Ilana Nankin, Ph.D.

Ilana Nankin, Ph.D.

Dr. Ilana Nankin is Founder & CEO of Breathe For Change, a movement to transform education through enhancing individual and collective well-being.

Brief Biography

Dr. Ilana Nankin is an award-winning entrepreneur, teacher educator and passionate former Pre-K teacher committed to using wellness as a vehicle for healing and learning. Ilana received her Ph.D. in Curriculum and Instruction from University of Wisconsin−Madison. Her groundbreaking dissertation revealed the critical connection between teacher well-being and student learning. Specifically, her research highlighted the negative impact of educator stress on teaching and learning — and the positive impact that enhancing teacher well-being can have on student social-emotional and academic outcomes.

Inspired by her research, in January 2015, Ilana founded Breathe For Change, a movement on a mission to enhance the health and well-being of educators, students and entire communities. Breathe For Change launched the world’s only 200-hour Wellness, SEL and Yoga teacher training specifically for educators. Since 2015, they have certified over 4,000 educators as yoga teachers and wellness champions, who are positively impacting the well-being and learning of ~500,000 students.

To address our changing world, Dr. Ilana Nankin and the Breathe For Change team are now offering digital trainings to help strengthen and care for the whole educator. The Breathe For Change Mind-Body Wellness and Social-Emotional Learning Training inspires and prepares educators and parents to sustain a personal well-being practice, and integrate social-emotional learning, mindfulness, and mindful movement into their lives and teaching. Their Yoga Teacher Training and Social-Emotional Learning Facilitator Certification Program equips educators and community leaders to teach yoga and meditation classes to adults and young people, and to lead wellness and social-emotional learning initiatives, workshops, and programs for their entire community.

In addition, Breathe For Change provides professional development that enhances staff capacity, builds community, and addresses the social, emotional, physical, and mental challenges educators face.

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