Higher-Ed Hacks of the Week: Zoom, Lumen Learning Candela, Doodle

Image by Marguerite McNeal

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Zoom—a video-conferencing service that has specific pricing plans for education. The company claims that 88 percent of “top universities” in the U.S. use its services for virtual classrooms, online courses, group projects, TA hours and more. Meet one-on-one, or webinar to the world—though it’ll cost you more than a Google hangout.

Lumen Learning Candela—a curated library of open educational resources (OER) from many of the highest-demand courses in higher ed, from biology to international business to English composition. You can browse all the texts in Lumen’s course catalog and download them independently (they’re open after all). Lumen also offers services to implement the courses.

Doodle—a scheduling tool that helps find meeting times for large groups. Need to plan office hours or reschedule a class? Doodle helps wrangle the masses. It offers more intensive plans for custom users, but for the rest of us, it pulls the scheduling chains out of the emails.

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