Where Does Education Fit in an Emerging Metaverse?

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Where Does Education Fit in an Emerging Metaverse?

By Jeffrey R. Young     Jun 28, 2022

Where Does Education Fit in an Emerging Metaverse?
A new TV ad by Meta depicts a future where college classes happen in a metaverse where students can interact with virtual objects.

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Meta—the company formerly known as Facebook—is running a new TV ad showing a future in which college students slip on a lightweight VR headset to enter a lecture hall where a professor can toss 3D models of biological cells to students who can pull them apart to demonstrate some concept.

It’s the latest sign that Big Tech sees education as a key piece of the rush to build a metaverse, the immersive Internet of Virtual Reality and Augmented Reality that so far is a disconnected mix of clunky tech gear and beta software platforms inspired by science fiction.

This technology raises lots of exciting possibilities and some tough challenges, for both K12 classrooms and college classrooms of the future. And to help us sort through this emerging space, we invited two guests to the podcast who have seen more of this VR space than most and are thinking through these issues.

Those guests are Greg Heiberger, associate dean of academics and student success at South Dakota State University and Kathy Hirsh-Pasek, a professor of psychology at Temple University and a co-author of a recent Brookings Institution policy brief about education in the metaverse with advice for Facebook and other tech giants on how to build a metaverse that is education friendly.

The session was recorded in front of a live audience at the ISTE Live edtech conference in New Orleans this week.

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