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Glenda I. Lozada Negrón

Glenda I. Lozada Negrón

Glenda I. Lozada Negrón is a first grade teacher ​at Josefina Marrero Febus Elementary School in Puerto Rico.
Brief Biography

Glenda is a first grade teacher at Josefina Marrero Febus Elementary School, and has been for 17 years. Glenda loves to teach, help and serve. She is continually involved in all activities of her school community. She loves to learn and attend professional development workshops.

Glenda promotes inclusion, respects individual differences and performs dynamic classes. She employs gamification as a way to learn, and also uses technological resources.

Glenda earned her Bachelor's Degree in Education Arts of Elementary School and Early Childhood Learning at the University of Puerto Rico and began to work as a teacher in 1999. In 2001, she continued her Post Graduate studies in Early Childhood Education and in 2004 she obtained her Master's Degree.

She was recently named a 2016 Lead PBS Digital Innovation for Puerto Rico.

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