Edsurge Exclusive: Learning More Than AI

LEARNING MORE THAN AI: The numbers are in: Stanford profs Sebastian Thrun and Peter Norvig saw a record 160,000 people register for their AI class this autumn. They "graduated" or awarded "certificates of accomplishment" to an astonishing 23,000 students. Sebastian says that next week, he'll share plans for two new classes next week at Berlin's DLD conference. Stanford won't be part of the equation, though: Sebastian is now co-founder of Know Labs, along with David Stavens and Mike Sokolsky, both long-time collaborators. Know Labs aims to be a free university--and has initial backing from Charles River Ventures and is offering jobs and stock options. Says Thrun: "I really believe in free education. I really don't worry about money. If we change the world, we will find a way to survive."

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