Meet District Leaders at San Diego Confab

MEETING THE SCHOOL BOARD: One challenge every fledgling education technology company confronts is how to meet district leaders who might be interested in new products. Here's one idea: the National School Boards Association's annual confab draws 5,100 paying attendees, about 85% are members of school boards and another 10% are superintendents. Even better: next year's meeting in April in San Diego will showcase six innovative companies. Ideally companies are less than two years old and in different quadrants of edtech. Lots of other attention will be lavished on this lucky six (such as getting featured in the association's magazine and so on.) To get your name into the hat, write a two-page letter by  November 1 about who you are, what you do and mention the names of two educators who have used your product. Here are all the application details. There's no cost to apply; the six winners will have to pay $2,500 apiece to cover the cost of their booths.

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