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Stories about technology designed to provide content to learners based on what they seem to know.

Finally! Knewton Opens Adaptive Learning Platform to Teachers and Learners
KNEWTON’S NEW TOY: After seven years and $105 million in venture funding, Knewton finally has something to show to the public. This week, the NY-based company has opened up its adaptive learning platform to teachers, students and parents.
McGraw-Hill's Common Core Tool Targets GED
MORE COMMON CORE: As Common Core continues to shake the education world, the high school equivalency exam market is no exception. With the GED shifting to focus on the Common Core content in 2014, publisher McGraw-Hill is stepping in with a new product, Common Core Achieve. The adaptive test prep tool, running off the LearnSmart platform, provides test takers with an initial diagnostic assessment, following up with questions targeting the areas students are weakest on...