Technology in School


How technology is helping kids achieve fluency in reading and writing.

Amazon Launches Reading App To Tell Stories Through Chat
TEXT ME A STORY: Amazon this week launched a reading application for kids in the form of chat sessions. At $3 a month, the Rapids app uses characters to tell the stories to kids in back-and-forth chats. In one, an alien is texting about invading Earth, and in another two chickens are texting about crossing the road...
Where English Language Learner Tools Help—And Fall Short
YOU'RE SPEAKING MY LANGUAGE: As the number of English Language Learners in the United States grows (currently at nearly 5 million), the need for ELL tools grows along with it. But do teachers and students have the tools needed for the job? A new GettingSmart report "Supporting English Language Learners with Next-Gen Tools" gauges the quality of ELL instructional materials, highlighting 15 edtech tools reaching this unique group (including ELLevation and ELLoquence), but still finding some pretty big gaps along the way...