Tool: Mathematica Coach

Personalized Learning

Tool: Mathematica Coach

Oct 29, 2017

Tool: Mathematica Coach

This article is part of the guide: The Personalized Learning Toolkit.

Mathematica, a policy research organization, designs and executes large- and small-scale studies that address policy questions across program areas, research methods and locations. The company says it “is dedicated to improving public well-being by bringing the highest standards of quality, objectivity and excellence to bear on information collection and analysis.” It also provides a research-based process to help implement personalized learning programs, the Rapid Cycle Evaluation Coach.

The RCE Coach is a free, online, openly licensed toolkit that walks users through the steps of designing and conducting rigorous evaluation. It streamlines the process, reducing the time required, and automates the technical and methodological aspects of evaluation, making the process more accessible to local education agencies. The Coach currently focuses on educational technology in school settings. However, its tools and concepts apply to a variety of interventions and contexts. In short, the Coach can give feedback, customized training and support, and tool matching advice. And Mathematica is adding survey tools to better assess student, teacher and administrator progress.

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