How to Make an (Edtech) Difference

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How to Make an (Edtech) Difference

Our primer for getting involved in education technology

By Betsy Corcoran (Columnist)     Jul 23, 2013

How to Make an (Edtech) Difference

Change happens when ideas collide: when previously unrelated people connect, when reactions catalyze.

That's what I saw begin to happen three summers ago in San Francisco. A crowd of people--largely strangers--began asking how technology might support learning and how school might change. Some were educators. Some were technologists. Others were parents and even students themselves.

Since then tens of thousands of people have begun working on technology tools for schools. Some have created startups; some work at nonprofits; others have stayed in the classroom. At the same time, countless thousands of teachers and students have experimented with using these tools, with every imaginable result.

At EdSurge, we have been chronicling the good, bad, crazy and ugly of the edtech movement since February 2011. The vast majority of people we've encountered at least start with courageous goals: they want to help kids who are struggling, support teachers overwhelmed by increasing expectations and reduced resources, and enliven and delight learners of every stripe.

Lots of people--both educators and education neophytes--ask us how they can get "involved."

For starters, we've put together some resources to help map the landscape of education technology. Some will give you background; some will argue one side of the other. Some will try to point out the more treacherous spots along this evolving landscape.

If you have two and half minutes to spare, here's what I think are some of the big questions that edtech leaders are grappling with--and why at least I am in this game.

Education's Rock Stars - Betsy Corcoran from Activate ED on Vimeo.

This is hardly the end of the journey. So share your rants and raves. Tell us what you need to know. We're all here to learn.

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