Mathlash, Retun of the Jedi

MATHLASH, RETURN OF THE JEDI: Many edtech companies are devoted to teaching math. That's all good. (Even EdSurge occasionally needs a refresher in place value.) But as we've written about, the intense focus on math algorithms threatens to crowd out teaching mathematical inspiration--or giving kids a mathematical context for viewing the world, even if those problems are messier than, say, calculating how many red and blue marbles Mary should hand out to make everyone happy. Now math teacher and Mathalicious founder, Karim Kai Ani, has moved to action: he's starting a cool Kickerstarter campaign to fund 52 math videos, (neatly linked to the Common Core standards) which then any teacher can use for free. Check out "Big Foot Conspiracy?" May the force of Kickstarter be with you!

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