Learning Strategies


Not all schools are the same. Stories of the different pedagogical approaches schools are taking and the impact on learning outcomes.

PBS and LeVar Burton Attempt to Answer: What Will the 'School of the Future' Look Like?
LEVAR BURTON, former host of Reading Rainbow (90s throwback!) is once again taking to the silver screen, but not for any shows related to books. In a two-hour series on PBS NOVA entitled "School of the Future," Burton will dive into programs at schools across the country championing growth mindset, "the grit test," project-based learning, and personalized learning—among other topics...
Looking to Go Inside Innovative School Models?
COOL SCHOOLS: Nonprofit The Learning Accelerator recently released a collection of "Blended and Personalized Practices at Work": an interactive website where users can explore how six different school models have handled real-time data use, blending in-person learning with online technology, and mastery-based progression (rather than progression based on seat-time)...