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Mark Sorensen

Mark Sorensen

​Mark W. Sorensen has been a Principal, Superintendent, Advisor and Mentor of indigenous schools. He was the 2017 Arizona 50 States rep.
Brief Biography

Mark W. Sorensen has been an educational leader of schools serving Navajo students for forty years. His work as Principal, Superintendent, Advisor and Mentor of indigenous schools has focused on improving the quality of Native American education by developing place-based, healthy, culturally relevant and ecologically sensitive schools. He has a doctorate in Educational Leadership from Northern Arizona University, and is currently the co-founder, Governing Board President, and CVA (Community Vision Activator) of The STAR (Service To All Relations) School, the first off-grid solar and wind powered public elementary school in the U.S. Mark lives within walking distance of the STAR School in a house that is also off-grid and solar powered.

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