Learning Strategies


Stories about blended learning programs. In these programs, students learn partly at a supervised physical location away from home (such as school) and partly through content delivered online. Students also have control over the time, place, path, and/or pace of learning.

Here Comes Nearpod's Virtual Reality!
INCOMING! Nearpod, an interactive presentation platform, will launch virtual reality lessons Thursday, February 18th. The company plans to distribute the lessons through school- and student-owned devices  instead of having schools and districts invest large amounts of capital in headsets or other expensive hardware...
Christensen Institute Releases Updated Blended Learning School Directory
BACK TO BLU: The Christensen Institute debuted its Blended Learning Universe, or BLU, several years ago to provide users with a directory of blended learning schools around the world. Now, the Institute has announced an interactive feature, where blended learning schools can build their own profiles...