Tool: Ed-Fi Makes Edtech Systems Communicate

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Tool: Ed-Fi Makes Edtech Systems Communicate

Oct 29, 2017

Tool: Ed-Fi Makes Edtech Systems Communicate

This article is part of the collection: The Personalized Learning Toolkit.

Ed-Fi, a nonprofit organization funded by the Michael & Susan Dell Foundation, has created a data standard that supports the success of personalized learning programs. A data standard defines rules for how data should be formatted and exchanged between systems. The Ed-Fi Data Standard is specific to educational data systems.

When systems, such as student information systems, rostering tools and assessment software, don’t speak the same language, Ed-Fi becomes their common language and their translator. Any educational technology that’s powered by Ed-Fi can connect with any other tool, creating a complete look at students’ progress. This helps teachers create personalized learning programs for students, districts and states to implement, guide and adjust programs. The connected data can be turned into analytical insights.

Here’s how Ed-Fi technologies help. They integrate a system easily and quickly, providing teachers with a dashboard to visualize their classrooms with various data points. A system can connect schools and districts across the state, allowing superintendents and state agencies to make better informed decisions and to craft evidence-based policies. Ed-Fi’s readiness checklist will help administrators prepare to implement the Ed-Fi tools.

The Ed-Fi Alliance stakeholders—including educators, superintendents, consultants and educational technology developers—are redefining what’s possible with education technology.

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