Framework: Ed Elements Provides Model, Plan, Hand-holding

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Framework: Ed Elements Provides Model, Plan, Hand-holding

Oct 29, 2017

Framework: Ed Elements Provides Model, Plan, Hand-holding

This article is part of the guide The Personalized Learning Toolkit.

Separate from its Playbook that helps define a vision, Education Elements, a consulting firm, helps schools and districts design next-generation teaching and learning models. It recognizes that districts have different characteristics that need to be addressed in program designs; rural is different than small is different than urban, for instance. Using the Instructional Model Design, the Ed Elements team brings deep expertise, examples from other districts, and design-thinking processes to help schools create their unique designs. In its hands-on building efforts Ed Elements supports the design effort by:

  • Working with district leadership teams to create a blueprint for schools to follow in developing their designs;
  • Conducting workshops to deepen each school team’s understanding of blended learning, personalized learning and competency-based learning models;
  • Educating schools on existing instructional design models and helping them to understand the pros, cons and use cases for each.

Download and examine Ed Elements’ three models for elementary schools and its three models for secondary schools.

Framework: Ed Elements Charts a Clear Path

There’s more from Ed Elements. They have a Personalized Learning Implementation Framework that guides users through 25 key areas of personalized learning. It helps schools and districts assess their needs, recognize their strengths and how to work with those, and map out a plan. The framework is strong and has many success stories associated with it. But It’s also flexible. It can work for those just starting or those already on a personalized learning path. The Ed Elements consultants help craft plans that work with their users’ needs and budgets.

Tool: Education Elements Puts It All in One Place

Part of a vision plan likely includes communications with all parties and having everyone on the same page. Education Elements, a consulting organization that helps K-12 schools and districts transform, brings Touchpoint to the market for just that purpose. It is a project management tool to bring the complete plan into one place. It promises:

  • Better Alignment: It helps to create alignment between the district and the schools through communicating a shared, visual roadmap and clear action plans.
  • Customized Experiences: A member of the Education Elements consulting team will create a custom roadmap, set of prioritized actions and library of relevant resources, based on the district’s needs.
  • Project Progress Tracking: Easy-to-read metrics help identify the engagement level of school teams and individuals, which help determine how and where to provide support.
  • Increased Clarity: Touchpoint captures key milestones, deliverables and decisions at each step. This makes onboarding new staff members quick and consistent.

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