Framework Unveiled for Every Estonian Student to Learn Programming

PROGRAMMING FOR PRIMARY ESTONIANS: The Tiger Leap Foundation, a nonprofit public-private collaboration in Estonia, has unveiled a new framework, ProgeTiiger, for introducing all Estonian students to web programming. Currently in pilot mode, the framework includes professional development for primary teachers to introduce coding to young students while more advanced courses are on the horizon for secondary students. A proven track record gives us optimism about Tiger Leap's chances for success. The organization, which is a member of the European schoolnet and maintains Estonia schools' intranet, was initially created to address inadequate access in all Estonian schools. It also reportedly has provided ICT skills training at least twice to 75% of Estonia's teachers. And don't forget, Estonia is already a digital incubator of sorts--and the birthplace of a tiny company that sold to Microsoft for $8.5B--Skype.

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