CPSI is Looking for Partners

Jun 11, 2015

With over 1000 clients and 25 years of K-12 education experience, partnering with CPSI is a win-win situation. Our data integration tools will give your company the advantage of being to be able to connect to nearly any system used by districts and states. As long-standing early adopters of SIF, CPSI knows what it takes to make data integration a success in the SIF world. Our tools can work with any data standard, including SIF 2.X, SIF 3.X, Ed-Fi, CEDS, and PESC. In addition to these standards, we can work with any database schema that districts use. Whether your company is just starting out, or has been around for many years, we provide the expertise and support needed to make your implementations a success. Contact us today at 800-659-8240 or visit our website http://www.cpsiltd.com/become-a-partner.

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