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George Anders&#39; on Quora sur_afront.nhead> ="RSql--bnk daIf-nts one-sdys-thru-forir-efore a-died-ore-thru-fory-ched-to-a"trre-thrir-funeral-rhru-are-thr-otances-thru-foryre-lexcu-meta -inso t>g"htt_blank">faces this to'tional--be/aput achingl_afront.nhead> ="RSim g"htt_blank">y funny--report on why more grandmothers seem to die/ape the week before exams than any othe" name="twitter:description"/> ="RSeas hrectSS"u/~adscr/so t>g"htt_blank">Mik thdscr, a (conl) , obt="vngly aD: "ang in ththeo funfai' hg af} n"/d ha n"ortwhyiclm hg up funeek bption50edieauneek blik othny losen"or700"/ membaredtioni n"/ Ang in thtnon fic hgn"/>_div } ="gridCss"/iner--ron mx-rueo px3 } ms.rtx"tcut icon" idta69">_div } ="mxn3e} ms.rtx"tcut icon" idta70">_div } ="md-col md-col-3 md-minhreight-1 px3"tcut icon" idta71"pe/divpediv } ="sm-col sm-col-8 md-col md-col-6 px3"tcut icon" idta72">_div } ="mb6"tcut icon" idta73">_div cut icon" idta74">_afcut iga-evf-a-cttegory="Sociacotcut iga-evf-a-a on whqzx"k otcut iga-evf-a-labuuhqFet="truotcut iga-evf-a-value="0so t>g"htt_blank".com"/>%20eth tallypt oure=_i } ="fa fa-met="tru .cltSx"k Buttoos-cloudfcut icon" idta76">_/ipe/a>_afcut iga-evf-a-cttegory="Sociacotcut iga-evf-a-a on whqzx"k otcut iga-evf-a-labuuhqTt="truotcut iga-evf-a-value="0so t>g"htt_blank".com"/> _i } ="fa fa-et="tru .cltSx"k Buttoos-cloudfcut icon" idta78">_/ipe/a>_afcut iga-evf-a-cttegory="Sociacotcut iga-evf-a-a on whqzx"k otcut iga-evf-a-labuuhqL hredInotcut iga-evf-a-value="0so t>g"htt_blank".com"/>%20eth tallyt="truurge News<%20tit%20tmet%20A<%20Sa-reatallyurl=_i } ="fa fa-l hredie .cltSx"k Buttoos-cloudfcut icon" idta80">_/ipe/a>_afcut iga-evf-a-cttegory="Sociacotcut iga-evf-a-a on whqzx"k otcut iga-evf-a-labuuhqEmai'otcut iga-evf-a-value="0so t>g"htt_blank".com"/>mai'to:?subjgctuurge News<%20tit%20tmet%20A<%20Sa-reatallyecos=%0D%0A%0D%0Aurge News<%20tit%20tmet%20A<%20Sa-rea%0D%0A_i } ="fa fa-enveltry .cltSx"k Buttoos-cloudfcut icon" idta82">_/ipe/a>_/divpe/divpediv } ="mb12dfcut icon" idta83">_buttoon} ="bors t bors t-sil;#3 sltte-grey caps py3 px6 rountml le"tru-spic hg-1 block full-reactobg-zil;#3-25 elmet="tru-600"tcut icon" idta84">_i } ="fa fa-k dwf-a hg-o"tcut icon" idta85">_/ipe!-- con" -ew D: 86 -->  C dwf-as_!-- /con" -ew D -->_/buttoope/divpe/divpe/divpe/divpe!-- con" -empty: 87 -->_/divpediv } ="ftxml z-.clt-k dwf-a-pane' .inhp"k nt hiddensocut icon" idta88">_div } ="full-reight bg-black-30ef='a "tcut ietabackgrountttps://dcut icon" idta89">_div } =".cltCldwf-asPane'--ron absolute"tcut ietabackgrountttps://dcut icon" idta90">_div } ="full-reight bg-wh-resp6 o;#3flowatarol'/dcut icon" idta91">_div } ="fb-k dwf-ao"tcut iles_rss" title="RSS"/>_div } ="py12 wh-resbg-bluey-grey"tcut icon" idta94">_div } ="gridCss"/iner--ron mx-rueo px3 } ms.rtx"tcut icon" idta95">_div } ="md-flex -rems-cf-a-r cf-a-r mdeleftxalign"tcut icon" idta96">_div } ="flex-rueo md-mb0 mb6socut icon" idta97">_div cut icon" idta98">_spion} ="caps bold block md-es' hesocut icon" idta99">Stay up ny otte oonedteco.e/spiope!-- con" -ew D: 100 --> _!-- /con" -ew D -->_spioncut icon" idta101">ct-h, cosms.co,n"/d opto duniures - 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George Anders&#39; on Quora surfaces this tot fictional--but achingly funny--report on why more grandmothers seem to die the week before exams than any othe" name="twitter:description"/>,"p ,"p something every teae/sticog>cher 'dents won&#39;t bother trying in the new'ear: tired excuses for skipping exams. George Anders&#39; on Quora sur_afront.\nhead> ="RSql--bnk daIf-nts one-sdys-thru-forir-efore a-died-ore-thru-fory-ched-to-a"trre-thrir-funeral-rhru-are-thr-otances-thru-foryre-lexcu-meta -in\oo t>g"ht\t_blank\">faces this to'tional--be/aput achingl_afront.\nhead> ="RSim g"ht\t_blank\">y funny--report on why more grandmothers seem to die/ape the week before exams than any othe" name="twitter:description"/> ="RSeas hrectSS"u/~adscr/\oo t>g"ht\t_blank\">Mik thdscr, a (conl) , obt="vngly aD: \"ang in ththeo funfai' hg af} n"/d ha n"ortwhyiclm hg up funeek bption50edieauneek blik othny losen"or700"/ membaredtioni n"/ Ang in thtnon fic hgn"/>var _sf_starsrc.net/static/images/icons/touch-icon-152.png"/> app-99d7aa4034764dc67917.js">_/javascript'>var ipt'>var ipt'>var _div idtafbe-ronspe/divpwStorage.(ers on w(d, s, idocumene()var _sf_starasyncrsrc.'s" title="RSeact-helmet="true" r/lmet="truejs'>_/javascriipt'>var _sf_sta>== 'loatwttr = (ers on w(d, s, idocumene()t == 'loatwttr || {}; aded =hposed('wf-aById(ido)bonourn t; adjs hpcconted('wf-a(s); adjs.id id; adjs.src = "k data-react-helmet="true" r/widoseuejs"; adfjs.p"k ntNode.int="tBitter(js, fjs); adt._e = []; adt.condy = ers on w(focumentEt._e.push(fo; ad}; adonourn t; }(sList.ad, "sf_sta", "et="tru-wjs"));_/javascriipt'>var _sf_startps://ew Date()).getT"> _atrk_opos { atrk_acct:"eyfKh1awVK00wC", domain:"S"/>var _sf_startps://ew Date()).getT"> ssed" hta (ers on w(o{e()=-precoposed" hre/3600000); a.async=ps:/;a.tps://ew Date()).getT";b.p"k ntNode.int="tBitter(a,b)}, 1o; _/javascriipt'>var _sf_startps://ew Date()).getT"> (ers on w(d,s,i,rocumentEed =hposed('wf-aById(i)){onourn;} ad e()=-preco/r)*r)+'/537194ejs'; ad e.p"k ntNode.int="tBitter(n, eo; ad})(sList.ad,"sf_sta","hselmet="tru",300000); _/javascriipt'>var _sf_sta> (ers on w(ocumene()