S'Cool Tools of the Week: Plotly, DoodleMaths

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S'Cool Tools of the Week: Plotly, DoodleMaths

By Mary Jo Madda (Columnist)     Jan 12, 2017

S'Cool Tools of the Week: Plotly, DoodleMaths

Did you miss our top S’Cool Tools of 2016? Check it out—then check back here. As we start 2017, here’s what a couple of educators across the interwebs are stoked about.

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Freemium! DoodleMaths: Neil Jarrett, a year 6 teacher and math coordinator in Bangkok, Thailand, inspired us to include this tool this week after listing it as one of his favorite adaptive learning apps. A product out of the UK, DoodleMaths provides students with tutorials, games and exercises for learning math concepts, rewarding them with stars along the way. “Moreover,” he writes, “the better [students] get, the higher the level becomes. I can track the class effectively and see where the strengths and weaknesses are—very helpful for informing my planning and ability grouping.” Note: You need a subscription in order to get access to the premium version of DoodleMaths (unlimited use of the app, etc.). (Privacy note: According to its privacy policy, DoodleMaths may info about you or your students that include name, contact information and traffic data.)


Freemium! Plotly: Online tutor and high school teacher Scott Ragin is gaga for Plotly, a tool that teachers can use with students to make visual representations of data. “K-12 teachers can also use this edtech tool to advance their graphic representation of learning materials. Specifically, educators can gather assignments online using Plotly while their students engage in current tutorials to improve their visualization skills,” he writes. A bonus: students can collaborate with each other on the platform in real time. A premium subscription starts at $33/month. (Privacy note: According to its privacy policy Plotly “may collect what is generally called ‘personally identifiable’ information.”)

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