​Nine-Year-Old Prototypes LEGO Hand

PROBLEM-SOLVING: It’s not often that a young entrepreneur designs and creates his own body part. But Aidan Robinson, a nine-year-old whose left arm ends just below his elbow, did just that, as reported in The Atlantic.

At the Superhero Cyborg Camp in July, a one-week design education workshop for kids with upper limb loss, Robinson and his nine campmates designed prototypes for the prosthetics of their dreams. Advanced prosthetics, which cost upwards of $15,000, are largely not yet available for children, who often outgrow prosthetic limbs within a year. But thanks to Cody Unger, an Artist in Residence at 3-D software maker Autodesk, Robinson went home with a prosthetic and a metal rod onto which he can attach several different extensions. Some examples? A violin bow and a fork--or, perhaps more exciting for Robinson, a Wii remote, Super Soaker or life-size LEGO hand.

A virtual high-five to this young gentleman and his ingenuity!

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