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Jobs Board Packages

Our average jobs board post receives around 20 “Apply Now” clicks and around 200 page views. Job board posts expire after 90 days unless refreshed. There is currently no cost for refreshing posts. Posts can be refreshed between the 80 and 90 day mark.

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  • 5 Jobs Board Posts
  • Unlimited Posts

*All packages are good for one year

Newsletter Packages

You can also post in one of our three weekly newsletters with a combined reach of over 100K subscribers!

Newsletter posts receive 2-3x the number of “apply nows” and “page views”, depending on how long it was featured in the newsletter.

Jobs Board & Newsletters

INSTRUCT is our educator-focused newsletter that currently goes out to over 40,000 subscribers. 19% open and 10% click rates.

INNOVATE is our general edtech-focused newsletter that currently goes out to over 50,000 subscribers. 26% open and 10% click rates.

NEXT is our Higher Ed Newsletter which launched in March of 2016. The audience is higher ed administrators, instructional designers, faculty and entrepreneurs working at the intersection of technology and education. Open and click rates of 44% and 20%.

Newsletter Single Job Post Packages

10% discount for new posters


Instruct or Next


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Newsletter posts are also featured on the jobs board. 1 For homepage ad selection please contact us.

What Companies Are Saying
Quote icon We recently posted a VP Business Development position to the EdSurge jobs board and received a ton of quality responses to our job posting. We filled the position in less than a month after posting to the job board. Posting with EdSurge on the newsletter and the jobs board was a great decision!

Courtney Williams, Co-Founder & CEO, Torsh

Quote icon We're finding people who are really passionate about education, and in our business that's one of the keys to success.

Gunnar Counselman, Founder & CEO, Fidelis

Newsletter Unlimited

Weekly Newsletter Post plus Unlimited Jobs Board Postings


Instruct or Next


Instruct + Innovate

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EdSurge Connect Beta

Discover Your Dream Candidate

With EdSurge Connect, we provide you with edtech talent for the specific roles you are looking to fill. Using the EdSurge network and institutional knowledge, our team will source candidates that fit your unique needs.

Discovery Call

Discovery Call

First, we set up a short discovery call with you to hear more about the role you are looking to fill.

Make Connections

Make Connections

Next, we provide you with a list of 3-7 qualified candidates each week that you can reach out to directly

Hire the Best

Hire the Best

We charge $500 per role for 4 weeks of candidate packages and one post to the EdSurge Jobs Board

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