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EdSurge 2017 Personal Statements

EdSurge 2017 Personal Statements

Self reflections and articulating future plans are important—just ask those high school students scampering to finish college essays now. But reflections matter as well for adults, especially those in charge of teaching and building technology supports for learners.

There’s no denying it, 2016 has been an unpredictable year, challenging our assumptions around education, technology and, of course, politics. But before we tuck dive into 2017, there’s still plenty to reflect on—or perhaps, get off our chests. In the spirit of New Year's and new beginnings, we invited educators, thought leaders, experts and innovators to share their year-in-review, hopes and advice for what is to come.

As part of our fourth year-end personal statement roundup, we’ve again asked contributors to share their outlooks on education, but with a twist. They have to frame their thoughts as a response to some of the finest college application essay prompts, inspired by the very same ones that high school seniors are feverishly working on now!

Already we’ve heard from Sesame Workshop CEO Jeff Dunn, University Innovation Alliance’s Bridget Burns, New America’s policy analyst Manuela Ekowo and many more to round out this year’s personal statements. Whether you’re looking for resolution inspiration or want to know what to expect for edtech in 2017, we hope these essays (and even poems) will get the creative juices flowing.

P.S. If you're reading this, we know you have as many thoughts as we do on what the next year will bring in education technology. We want to hear them, and invite you to also reflect. Tweet your musings to us @EdSurge with the hashtag #edtech2017.

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