Learning Strategies


Stories about blended learning programs. In these programs, students learn partly at a supervised physical location away from home (such as school) and partly through content delivered online. Students also have control over the time, place, path, and/or pace of learning.

4 Years Using Chromebooks, Districts Share Lessons Learned
CHROMEBOOK: FIRST CLASS: In 2012, four school districts committed to a 1:1 program and handed out Chromebooks to all incoming ninth-graders. Four years later, the first class is graduating, and Google shared three things teachers and administrators at those districts learned. In summary: plan for a transition period, consider students’ technology experience at all stages and balance students’ online and offline activities...
San Diego Unified Goes 1:1 With Chromebooks
SAN DIEGO UNIFIED IS GOING 1:1 with Chromebooks. Superintendent Cindy Marten is working with Google to implement the tech for 132,000 students across 226 schools. Marten says the district saved almost $10 million by going with Chromebooks for its 1:1 rollout. “To ensure students graduate with the skills, motivation and curiosity to thrive in the workplace of the future,” Marten’s district is launching with 47,000 Chromebooks and using Google’s suite of applications, including Google Classroom...