A look at Teach to One in DC classrooms

TEACH TO ONE: The Washington Post looks at how Hart Middle School in D.C., where students struggle with math, is implementing an online adaptive program, Teach to One. That name should sound familiar: it was developed by New Classrooms, the non-profit group founded by Joel Rose and Chris Rush who were previously behind the much-ballyhooed--and criticized--middle-school adaptive math program with a similar name, School of One. The Teach to One program, currently in place at seven other schools in New York and Chicago, doesn't come cheap: for Hart to deliver the program to a classroom of 180 students and seven teachers, DC Public Schools forked $600k to renovate the space and received $400k from foundations for the program itself. As for results? As the WashPost reporter blogged here, it's a work in progress. DC Public Schools chancellor Kaya Henderson is reportedly willing to give the program three years--so we'll get back to you in 2015.

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