Wisconsin Public School District Wants to Give Teachers Equitable Access to Quality Resources

Wisconsin Public School District Wants to Give Teachers Equitable Access to Quality Resources

This district is looking to replace their current content management system with a content management system that would enable the district to centrally store all their curriculum so that all teachers have equitable access to lessons and curriculum.

State: Wisconsin Number of Students: 5,264
School Type: Public School District Free and Reduced Lunch: N/A
Grade Level: K-12 English Language Learners: 0.9%

School Context

This public school district supports 1,500 students, with an intense focus on IB and AP content at the high school level. 19% of students qualify for Free and Reduced Lunch and 2% are classified as English Language Learners.

State of Technology

The district’s goal is to make sure everyone in district is on the same page and to give all teachers equal access to quality content. They need a hub that brings teachers together in the same place, but also creates a user friendly experience so they can share and engage in content so they are not reinventing the wheel every time they need a quality lesson.

Currently, they use Eclipse to manage all documents. However, the problem with this system is that it has become a warehouse where you put content in, but none of the teachers really want to use it because it takes so much time to upload things, almost 30 minutes for a single resource. This is much too long and it also does not allow teachers to interact or comment on the materials.

Tech Needs & Requirements

They need a content management system that allows the central office and teachers to upload documents and videos such as PDFs, Word documents, PowerPoint and links to videos. They have a core curriculum such as Lucy Caulkins reading and writing, as well as Everyday Math. They would like to be able to scan this material and upload it into the system so all teachers have access to it. Teachers also have their own content, lessons and individual resources they would like to share in the form of PDFs, documents, PowerPoints or links from the internet that they also need to be able to upload and tag quickly and easily. Teachers download materials easily. Teachers should all be able to access and search for content based on standards or the type of activities (i.e. workshops ideas, lesson plans), tag materials according to the Common Core curriculum standards and by the grade level, commenting and community engagement around the content. Ideally, they would be able to have a page where users can see who recently uploaded material and the comments they make as they share them.

The district provides HP laptops.

The tool must be able to tag content based on Common Core standards, be easy to use with a simple process for uploading materials, support multiple formats of materials (e.g., PDF, Word documents, Google Docs). They want to be able to see which resources are clicked on and by who. There are no technology requirements.

*Content From 2015

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