LEAP Moves Into Chicago Tech Accelerator, Expands Edtech Pilot Network

THE WAY THE WIND'S BLOWING: LEAP Innovations, a Chicago-based educational technology nonprofit hub, is seeking to bridge the gap between educators and entrepreneurs. After launching a Literacy Tech Challenge, a round of full-year pilots with six ELA edtech products across 15 Chicago schools, the nonprofit moved into 1871 (Chicago's tech-based accelerator) on October 14 so as to be "at the epicenter of Chicago’s tech community, a powerful vantage point from which to connect educators, students and researchers with entrepreneurs, tech companies, and engineers," according to LEAP CEO Phyllis Lockett. 

But with the move done, LEAP is focusing on its Pilot Network recruitment and inviting both Common Core-aligned math and literacy products for grades preK-8 to apply by November 16. Does your product have what it takes to make it in the City of Big Shoulders?

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