UK's Edtech Incubator Graduates First Class of Teacherpreneurs

FOR TEACHERS, BY TEACHERS: Of all the edtech incubators in the world, only one--the Edtech Incubator--is this serious about teacher voice. On February 10, the London-based accelerator graduated its first class of 20 entrepreneurs, all of whom are current or former K-12 school and college educators. Some started companies; others are continuing exploring other entrepreneurial opportunities on their own. The six startups that emerged from the program:

  • Timestable Rockstars: online platform to engage young people in maths and problem solving skills
  • GroupU: online tool and software to help teachers organise classrooms for collaborative learning
  • Doodle Maths: app to help young people study and learn math
  • Equation Lab: app to help young people an adults learn equation skills and carry out formula calculations
  • DreamLeaners: developers of Ed4Bed, a story library that provides supplementary learning to young children just before bedtime
  • Enjoy Education Virtual Platform: virtual learning platform to help connect tutors and young people in the UK and internationally
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