What's Your (Pi) Number?

FIND YOUR PI(E) DAY: To celebrate a "super pi moment," Stephen Wolfram, founder and CEO of Wolfram Research, decided to do something special. In the company blog, he wrote:

Pi Day is about a date that appears as the first digits of pi. But any date appears somewhere in pi. So, we thought: Why not give people a way to find out where their birthday (or other significant date) appears in pi....

The result: mypiday.com, which allows anyone to enter in a birthdate (or any date) to see when the numbers (in month/day/year sequence) shows up in pi. Stephen Wolfram, born on August 29, 1959, has a pi number is 151,653. EdSurge's managing editor's pi number is 1,258.171. Those who with a pi number of 1 include Canadian composer Alexander Brott (1915) and Confederate general Jerome Roberston (1815). We wonder, though, who would have the honor of being the real 1st pi--someone born March 14, A.D. 15.

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