Beta Tool: ScreenHero Aims to Make Every Desktop App Collaborative

BETA SCREENHERO makes intra-application collaboration seamless with the ability to share a computer screen and control of the computer itself! If you're asking why anyone would ever allow such a thing, the keyword here is 'share'. That means two computer mice and keyboard inputs both capable of clicking, dragging, and typing on a single computer. No need to worry about unfettered access to all your private information. As-is the case with Skype and Google Hangouts, you can share your entire screen or a specific application. Designed for business and web/design/development professionals, Screenhero may be a bit too chaotic for the techie teacher still coming to grips with BYOD, but focusing back on the keyword here (share), it might also provide a two-fer on that fancy software suite you've been lobbying for (but you didn't hear that here). Sadly for the live-tile crowd, Screenhero is only available on Mac OS but a Windows version is in the works. 

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