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Sheena Vaidyanathan

Sheena Vaidyanathan

Sheena Vaidyanathan teaches Computer Science as part of a weekly program to approximately 500 sixth graders in the Los Altos School District in California.
Brief Biography

Sheena Vaidyanathan has developed a district wide computer science program for Los Altos School District, which included teaching it to approximately 540 students across seven schools for the past 5 years. Currently, in her role as the computer science integration specialist for the district , she supports the district computer science programs and also teaches a Jr High computer science elective and some 6th grade computer science classes. Prior to her teaching career, she has worked in Silicon Valley as a computer scientist and technology entrepreneur. More on Sheena’s computer science programs is at www.computersforcreativity.com. She can be reached at sheena@computersforcreativity.com.

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