The Greatest Show & Tell Event On Earth

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The Greatest Show & Tell Event On Earth

Ninth annual Maker Faire goes on with a bang

By Betsy Corcoran (Columnist)     May 19, 2014

The Greatest Show & Tell Event On Earth

Yes, there are plenty of marvelous educational reasons why Maker Faire is great. (Check out this "How to" guide for teachers who want to create a Maker space in school, and this Makers' workshop for teachers.)

But Maker Faire is also simply random fun. Here are a few snapshots from what we saw last weekend in San Mateo at the 9th annual Maker Faire, when EdSurge team members, Gordon Dean and Betsy Corcoran, armed with mere cameras, stepped into the Making melee. Got captions? Add 'em in!

Ballooning Forests

Surely, this is an electric connection!

Yes, I suppose that Dad can still help. A bit.

I am totally done here. Don't you agree?

A 'mousetrap' this big needs a seriously big hunk of cheese.

Robots? Did you say there would be robots?

You want to hear 'Rhapsody in Blue?'

Yep, this is all smoke and mirrors (and a laser or two).

Here's one way to play with Ardinos.

The Cheshire Cat has nothing on me.

Gyrl Power!

How many elephants can you fit inside a box?

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