A Makeover for Traditional Textbook Instruction

LO-TECH INTERACTIVE TEXTBOOKS: As Inkling moves to iPhone-compatible digital textbooks, edu-blogger Ms. Shelly Terrell gives her own take generating more student engagement with textbooks. All but one of the suggestions focus on ways to liven up students' engagement with traditional paperbound texts. For example, Tip #8 recommends letting students create clues and crossword puzzles from selected texts using Armored Penguin. Tip #14 suggests having students modernize textbook dialogue with video creation tools like Go Animate. The final suggestion:  teachers can create their own textbooks or have students create mini-textbooks, and then store them on Dropbox so that they can be accessed anywhere, anytime. We might also add Evernote to the list using the shared notebook method championed by DILO teacher, Mr. Gabe Baker.

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