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Liz Arney

Liz Arney

Liz Arney is a partner with the NewSchools Venture Fund and author of Go Blended!
Brief Biography

Liz Arney is the author of Go Blended!: A Handbook for Blending Technology in Schools. She is also a Partner with the NewSchools Venture Fund on the Innovative Schools team, which invests in, provides support to and makes connections among innovative public schools that emphasize personalized learning and student agency within their instructional program. Prior to joining NewSchools, Liz was the Director of Innovative Learning at Aspire Public Schools, where she created Aspire’s blended learning model and led the transformation of 12 Aspire schools to the model. Her work draws from these experiences, and from the experiences of district and charter blended learning leaders across the U.S. Visit Liz Arney at www.goblended.com.

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