Is education technology making a difference? These are stories about whether new technologys and teaching practices actually work.

SRI Study on ASSISTments Finds Boost in Math Achievement
ASSISTMENTS’ ACHIEVEMENT: What does a heavyweight efficacy study look like? SRI just published its research on ASSISTments, an online supplemental curriculum tool built Worcester Polytechnic Institute. Spanning more than four years and covering 2,850 seventh-grade students across 43 schools in Maine, the study found that the tool “significantly increased student scores on an end-of-the-year standardized mathematics assessment as compared with a control group,” and “students with low prior mathematics achievement benefited most...
Analysis of 15 Years of Research Finds One-to-One Laptop Initiatives Boost Student Scores
RESEARCHING RESEARCH: A study by researchers from Michigan State University and the University of California, Irvine has found that one-to-one laptop initiatives have positive effects on students. The study, "Learning in One-to-One Laptop Environments: A Meta-Analysis and Research Synthesis,"reviewed 96 journal articles and doctoral dissertations published from 2001 to 2015 to understand the effects of one-to-one laptop programs in K-12 schools...