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The EdSurge Podcast

A weekly podcast about the future of education, featuring insightful conversations with educators, tech innovators and scholars, hosted by EdSurge's Jeff Young and other EdSurge reporters.

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Should College Become Part of High School (Doubting College, Ep. 5)

As more students question the value of college, more high schools are bringing college options into their walls. In the latest installment of our Doubting College series, we visit a high school where students can earn a two-year degree without leaving the building, and where students can also get a jump on other career options that don’t require higher education.

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'Attention Please' Series

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Keeping the attention of students during lectures has always been hard. And after COVID-19 disruptions that meant years of Zoom teaching, many professors say things are harder now.We’ve been exploring this rise in student disengagement — and what creative professors are doing to counteract it — in a three-part podcast series.

Bootstraps: Merit, Myths and Education

There’s a longstanding tradition of prizing “merit” in deciding which students get access to the best educational opportunities in America. The narrative goes that a merit-based system allows anyone “to pull themselves up by their bootstraps” to land a slot in a selective public magnet school or an elite college. But does the current system achieve equality? Are there potentially better—or at least fairer—ways to allocate educational opportunity? This 6-episode podcast series explores those questions through in-depth reporting and compelling audio storytelling. See full details here, and look for new installments of this occasional series on the EdSurge Podcast feed.

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