Jefferson Education Accelerator Receives $1.5M Grant from Dell Foundation

RESEARCH DOLLARS: Success for edtech companies should come from delivering results—and not marketing firepower. The Jefferson Education Accelerator (JEA), a research-focused program for maturing edtech companies, has received a $1.5 million grant from the Dell Foundation. The funds will support JEA’s efforts to work with seven companies whose products are heavily used in urban schools and help teachers use data to support their instruction.

“We support more mature companies that want to succeed on the strength of their merit, in a world where too many companies get by on the sophistication of their sales and marketing,” JEA’s Founding CEO, Bart Epstein, stated in a prepared release.

Founded in 2015, JEA’s accelerator program invests up to $2 million in growth-stage companies, and facilitates efficacy studies to help them validate their products. The Arlington, VA-based program is currently working with Agile Mind and Echo360

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