Dr. Angel Cintron Opio

Dr. Angel Cintron Opio

​Dr. Ángel Cintrón Opio, PhD is the Director of Academia del Perpetuo Socorro in San Juan, Puerto Rico.
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Brief Biography

Dr. Ángel Cintrón Opio, PhD is the Director of Academia del Perpetuo Socorro in San Juan, Puerto Rico. He has worked as a science teacher, dean of academic affairs and principal of the intermediate and high school for the past 40 years. Dr. Cintrón has been an active member of Project Zero: L@atitude, an educational research project at Harvard University for many years. He took part in the Johns Hopkins: Intercultural Research Project sponsored by the department of Romance languages. 

Throughout his career Dr. Cintrón has worked with adolescents and young children in the field of cognition, highly fascinated with how children develop thought and the role of neuropeptides and other neurotransmitters in the thinking process.

He is an enthusiast of developing the emotional aspect of a child’s persona. He believes that a happy child is able to learn more successfully. His mission as an educator is to form students with a profound and analytical thinking process so that he/she may contribute positively to society. Dr. Cintrón strongly believes that education and technology are the perfect match for a holistic education indispensable to develop the student of the 21st century.

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