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EdSurge 2016 Personal Statements

EdSurge 2016 Personal Statements

As the dust of 2015 settles, we’re taking time to reflect on the chisels that sculpted our year. We have questions: What was the biggest deal of 2015? How did education technology change, for better or for worse? What will 2016 hold?

To ensure we’re not leaving you befuddled in 2016's beginning, we’ve invited thought leaders to ponder their progress in 2015 and predict their experiences in 2016. Here’s the gag, though—we asked them to write as they did when applying to college (or when they will—we see you Kaela and Audrey). We’ve gathered stringent and strange essay prompts for educators, entrepreneurs and students. Each writer is thinking differently about how next year will play out, and each expresses a perspective you won’t want to miss.

We also invite you to reflect. Tweet your musings to us @EdSurge with the hashtag #edtech2016: If you're reading this, we know you have as many thoughts as we do on what the next year will bring in education technology. We want to hear them.

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