEd, an ACT Assessment Technologies company

  • Ronen Habib

    Ronen Habib

    Ronen (Roni) is a teacher at Gunn High School and an Imagine K-12 Teacher-in-Residence.

  • Ronnie Burt

    Ronnie Burt

    Ronnie leads the Edublogs and CampusPress projects.

  • Ron Spreeuwenberg

    Ron Spreeuwenberg

    Ron Spreeuwenberg is the CEO of HiMama.

  • Rony Zarom

    Rony Zarom

    Rony is founder and CEO of newrow_

  • Roshni Mirchandani

    Roshni Mirchandani

    Roshni is a math teacher and Director of Technology Integration in Providence, Rhode Island.

  • Rosilynn Yoon

    Rosilynn Yoon

    Content and social media coordinator at bulb Digital Portfolios

  • Ross Cooper

    Ross Cooper

    Ross is the Supervisor of Instructional Practice K-12 in the Salisbury Township School District (1:1 MacBook/iPad) in Allentown, Pennsylvania.

  • Ross Friebel

    Ross Friebel

    Ross is the Director of Digital Learning and Teaching Services at Onslow County Schools in North Carolina.

  • Rudy Blanco

    Rudy Blanco

    Rudy Blanco is currently the Digital Learning Coordinator at The Dreamyard Preparatory School in the Bronx, New York.

  • Rupa Chandra Gupta

    Rupa Chandra Gupta

    Rupa is co-founder and CEO of Sown to Grow

  • Rusul Alrubail

    Rusul Alrubail

    Rusul is a writer on education, teaching and learning

  • Ruthe Farmer

    Ruthe Farmer

    Ruthe Farmer is Chief Evangelist at CSforAll

  • Ryan Carson

    Ryan Carson

    Ryan Carson is CEO and Founder of Treehouse

  • Ryan Craig

    Ryan Craig

    Ryan Craig is a founding Managing Director of University Ventures

  • Ryan Fuhrman

    Ryan Fuhrman

    2017 Wyoming Teacher of the Year

  • Ryan Hagedorn

    Ryan Hagedorn

    Ryan Hagedorn is the chief operating officer at Edmentum.

  • Ryan Hunt

    Ryan Hunt

    Ryan Hunt is a Maker and educator living in London, Ontario, Canada and cofounder of the MakerBus, Canada’s first mobile Makerspace.

  • Ryan Porter

    Ryan Porter

    Ryan Porter is the founder of RaiseYourFlag.com.

  • Saad El Yamani

    Saad El Yamani

    Saad El Yamani is the CEO of ambi.school, a new learner engagement platform.

  • Sabba Quidwai

    Sabba Quidwai

    Sabba is Director of Innovative Learning at the Keck School of Medicine of the University of Southern California

  • Sabina Bharwani

    Sabina Bharwani

    Founder of Hello World

  • Sabrina Manville

    Sabrina Manville

    Director of Efficacy in the Office of the Chief Education Advisor at Pearson

  • Sage Salvo

    Sage Salvo

    Gil Perkins, doing business as Sage Salvo, is the artist, scholar, and social entrepreneur founder of Words Liive, LLC.

  • Sajan George

    Sajan George

    Sajan George is the Founder and Chief Executive Officer of Matchbook Learning.

  • Sal Khan

    Sal Khan

    Sal is Founder and CEO of Khan Academy

  • Samantha Becker

    Samantha Becker

    Founder of SAB Creative and Consulting

  • Samantha Zucker

    Samantha Zucker

    Samantha Zucker is an independent designer and strategist.

  • Sam Bocetta

    Sam Bocetta

    Former security analyst

  • Sam Chaudhary

    Sam Chaudhary

    Sam Chaudhary is the co-founder and CEO of ClassDojo

  • Sam Humrichouse

    Sam Humrichouse

    Eleventh-grade student

  • Samir Bolar

    Samir Bolar

    Samir Bolar is the co-founder and Chief Strategy Officer of Mastery Design Collaborative (MDC)

  • Sam Moser

    Sam Moser

    Academic technologist, electronic curriculum manager and Apple Distinguished Educator

  • Sam Patterson

    Sam Patterson

    Sam teaches technology for grades K-5

  • Samuel T. Moulton, PhD

    Samuel T. Moulton, PhD

    Samuel Moulton is the research director at Panorama Education.

  • Sandra Wiseman

    Sandra Wiseman

    West Virginia 50 States Rep 2017

  • Sandy Oreo

    Sandy Oreo

    Founder of Little Writer

  • Santiago Melo

    Santiago Melo

    Santiago Melo is a Senior Portfolio Associate in Acumen

  • Sara Boucher

    Sara Boucher

    ​Sara Boucher is K-5 technology teacher from Las Vegas, Nevada.

  • Sara DeWitt

    Sara DeWitt

    VP at PBS Kids Digital

  • Sarah Chung

    Sarah Chung

    Sarah is an experienced curriculum developer and creative intermedia educator with a long history of starting up art studios, hacker spaces and maker spaces. Sarah is the Head Coach for Code Next Oakland.

  • Sarah Cornelius

    Sarah Cornelius

    Sarah Cornelius is a Content Marketing Specialist at Edmentum

  • Sarah K. Lee

    Sarah K. Lee

    Sarah is a former education startup founder turned venture partner at Peak State Ventures.

  • Sarah Luchs

    Sarah Luchs

    Sarah Luchs is K-12 Program Officer at Next Generation Learning Challenges (NGLC)

  • Sarah Newcomer

    Sarah Newcomer

    Assistant professor in Literacy Education at WSU

  • Sarah O'Rourke

    Sarah O'Rourke

    design professional at Autodesk

  • Sarah Pazur

    Sarah Pazur

    Director of school leadership, CS Schools

  • Sarah Rasheed

    Sarah Rasheed

    Education lawyer

  • Sarah Silverman

    Sarah Silverman

    Sarah Silverman, Ph.D. is Managing Director of Strategy Consulting at Whiteboard Advisors

  • Sarah Vaala

    Sarah Vaala

    Sarah Vaala is a Senior Fellow at the Cooney Center

  • Sara Potler LaHayne

    Sara Potler LaHayne

    Sara is Founder & CEO of Move This World

  • Sara Shenkan-Rich

    Sara Shenkan-Rich

    Sara Shenkan-Rich is principal of Woodrow Wilson Elementary School in Daly City, CA

  • Sargy Letuchy

    Sargy Letuchy

    Sargy Letuchy is a bilingual ESL teacher at Bolingbrook High School in Bolingbrook, Illinois.

  • Satish Subramanian

    Satish Subramanian

    Satish Subramanian is the marketing manager of Dremel DigiLab for the Robert Bosch Tool Corporation.

  • Scott Freschet

    Scott Freschet

    Scott Freschet is a director at Actively Learn.

  • Scott Greenan

    Scott Greenan

    Scott Greenan is the Director of Global Content Strategy for Gutenberg Technology.

  • Scott Haselwood

    Scott Haselwood

    ​Scott is currently pursuing his PhD in Educational Technology. Previously, he taught high school math for almost 20 years, most recently stationed at Edmond Memorial High School in Edmond, Oklahoma.

  • Scott Kotarides

    Scott Kotarides

    Father, soccer coach, Tottenham Hotspur fan, instructional technologist, blogger, 21st century educator and aspiring minimalist.

  • Scott Levy

    Scott Levy

    Executive Director of the Yale Center for Emotional Intelligence

  • Scott Lomas

    Scott Lomas

    Scott Lomas is a Partner at Entangled Solutions.

  • Scott McLeod

    Scott McLeod

    Scott is the founding director of the Center for the Advanced Study of Technology Leadership in Education (CASTLE) and an associate professor at the University of Colorado Denver

  • Scott Morgan

    Scott Morgan

    Scott is the Founder & CEO of Education Pioneers

  • Scott Traylor

    Scott Traylor

    Scott Traylor is a former computer science teacher and the vice president of software at Wonder Workshop. He’s also the founder of 360KID and a consultant to many children’s interactive businesses and products.

  • Scott Welch

    Scott Welch

    Scott Welch is the co-founder and VP at Edsby. He was previously co-founder and Product Manager at FirstClass. He can be reached at scott@edsby.com

  • Sean Arnold

    Sean Arnold

    Sean Arnold is a special educator and STEM Coach in New York City’s District 75.

  • Sean Brennan

    Sean Brennan

    Sean is a senior strategist and envisioner at Continuum, a global innovation design consultancy

  • Sean Hobson

    Sean Hobson

    Sean is the Chief Design Officer at EdPlus at ASU.

  • Sean Oakes

    Sean Oakes

    Principal and creative director at SOS Brooklyn and Backpack Interactive.

  • Sean Slade

    Sean Slade

    Senior director of global outreach at ASCD

  • Sean Tupa

    Sean Tupa

    Manager of Education Programs and Research at Turnitin

  • Sean Wolohan

    Sean Wolohan

    ​Sean Wolohan is a member of the Notre Dame ACE Teaching Fellowship Program and a middle school STEM teacher at Sts. Peter and Paul Catholic School in Tulsa, Oklahoma.

  • Senegal Alfred Mabry

    Senegal Alfred Mabry

    Senegal Alfred Mabry is a senior policy analyst at the Hunt Institute, an education policy resource center. He has managed the Public Service Learning Community at Binghamton University.

  • Seth Greenberg

    Seth Greenberg

    Seth is Chief Operating Officer at EdSurge

  • Seth Puri

    Seth Puri

    Seth Puri is EVP of Global Sales & Marketing at Gutenberg Technology.

  • Shanti Elangovan

    Shanti Elangovan

    Shanti Elangovan is CEO and Founder of inquirED

  • Sharon Davison

    Sharon Davison

    VT 50 State Writer

  • Sharon Goodall

    Sharon Goodall

    Director of innovations in Learning Design & Solutions at University of Maryland University College

  • Sharon Lurye

    Sharon Lurye

    Sharon Lurye is a reporter based in New Orleans, LA.

  • Shauntel Poulson

    Shauntel Poulson

    Shauntel Poulson is a General Partner at Reach Capital.

  • Shawn Rubin

    Shawn Rubin

    Shawn Rubin is the Director of Blended Learning at the Highlander Institute in Providence, RI, and also the co-founder and CEO of Metryx.

  • Shay David

    Shay David

    Shay David is the Chief Revenue Officer and co-founder of Kaltura and a visiting Fellow at the Yale Information Society Project

  • Sheila Ohlsson Walker

    Sheila Ohlsson Walker

    Senior Scientist at Tufts University’s Institute for Applied Research in Youth Development

  • Shelby Adkisson

    Shelby Adkisson

    Shelby is a member of the nimble EdSurge Jobs + Advertising teams.

  • Shelley Henderson

    Shelley Henderson

    Shelley Henderson is the global Equity, Diversity & Inclusion Director for FIRST.

  • Shelley Songy

    Shelley Songy

    Shelley Songy teaches computer science and coaches underwater robotics

  • Shelly Blake-Plock

    Shelly Blake-Plock

    Shelly Blake-Plock is co-founder and CEO at An Estuary. He is a former teacher and trainer.

  • Shelly Terrell

    Shelly Terrell

    Shelly is the co-founder of #edchat and #ELTChat, a teacher trainer, and an author.

  • Shereef Bishay

    Shereef Bishay

    Shereef is the founder of Dev Boocamp

  • Sheri Handel

    Sheri Handel

    Sheri Handel is a learning design consultant who writes regularly on educational issues

  • Sheri Rodman

    Sheri Rodman

    Sheri Rodman is the director of data and operations at America Achieves.

  • Sherri Bealkowski

    Sherri Bealkowski

    ​Sherri Bealkowski is an education technology professional and the author of Coffee Shop Mentor: Winning in K‑12

  • Shiva Kintali

    Shiva Kintali

    Dr. Shiva Kintali is the founder and CEO of TrueShelf, an AI powered adaptive learning platform.

  • Sho Ota

    Sho Ota

    Sho Ota is a 9th grader at Lynbrook High School in San Jose, CA.

  • Shreyans Bhansali

    Shreyans Bhansali

    Shreyans Bhansali is the co-founder and CTO of Socratic, and was previously the 1st employee at Venmo.

  • Shuchi Grover

    Shuchi Grover

    Shuchi Grover, Ph.D., is a former senior research scientist at SRI International’s Center for Technology in Learning.

  • Sidharth Kakkar

    Sidharth Kakkar

    Sidharth Kakkar is a co-founder and CEO of Front Row Education, which makes adaptive math learning iPad software for K-5 students.

  • Simon Rodberg

    Simon Rodberg

    Consultant and writer on public education

  • Siyi Zhang

    Siyi Zhang

    Siyi is the English reporter and editor at JMDedu.

  • Soulaymane Kachani and Sandesh Tuladhar

    Soulaymane Kachani and Sandesh Tuladhar

    Soulaymane Kachani is vice provost for teaching, learning, and innovation at Columbia University. Sandesh Tuladhar is assistant provost for online education.

  • SoulPancake


    Chew on life's big questions. Make stuff that matters.

  • Spike Cook

    Spike Cook

    Dr. Spike C. Cook is Principal of RM Bacon Elementary for the Millville Public School District in New Jersey.

  • Stacey Childress

    Stacey Childress

    Stacey M. Childress is chief executive officer of NewSchools Venture Fund. She was previously Deputy Director of Education at the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation.

  • Stacey Closser

    Stacey Closser

    Stacey is a professional writer and editor with fifteen years experience covering business, consumer and health topics.

  • Stacey Humienny

    Stacey Humienny

    Stacey is a Special Education teacher in South Carolina.

  • Stacey Roshan

    Stacey Roshan

    ​Stacey Roshan is a math teacher and director of innovation and educational technology at Bullis School in Potomac, Md.

  • Stacey Wang

    Stacey Wang

    Stacey Wang is the Advisor to the Superintendent at the Oakland Unified School District.

  • Stan Freeda

    Stan Freeda

    ​Stan is the State Educational Technology Director and online learning specialist at the New Hampshire Department of Education.

  • Stefan Amrine

    Stefan Amrine

    Stefan Amrine is a Bay Area writer, editor and educator.

  • Stefanina Baker

    Stefanina Baker

    Stefanina Baker teaches 11th and 12th grade English Language Arts inclusion classes at William Penn High School in the Colonial School district located in New Castle, Delaware.

  • Stefany Bolaños

    Stefany Bolaños

    Stefany teaches at Universidad Francisco Marroquín in Guatemala and is executive sales director at Learnhub

  • Stepan Mekhitarian

    Stepan Mekhitarian

    Stepan Mekhitarian is a Blended Learning and Data Coordinator for the Los Angeles Unified School District.

  • Stephanie Chen

    Stephanie Chen

    Stephanie Chen is a marketing assistant at BoniO, Inc, and a recent graduate from the University of California, Berkeley.

  • Stephanie Hirsh

    Stephanie Hirsh

    Stephanie Hirsh is executive director of Learning Forward, a non profit dedicated to increasing student achievement and educator effectiveness through standards-based professional learning.

  • Stephen Laster

    Stephen Laster

    Stephen Laster is the Chief Digital Officer of McGraw-Hill Education.

  • Stephen M. Kosslyn

    Stephen M. Kosslyn

    Stephen Kosslyn is Founding Dean of the Minerva Schools at KGI

  • Stephen M. Smith

    Stephen M. Smith

    Stephen M. Smith is President of Advising and Admissions Solutions at Hobsons

  • Stephen Newton

    Stephen Newton

    Stephen is Research Director of LearnLaunch Institute

  • Stephen Pham

    Stephen Pham

    Stephen is Associate Partner at The Learning Accelerator.

  • Stephen Solomon

    Stephen Solomon

    Stephen Solomon is Sr. Editor for Education at FEN Learning.

  • Stephen Wolfram

    Stephen Wolfram

    Stephen Wolfram is the creator of Mathematica, Wolfram Alpha and the Wolfram Language, and the author of “A New Kind of Science”

  • Steve Blank

    Steve Blank

    Serial entrepreneur-turned-educator and author, Steve Blank has changed how startups are built and how entrepreneurship is taught around the globe.

  • Steve Isaacs

    Steve Isaacs

    Teacher and game-based learning advocate

  • Steven Bell

    Steven Bell

    Steven Bell is the Associate University Librarian for Research and Instructional Services at Temple University and is a co-founder of the Blended Librarian’s Online Learning Community on the Learning Times Network.

  • Steven Fink

    Steven Fink

    Steven Fink is founder of SummerTech, a coding camp for kids.

  • Steven Guttentag

    Steven Guttentag

    Steven Guttentag is co-founder and president of Connections Education

  • Steven Morgan

    Steven Morgan

    New Mexico 50 State Rep 2017

  • Steven Rasmussen

    Steven Rasmussen

    Steven Rasmussen is an educational consultant at SR Education Associates

  • Steve Palley

    Steve Palley

    Steve is the co-founder of ApplyMap and a Ph.D. candidate in Political Science at UCLA

  • Steve Rappaport

    Steve Rappaport

    Dr. Steve Rappaport has 25 years of experience in education and the education industry. He has held executive positions in for-profit companies and non-profit organizations.

  • Steve Silvius

    Steve Silvius

    Steve is co-founder of Three Ring

  • Steve Spangler

    Steve Spangler

    Steve Spangler is an American television personality, author and science teacher.

  • Stewart McDonald

    Stewart McDonald

    Alaska Superintendent and EdSurge 50 State Writer

  • Stuart Udell

    Stuart Udell

    Stuart Udell joined Achieve3000 as CEO in April, 2018. Stuart came to Achieve3000 with extensive leadership experience in the education industry amassed over a 25-year career.

  • Sunanda Vaidheesh

    Sunanda Vaidheesh

    Sunanda currently works in Pearson Education’s higher education division as a Technical Product Manager.

  • Sundar Chari

    Sundar Chari

    Director of Innovation & Technology for Education for Change

  • Susan Bearden

    Susan Bearden

    Susan M. Bearden is the Director of Information Technology at Holy Trinity Episcopal Academy in Melbourne, FL.

  • Susan Colangelo

    Susan Colangelo

    Susan Colangelo is the founding president of the Saint Louis Story Stitchers Stitchers Artists Collective.

  • Susan Hennessey

    Susan Hennessey

    Susan Hennessey is the professional development coordinator for the Tarrant Institute for Innovative Education at the University of Vermont.

  • Susannah Johnson

    Susannah Johnson

    Humanities teacher at Assets High School

  • Susan Nall Bales

    Susan Nall Bales

    Susan is founder of and senior advisor to the FrameWorks Institute

  • Susan Wells

    Susan Wells

    Susan Wells is the founder of TechTerra Training, the TechTerra curriculum, and Camp TechTerra, a STEM-based program inspired and informed by Maker Education and Project Based Learning. She has worked as a consultant for Bloxels.

  • Suzanne Banas

    Suzanne Banas

    Suzanne is a ​STEM Science Leader at South Miami Middle Community School.

  • Suzanne Clinton

    Suzanne Clinton

    S​uzanne Clinton is a writer who works with schools and organizations on economic development projects in Kentucky.

  • Suzanne Donovan

    Suzanne Donovan

    Executive Director of the Strategic Education Research Partnership (SERP)

  • Suzanne Fergus

    Suzanne Fergus

    I am a Principal Lecturer in Pharmaceutical Chemistry at the University of Hertfordshire.

  • Suzanne R. Alka

    Suzanne R. Alka

    Suzanne R. Alka, Ed.D., is assistant superintendent of Yuma Elementary School District One in Yuma, AZ.

  • Suzie Boss

    Suzie Boss

    Suzie Boss is a writer and educational consultant from Portland, Oregon.

  • Suzi Wilczynski

    Suzi Wilczynski

    Suzi Wilczynski, a former archaeologist and middle school teacher, is the founder and president of Dig-It! Games

  • Sylvia Martinez

    Sylvia Martinez

    co-author of Invent To Learn: Making, Tinkering, and Engineering in the Classroom

  • Taiwo Demola

    Taiwo Demola

    ​Taiwo Demola is an alumnus of Sophia Academy's class of 2014

  • Talene Boodaghians

    Talene Boodaghians

    Teacher, applied linguist and curriculum writer

  • Taliq Tillman

    Taliq Tillman

    Taliq Tillman is a junior at the Met High School in Providence

  • Tammy Wincup

    Tammy Wincup

    Tammy Wincup is COO of EverFi.

  • Tanesha Dixon

    Tanesha Dixon

    ​Tanesha is a middle school social studies teacher and Technology Integration Coach at Wheatley Education Campus in Northeast Washington, D.C.

  • Tanner Higgin

    Tanner Higgin

    Director of education editorial strategy, Common Sense Media

  • Tara Chklovski

    Tara Chklovski

    CEO of Iridescent

  • Tara Lifland

    Tara Lifland

    Tara Lifland is an Instructional Designer for the George Washington University’s eDesign Shop.

  • Tara Subramaniam

    Tara Subramaniam

    high school senior and co-founder of Student Voice

  • Tarika Barrett

    Tarika Barrett

    Dr. Tarika Barrett is the chief operating officer at Girls Who Code, an international nonprofit working to close the gender gap in tech.

  • Taryn Handlon

    Taryn Handlon

    Taryn Handlon is a library information specialist in Park Ridge, Illinois.

  • Taskeen Adam

    Taskeen Adam

    Taskeen Adam is a Cambridge-Africa scholar pursuing doctoral research at the University of Cambridge.

  • Tatum Moser

    Tatum Moser

    Tatum Moser is Director of Curriculum at Education.com and a former kindergarten teacher.

  • Taylor Bennett

    Taylor Bennett

    freelance writer

  • Taylor Haun

    Taylor Haun

    Taylor Haun is a music instructor at Lake Travis STEM Academy in Austin, Texas

  • Teagan Carlson

    Teagan Carlson

    Freelance writer

  • Ted Ladd

    Ted Ladd

    Professor of entrepreneurship at Hult International Business School.

  • Terah Crews

    Terah Crews

    Terah Crews is a Partner Entangled Solutions.

  • Teresa Ozoa

    Teresa Ozoa

    Teresa Ozoa is an English teacher at University High School in Irvine, CA.

  • Teri Bauerly

    Teri Bauerly

    South Dakota 50 State Writer 2016-2017

  • Teri Preisler

    Teri Preisler

    Teri Preisler is the Superintendent of Tri-City United School District ISD 2905 in Minnesota.

  • Terry Grier

    Terry Grier

    Terry is the superintendent of the Houston Independent School District.

  • Tess Pajaron

    Tess Pajaron

    Tess Pajaron is a Community Manager at Open Colleges

  • Tess Ross-Callahan

    Tess Ross-Callahan

    ​Tess Ross-Callahan is a first-year student at Tufts University and a recent graduate of Arlington High School.

  • Theo Pierce

    Theo Pierce

    Theo is the project manager at Chinese ESL company DaDa. He has spent the last two years working with Chinese EdTech startups focused on connecting talented language educators with Chinese students working to improve their English skills.

  • Thomas Arnett

    Thomas Arnett

    Thomas Arnett is an Education Research Fellow at theClayton Christensen Institute and author of “Connecting Ed & Tech: A Case Study on Partnership and Collaboration.”

  • Thomas Arnett

    Thomas Arnett

    Thomas Arnett is an Education Research Fellow at theClayton Christensen Institute and author of “Connecting Ed & Tech: A Case Study on Partnership and Collaboration.”

  • Thomas C. Murray

    Thomas C. Murray

    Tom Murray serves as the State and District Digital Learning Director for the Alliance for Excellent Education

  • Thomas Ketchell

    Thomas Ketchell

    Thomas is co-founder and CEO of Hstry

  • Thomas Rooney

    Thomas Rooney

    Thomas Rooney is the Superintendent of Lindsay Unified School District.

  • Thomas Sheppard

    Thomas Sheppard

    Education advocate and community organizer

  • Tiffanie Harrison

    Tiffanie Harrison

    High school marketing teacher

  • Tiffany Costa

    Tiffany Costa

    Tiffany Costa is an instructional technology coach in Park Ridge, Illinois.

  • Tiffany Wycoff

    Tiffany Wycoff

    Innovative school leader & blended learning trailblazer, LINC

  • Timeri Tolnay

    Timeri Tolnay

    Founder & Chief Em Cee, EdCuration

  • Tim Holt

    Tim Holt

    Tim is the Director of Instructional Technology for El Paso ISD in El Paso, Texas.

  • Tim Hudson

    Tim Hudson

    Dr. Tim Hudson is Vice President of Learning for DreamBox Learning, Inc.

  • Tim Jones

    Tim Jones

    Tim is an elementary teacher at Brentwood Academy in East Palo Alto, California.

  • Tim Klein

    Tim Klein

    Director of strategic partnerships at Project Wayfinder

  • Timothy D. Harfield

    Timothy D. Harfield

    Timothy D. Harfield is Senior Product Marketing Manager for Analytics at Blackboard Inc.

  • Tim Schwartz

    Tim Schwartz

    Tim Schwartz is the director of innovation at Whitby School in Greenwich, CT.

  • Tina Lee

    Tina Lee

    Tina Lee is a mom and Founder/CEO of MotherCoders, a non-profit that helps moms on-ramp to careers in technology.

  • TJ D'Agostino

    TJ D'Agostino

    TJ D’Agostino is the Associate Director at Alliance for Catholic Education (ACE).

  • Todd Flory

    Todd Flory

    ​Todd Flory is a 4th grade teacher at Wheatland Elementary School in Andover, Kansas.

  • Todd Maurer

    Todd Maurer

    Todd Maurer is a Partner at Educated Ventures and Founder of 3/1 Global Research

  • Tomoe Hashimoto

    Tomoe Hashimoto

    Sony Global Education

  • Tom Ogletree

    Tom Ogletree

    Tom Olgetree is director of social impact at General Assembly.

  • Tom Segal

    Tom Segal

    Tom Segal is an Analyst for Rethink Education, coauthor of the Education Week blog “Reimagining K-12,” and is writing a series for the Huffington Post, “Rethinking the Learning Experience.”

  • Tom Vander Ark

    Tom Vander Ark

    Tom Vander Ark is author of Smart Cities that Work for Everyone, and CEO of Getting Smart, a learning advocacy firm.

  • Tom Wheeler

    Tom Wheeler

    Tom Wheeler is Chairman of the Federal Communications Commission

  • Tom Whisinnand

    Tom Whisinnand

    Tom Whisinnand is a fourth grade teacher at Reagan Elementary in Millard Public Schools.

  • Tom Whitby

    Tom Whitby

    As a founder of #Edchat, Tom has been a major player in the Connected Educator movement. He is has over 40 years experience in K12 classrooms and Higher Education.

  • Tonika Cheek Clayton

    Tonika Cheek Clayton

    Tonika Cheek Clayton is the Managing Partner of the Tools & Services team at NewSchools.

  • Toni Maraviglia

    Toni Maraviglia

    Toni is the co-founder and CEO of MPrep, a company that makes educational resources accessible to the most remote areas of Kenya using simple, widely-used technology.

  • Tonio DeSorrento

    Tonio DeSorrento

    Tonio is CEO of Vemo Education

  • Toni West

    Toni West

    Toni West is Associate Dean of Students at Moreau Catholic High School in Hayward, California.

  • Tony Ngo

    Tony Ngo

    Tony is an education entrepreneur and investor in Los Angeles, CA and Vietnam

  • Tony Porterfield

    Tony Porterfield

    software engineer and advocate for improving the security of online applications used by children and students

  • Tony Sinanis

    Tony Sinanis

    Dr. Tony Sinanis is currently a Lead Learner at Cantiague Elementary School in Jericho, New York.

  • Tony Skauge

    Tony Skauge

    Tony is the Services Program Manager at Edmentum.

  • Tony Weaver, Jr.

    Tony Weaver, Jr.

    Tony is an award-winning writer, educator and CEO of Weird Enough Productions.

  • Tony Zanders

    Tony Zanders

    Tony is Head of Communications and Outreach at 4.0 Schools and Founder of Applyful.com

  • Toria Williams

    Toria Williams

    ​Toria Williams is the Director of Innovation and Technology for Alliance College Ready Public Schools in Southern California.

  • Torre' Mills

    Torre' Mills

    High school math teacher

  • Torrey Trust

    Torrey Trust

    Associate professor of learning technology at the University of Massachusetts Amherst

  • Trace Urdan

    Trace Urdan

    Trace is a Managing Director at Tyton Partners.

  • Tracey Dunn

    Tracey Dunn

    ​Tracey Dunn is a Kindergarten teacher at Hopkins Elementary School in Mentor, Ohio.

  • Tracey Winey

    Tracey Winey

    Tracey Winey is a media and STEM specialist in the Poudre School District.

  • Travis Lape

    Travis Lape

    Travis is a Technology Integrationist at Harrisburg South Middle School in South Dakota.

  • Trenton Goble

    Trenton Goble

    Trenton Goble is CLO and co-founder of MasteryConnect.

  • Tressie McMillan Cottom

    Tressie McMillan Cottom

    Tressie McMillan Cottom is an assistant professor of sociology at Virginia Commonwealth University.

  • Troy Hicks

    Troy Hicks

    ​Troy Hicks is a professor of English and Education at Central Michigan University, an author of several writing books, and a presenter/contributor to organizations such as NCTE and the National Writing Project.

  • Troy Markowitz

    Troy Markowitz

    Troy Markowitz is VP Partnerships at Portfolium.

  • Troy Strand

    Troy Strand

    Troy Strand is a digital learning specialist with White Bear Lake Area Schools in White Bear Lake, Minnesota.

  • Troy Wheeler

    Troy Wheeler

    Troy Wheeler is President of the Ed-Fi Alliance

  • Tyler Gaspich

    Tyler Gaspich

    Director of Academic Technologies at the Academy of Notre Dame de Namur

  • Ulcca Joshi Hansen

    Ulcca Joshi Hansen

    Vice president at Education Reimagined

  • Umang Gupta

    Umang Gupta

    Umang Gupta is a Silicon Valley entrepreneur, founder and public company CEO. He wrote the first business plan for Oracle and spent 35 years helping build the enterprise software industry. He is now an edtech industry investor, board member and advisor.

  • Vadim Polikov

    Vadim Polikov

    Dr. Vadimi Polikov is the founder and CEO of Legends of Learning, a game-based learning company.

  • Vaibhav Vashisht

    Vaibhav Vashisht

    ​Vaibhav Vashisht is a co-founder of Acadly,

  • Valentina Helo-Villegas

    Valentina Helo-Villegas

    Director of Parent Program, The Primary School

  • Valerie Chernek

    Valerie Chernek

    Valeria writes about educational best practices through the use of technology.

  • Valerie Lewis

    Valerie Lewis

    Valerie teaches High School Language Arts in Georgia.

  • Vanessa Monterosa

    Vanessa Monterosa

    Program & policy development specialist

  • Vanessa Peters

    Vanessa Peters

    Education Researcher at SRI International’s Center for Technology in Learning

  • Vasyl Taras

    Vasyl Taras

    Dr. Vasyl Taras is an Associate Professor at Bryan School of Business and Economics, University of North Carolina at Greensboro and Fellow of the Academy of International Business, Southeast USA.

  • Velislava Hillman

    Velislava Hillman

    Velislava Hillman is a fellow at the Berkman Klein Center for Internet & Society at Harvard University

  • Venkat Ratnam

    Venkat Ratnam

    Venkat Ratnam is the founder of WhizRead. Email: venkat@vizread.com

  • Veronica Burnett

    Veronica Burnett

    Science coach at Park Elementary, El Paso Independent School District

  •  Vibin Kundukulam

    Vibin Kundukulam

    Product manager at Amazon Education

  • Vicki Davis

    Vicki Davis

    Vicki is a full time teacher and IT Administrator. She authors the award winning blog Cool Cat Teacher and several books on the topic of connected classroom. Most know her as @coolcatteacher.

  • Vicki Windman

    Vicki Windman

    Vicki Windman is the apps and curriculum program coordinator for BridgingApps.org and a Special Education Teacher at Clarkstown Central School District in West Nyack, NY.

  • Victor Hu

    Victor Hu

    Victor Hu is the Global Head of Education Technology & Services investment banking at Goldman Sachs.

  • Victoria Flint

    Victoria Flint

    ​Victoria Flint is an educational technology coordinator at Matanuska-Susitna Borough School District in Alaska.

  • Victoria Loeb

    Victoria Loeb

    Victoria is a Sales & Marketing Associate at EdSurge, where she works to grow the EdSurge jobs board.

  • Vic Vuchic

    Vic Vuchic

    Vic Vuchic, chief innovation officer, Digital Promise Global, is a seasoned thought leader in education technology and philanthropy.

  • Viji Sathy

    Viji Sathy

    Viji Sathy, PhD, is a Teaching Associate Professor in the Department of Psychology and Neuroscience, Special Projects Assistant to the Senior Associate Dean of Undergraduate Education and Program Evaluator of the Chancellor’s Science Scholars.

  • Vikas Gupta

    Vikas Gupta

    Vikas Gupta is co-founder and CEO of Wonder Workshop

  • Vikash Reddy

    Vikash Reddy

    ​Vikash Reddy is a policy analyst at the California Policy Lab at UC Berkeley and a research affiliate at the Community College Research Center.

  • Vikas Pota

    Vikas Pota

    Vikas is Group Chief Executive of Tmrw Digital

  • Vincent Scheivert

    Vincent Scheivert

    Vincent Scheivert is the Chief Information Officer for Albemarle County Public Schools in Charlottesville, VA. In 2015, he was named CoSN's CTO of the Year.

  • Vinicius de Oliveira

    Vinicius de Oliveira

    Vinícius is Deputy Editor at Porvir

  • Virginia Snodgrass Rangel

    Virginia Snodgrass Rangel

    independent researcher

  • Vivek Murali

    Vivek Murali

    Vivek Murali is an Associate at NewSchools Venture Fund

  • Warren Hawkins

    Warren Hawkins

    ​Warren Hawkins is a former educator of three years, having served as a founding teacher at KIPP Nashville College Prep. He is currently pursuing a M.Ed from the Harvard Graduate School of Education with a concentration on technology and innovation.

  • Wayne Poncia

    Wayne Poncia

    Wayne Poncia, a former teacher and school administrator, is Chief Product Officer of international edtech company Hapara.

  • Wendy Kopp

    Wendy Kopp

    Wendy Kopp is CEO and co-founder of Teach For All, and founder and chair of Teach for America.

  • Wendy McMahon

    Wendy McMahon

    Wendy McMahon is a journalist who has been working and writing in the edtech field for more than 16 years.

  • Wendy Oliver

    Wendy Oliver

    Vice President of Learning, Research and Assessment for RANDA Solutions

  • Whitney Kilgore

    Whitney Kilgore

    Chief Academic Officer at iDesign

  • Will Deyamport

    Will Deyamport

    ​Dr. Will Deyamport, III is a District Instructional Technologist for Hattiesburg Public School District (Mississippi) and a consultant.

  • Will Eden

    Will Eden

    Will is an Entrepreneur in Residence with Alpha Public Schools, and Founding Principal at Alpha Collegiate in the Bay Area.

  • Will Geiger

    Will Geiger

    Will Geiger is the Director of Education Strategy and Partnerships at Knack.

  • Winnie O'Leary

    Winnie O'Leary

    Winnie O’Leary has spent over 25 years in education as a classroom teacher, school board member, a family advocate, special education teacher, curriculum writer and currently a National Intervention Specialist for Edmentum.

  • Xiaofei Zhang

    Xiaofei Zhang

    Xiaofei is a graduate of the Harvard Graduate School of Education and former course developer at HarvardX.

  • Yadira Hadlett

    Yadira Hadlett

    Yadira Hadlett is co-founder of Sunset Spark, where she teaches kids and trains parents in robotics and toy making

  • Zach Demby

    Zach Demby

    Zach Demby is the Digital Publishing Coordinator at EdSurge

  • Zach Klein

    Zach Klein

    CEO of DIY.org

  • Zach Seagle

    Zach Seagle

    History instructional coach at KIPP San Francisco College Prep

  • Zach Weiner

    Zach Weiner

    Pianist, Entrepreneur, Student, http://Res.onance.com , http://Picturesquebooks.com , Storytree.me

  • Zoe Balaconis

    Zoe Balaconis

    Zoë Balaconis is a writer, editor, and co-founder of the outdoors and adventure magazine for women, Misadventures.

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