Higher-Ed Hacks of the Week: OER Commons, Pinboard, AdmitHub

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OER Commons—a public library of Open Educational Resources (OER). Use a simple search bar to explore over 50,000 open resources by keyword, subject and level. Create a group to share common resources; mix and match content with authoring tools; or design a microsite at a unique URL for your individual course.

Pinboard—a low-fi community bookmarking site for the web. Visit a site, add it as a bookmark, and share your bookmarks with your class. It’s a creative way to curate news, resources and academic articles for students. The service costs $11/year for a baseline subscription and $25/year for added archiving and full-text search.

AdmitHub—a Boston-based edtech startup that has created a text-message-based chatbot to help first-year students transition from high school to Georgia State University. Using a combination of artificial intelligence and machine learning, the service provides answers to a large array of questions like, “Where is ____ dorm?” or “When does class registration end?” AdmitHub also provides a similar, free college counselor chatbot for students at any institution. His name is Oli.

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