Technology in School


Stories about measuring learning and other skills. This includes news and debates around grading, standardized tests (including the Common Core) and other measures of competancy and mastery.

Security Breach Exposes Hundreds of New SAT Questions
BIG OL’ BREACH: On August 3, Reuters reported the SAT had suffered a majority security breach: hundreds of confidential questions from the new SAT had been sent to Reuters from someone with access to the test, including 21 reading passages and about 160 math problems. Reuters did not publish any of the questions in its article, but did speak with College Board spokeswoman Sandra Riley, who called this a “a serious criminal matter...
How Are Schools Measuring the 'Success' of Edtech Tools or Initiatives?
WHAT REALLY MATTERS? Buying an edtech tool is only the first step—then, you have to decide how to measure its success. On June 20, Next Generation Learning Challenges (NGLC) released, a website chronicling the efforts of at least eight NGLC grantee schools in how they measure the success of an educational initiative or tech tool...