Back on the Road! The 2018 K-12 Education Technology Conference Calendar


Back on the Road! The 2018 K-12 Education Technology Conference Calendar

By Tony Wan     Dec 26, 2017

Back on the Road! The 2018 K-12 Education Technology Conference Calendar

For lifelong learners and writers, the travel bug bites hard. Few experiences are as invigorating as learning new things, meeting old friends and making future ones—across locations familiar and exotic.

One of the best parts of the job is checking out the education technology conferences that dot the globe. It seems like every single city we go, there’s an edtech rodeo—and no matter where we go, we’ll find a good show.

To help you plan your upcoming travels, we’ve compiled a shortlist of education technology events for the K-12 community happening across the world in 2018. This is by no means an exhaustive list, so make sure to check out our Events page to keep posted on upcoming events near you.

These shows gather teachers and techies alike around tools and tips that support teaching and learning. They offer plenty of opportunities to reconnect with colleagues, make new acquaintances, and learn new ideas that could change your career or company’s fortunes. (Or better yet, be that inspirational change to others!)

At EdSurge, we love to attend these gatherings, report from them and invite conference go-ers to share what they’ve learned as well. We’re also hosting one this fall! On October 2-4, our Fusion conference returns to Burlingame, Calif., gathering hundreds of education leaders, thinkers, researchers around learning, equity and technology.

The calendar below lists the locations and dates for most of the major K-12 conferences from in 2018. For a few, we’ve confirmed they will happen but their dates and locations have not been finalized. There are also recurring events—such as EdCamp and Maker Faire—that take place year-round across the country. All event names in the PDF include links to the event page where you can find updated information.

Here’s how the calendar is organized:

Download the calendar

Red, orange, blue: What do these colors mean?

Anyone can attend any conference. However, we’ve color-coded these events based on their designated primary audience.

  • Red events focus on the business and industry side of the ecosystem; expect plenty of technologists, entrepreneurs and funders.
  • Orange events are tightly focused around a specific topic or audience, such as instructional technologists or principals.
  • Blue events are built around K-12 educators, with a focus on teaching, learning, pedagogy and best practices.

Your link took me to a conference that already happened or doesn’t exist yet. What gives?

Don’t worry—we confirmed with conference organizers all dates for future events that aren’t yet listed on their site.

Aw, you left out my favorite event!

Sorry about that! Feel free to add a comment on this piece with details about the event you like the best, or shoot us an email at

Will you update this calendar in the future?


Do you have a higher-ed version of this calendar?

Yes, here it is!

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