Brings CS to 30 U.S. School Districts--and Counting

Coding Brings CS to 30 U.S. School Districts--and Counting

May 12, 2014

CODING IS COMING: is making inroads to bring computer science to schools; last month, it announced a partnership with 30 U.S. school districts, representing 2 million students (or 5% of the U.S. K-12 population). So far over one million students have enrolled in its online "K-8 Intro to Computer Science Course," and the non-profit hopes to partner with 100 districts by the end of the year.

But "the momentum for early coding comes with caveats," writes NYTimes' Matt Richtel, who questions whether such skills actually foster creativity or will lead to jobs in the future. So far, the parents and kids that he interviewed don't appeared to be concerned; they're simply having fun. The comments section offers a wealth of different insights on how to help kids make the most from coding. Here's a thought from Rob Campbell that uses a music analogy:

Exposing a child to computing is a good thing, but that's as far as it should go. Just like the act of simply having a piano or guitar in the home exposes that child to musical possibilities, so it should be with computing...

...The greatest musicians became great because they 'educated' themselves in their craft, the same goes for coding and programing. Provide the child with the basics and exposure to computing appreciation and treat it as Art, not science.
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