Student Data Privacy Advocate, Bill Fitzgerald, to Join Common Sense Media

THIS MONKEY’S MOVIN’ ON: Bill Fitzgerald, co-founder of FunnyMonkey, a custom software development shop, announced that he will be joining Common Sense Media this summer.

Beyond his day job, Fitzgerald has shared valuable perspectives on the edtech industry, particularly around issues related to student data privacy and security. Some companies fear his blog, where he has poked holes in privacy policies and terms of services for language that leave room for student data to be misused or abused. His incisive look—and the ability to explain legalese in a lucid, accessible style—has nudged popular edtech companies like ClassDojo and Remind to refine their terms.

“Over the past few years, privacy was the thing we made time for among the other areas of our work,” Fitzgerald wrote. “Now, privacy will be the thing we do.”

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