Blackboard Turns to ‘New Learning Experience’ to Bust Its Bad Brand

BLACKBOARD KNOWS IT HAS AN IMAGE PROBLEM—partly because its armada of tools and features developed over the years did not play well with one another. But the company labeled by Wired as “Everyone’s Classroom Pariah” is trying to fix that with a major product overhaul. “It’s been a low quality product that moves very slowly and does poor quality work,” Blackboard’s VP of design admitted to the publication.

At its annual user conference, the company unveiled the “New Learning Experience,” code name for an newest effort that integrates the features across its Learn, Collaborate and Bb Student App. These user experience updates boast a fresh design and sleeker integration with different tools, like the myEdu student digital portfolio, that were acquired in recent years.

“We need to be brutally honest about what’s working and what’s not,” said CEO Jay Bhatt in a prepared statement. “We need to reimagine how learning can happen, and we've taken a major step toward realizing that vision today.”

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