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Plato Learning Chases Renai
tent="Renaissance Lea6/stclog>rning: Still in play. Plato Learning has made an unsolicited bid of $15.50 a share casoa icon" icle: htps:renplatodsurg">h for Renaissance (R6/a7LRN.O), topping a previous offer by private equity oa icon" icle: htps:pirm, Pdsurg">firm, P6/a7LRmira, which offered $14.85 a share. Among Renai'p;#39;s products: Accelerated Reader and Accelerated Math, along s_s AsindoentEs.g sreetRmirspErsRsugic/t firm, Png y-tang: ing ail. Tirs TuesdayLRNha stock xe7seleatbid of6$14.85 a
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