So You Want to Work in Edtech?

So You Want to Work in Edtech?

Here at EdSurge, we are committed to helping the most relevant learning tools get into the right hands.

But the real magic of learning isn’t about tools. It’s about the people who brainstorm and build them, test and tweak them, invest in and incubate them—and most importantly, the teachers and students who use them. We know this because we are lucky enough to rub elbows with a diverse posse of creative and committed individuals who’ve chosen to devote their time and talents to education. And we’re inspired.

With this in mind, we’ve put together a guide to help you navigate the world of education technology careers. Whether you’re looking for a job, looking to hire, or just looking to learn—we hope you’ll find something to inspire you.

In addition to the articles below, we’ve created a bunch of nifty graphics! Evaluating the various paths from the classroom to a company? We’ve summarized the perks, peaks and obstacles you’ll find with each. Wondering if Iowa has any edtech jobs? Search our interactive map illustrating where these openings are. (Yes, Iowa does.) And we’ve got something extra special for all you teachers who wouldn’t dream of leaving your classroom, but nonetheless want to explore teaching and technology. Take a look at the nine ways you can moonlight in edtech, plus a list of specific companies that hire teachers for part-time edtech work.

Mary Hossfeld, Guide Editor

Pathways to Edtech

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Getting Ready

If you’re thinking about climbing into edtech, or you’re about to launch a full fledged job search, you’ll want to dig in here. You’ll find an overview of the six types of edtech workplaces, how to start your edtech job hunt, and how to map your classroom experiences to the skills those workplaces most need. Curious about what it takes to be an instructional designer, one of the hottest new jobs around? Yup, we’ve got that covered too. Also, learn how you can use social media to build your personal brand.

The Journey

These tales from the trenches come from educators who’ve successfully ventured into tech, despite bumps along the way. Meet a teacher who taught himself to code in order to build the tools he wanted his students to have; he’s now a software engineer. Or an entrepreneur who learned English by listening to pop songs, and then founded her own Beijing-based online tutoring company. One teacher tested the waters as a consultant before finally making the leap to edtech full time. And prepare to be wowed by a gymnastics champion-turned-teacher, who’s found both inspiration and extra income by selling his lesson plans online—all without ever leaving the classroom. Then put it all in context as Barnett Berry—the guy who wrote the book on teacherpreneurs—explains what education can learn from the edtech sector.

Hiring Well

Rest assured, we have not forgotten about the people who actually do the hiring. Read our tips for how to interview teachers for edtech jobs. Get the scoop on how one edtech firm recruits top talent. Learn how employee networks can improve workplace diversity. Hear hiring advice from university administrators. Plus, hiring strategists share advice on how to hire whom you want.

US Map of Edtech Jobs

Work in Edtech Without Leaving the Classroom

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What You Can Do Potential Employers
Tutor online VIPKID, Tutor.com, TutorVista.com, Eduwizards, WyzAant, ArborBridge
Sell your teaching materials online Edmodo Spotlight, Educents, Educlipper, Houghton Mifflin Harcourt, Teachwise, Teacher’s Notebook, Teachers Pay Teachers, TES
Teach or host classes online Udemy, Pathwright, Skillshare, Teachable, Lynda
Become an entrepreneur on the side Imagine K12, 4.0 Schools, Startup Weekend EDU
Score, grade, and write test questions online ETS, Pearson, CollegeBoard
Write lessons and study guides Learning Bird, Study.com, Schmoop
Test or review edtech products Graphite, Usertesting.com
Host camps for kids—or teachers, as hired help or a volunteer EdCamp, DIY Camps & Courses, ISTE, GSV Labs, local options, Galileo Summer Camps
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