Michigan Public School District Wants to Capture Students' Progress

Michigan Public School District Wants to Capture Students' Progress

This charter school is looking to purchase a customizable data system to track mastery standards.

State: Michigan Number of Students: 5,426
School Type: Public School District Free and Reduced Lunch: 56.8%
Grade Level: PK-12 English Language Learners: N/A

School Context

This elementary charter school has had a successful pilot year. They are currently K-1 and will grow to K-5, serving around 400 students total. 85% of the student population is on free and reduced lunch. They are in an increasingly gentrified neighborhood and they expect the community to slowly change over time. Currently, they serve about 95% Black students, however see the 95% to scale down to 70% next year. The rest of the population are Latino.

State of Technology

After building and using an in-house solution that worked great, if the user loved data and Excel, they will realize that as the school grows, some teachers will find this highly manual tool overwhelming. Thus, they want to enable teachers to analyze and aggregate organic, actionable data within a good and useful tool that is not as overwhelming, helping them to inform their practice.

The school developed their own Common Core aligned learning standards for Math, Reading, Writing, and Science, along with their own corresponding assessments for each level in the competency progression and have been using a tool built-in Google Sheets to manage the deep analysis that teachers perform in order to inform their instructional groups.

Tech Needs & Requirements

The school is looking for an intuitive, easy to use tool, that stores data and can be customized to reflect the schools standards and can be aggregated in order to look at student performance in a variety of ways. If possible, there should be a teacher dashboard. The school is looking to customize the data to reflect the school's learning standards and substrings within them. Additionally, they would like to be able to input data on their own, but have the tool be able to offer a variety of ways to look at it. Teachers and administration should be able to look at strand level analysis. Reports should be exportable into a CSV. Some of the reports that they are looking to include are student growth data, distribution across grades, progress report of where the students are and where they should be.Multiple teachers must be able to share accounts. If the tool has its own digital assessment function where students could take individually and unlock on their own learning profiles that would be something to consider as a strong add-on. Additionally, if the tool has a way to generate report cards that would be a huge incentive to purchase the tool. However, they would be very interested in knowing whether the tool could integrate with google sheets or a way to export to google sheets to handle report cards. Along these lines, if the tool was also a grade book, that would be a nice to have. If the tool accomodated social emotional standard tags, that would be a nice to have. Not a non-negotiable, but important, the tool should have some sort of student facing visualization.

Students should be able to see their own data.

Teachers will largely input data, but they do not need to edit demographic or student profiles. They also should not be able to edit standards, just perhaps choose from options. Teachers will use the tool to analyze their students' data. They should be able to easy enter data and aggregate data from their profiles. They are using the tool to inform student learning paths.

The tool must have: customizable learning standards; be able to enter data for assessments at different levels/standards, for example one assessment covering multiple standards; provide reports for growth analysis and strand level analysis; data exportable into a CSV; and multiple teachers must be able to share accounts. The school provides Lenovo Laptops, Chromebooks and iPads. The tool must have growth data, distribution across grades, progress reports/gap analysis, and strand analysis. It would be a nice-to-have if the tool was Google compatible.

*Content From 2016

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