TechCrunch contends Americans need not worry if U.S. test results lag.

HAKUNA MATATA? Gregory Ferenstein of TechCrunch is the latest to remind us that the U.S. has never ranked high on international tests, and so, why fret? We're sympathetic with his point that "we need not be scared into trying to be like other countries"--at least on the test score spectrum. It echoes the findings of researcher Yong Zhao, whose works focus on the disconnect between tests and innovation (and which are surprisingly absent from this piece.) Ferenstein's comment on how the U.S. "steals its way to economic superiority" by "rangl[ing] the world's brightest minds to immigrate," however, was found to be a bit clueless by readers of TechCrunch and Hacker News. One commenter suggests it's not a wise bet that the U.S. will remain a destination country for long in the absence of reform. Another poignantly points out that "Innovation is never the primary factor to obtain a good education for oneself. One only learns of innovation once one has a good education." We'd underscore that idea: education deeply matters, and may matter most to those who start with little.

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