Can You Tell the Difference Between Pokemon and Edtech Startups?


Like Pokémon, education technology products come in all forms and sizes. Some cover a broad range of needs and can be handy in any scenario. Others have specific powers that make them super effective at tackling certain problems—and almost useless at others. Every tool demands proper nurturing and care from their owners, and they all evolve—and sometimes grow stronger—over time.

There are 720 Pokémon in the official Pokédex. And we have more than 1,500 education technology products in our Edtech Index. Can you tell the difference between make-believe creatures and real companies?

Take the quiz below—and take it as many times as you’d like. Share your results with your friends! No two quizzes will be exactly alike as the items are randomly generated from a list of over several dozen edtech startups and Pokémon. Just as it takes great training and dedication to be a Pokémon Master, so, too, does it require repetition and great effort to ace our Edtech Index.

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